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Great Britain.Hydrographic Department 153
Great Britain.Hydrographic Dept 9
Great Britain.Hydrographic Office 135
Great Britain.Hydrographic Office.China Sea Directory, vol. III.Chinese 1
Great Britain.Hydrographic Office.Nautical chart 182
Great Britain.Hydrographic Office.Publication 2
Great Britain.Immigration Act 1971.1983 1
Great Britain.Immigration Act 2016 1
Great Britain. Imperial Bureau of Mycology
Great Britain.Imperial commission, Paris universal exhibition, 1855 1
Great Britain.Imperial Dept. of Agriculture for the West Indies 1
Great Britain.Imperial Economic Committee.Intelligence Branch 2
Great Britain. Imperial Institute
Great Britain.Imperial Mineral Resources Bureau 55
Great Britain. Imperial Mycological Institute
Great Britain.Imperial Shipping Committee 1
Great Britain. Imperial War Museum
Great Britain.Income Tax Act, 1842 1
Great Britain.Income Tax Act, 1853 1
Great Britain.Income Tax Act, 1918 2
Great Britain.Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest Act, 1920 1
Great Britain. Independent Broadcasting Authority
Great Britain. Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland
Great Britain. Independent Review of Residential Care
Great Britain.Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and Health 1
Great Britain.(Indexes) 1
Great Britain.India Office 100
Great Britain.India Office.Advisory committee 1
Great Britain.India Office.Burma Reforms Committee 1
Great Britain.India Office.Committee on Co-operation in India 1
Great Britain.India Office.Committee on Indian Exchange and Currency, 1919 1
Great Britain.India Office.Committee on Indian Students 1
Great Britain.India Office.Franchise Committee 1
Great Britain. India Office Library
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Great Britain. India Office. Library
Great Britain.India Office.Library 9
Great Britain.India Office.Library.Catalogue of the Bengali and Assamese manuscripts in the Library of the India Office 1
Great Britain.India Office.Library.Catalogue of the Hindustani manuscripts in the library of the India Office.1926 1
Great Britain.India Office.Library.Manuscript.Ch. ii 003 1
Great Britain.India Office.Library.MSS 2
Great Britain.India Office.Military Department 1
Great Britain.India Office.Record Branch 2
Great Britain. India Office Records
Great Britain.Indian Currency Committee, 1893 4
Great Britain.Indian Currency Committee, 1898 1
Great Britain.Indian Delimitation Committee 2
Great Britain.Indian Expenditure Commission 1
Great Britain.Indian Plague Commission,1898-1899 1
Great Britain.Indian plague commission, 1898-99 1
Great Britain.Indian States Committee 4
Great Britain.Indian Statutory Commission 7
Great Britain.Indian Statutory Commission.Auxiliary committee on growth of education 1
Great Britain.Indian Statutory Commission.Interim report 1
Great Britain.Indian Statutory Commission.Report 1
Great Britain.Indian Students' Department 1
Great Britain.Indictments Act, 1915 3
Great Britain. Industrial Assurance Commissioner
Great Britain.Industrial Court 3
Great Britain.Industrial Court Act, 1919 1
Great Britain.Industrial Courts Act, 1919 3