Author Count
French Indochina.Service géographique 37
French Indochina. Service géologique
French Indochina.Service météorologique 1
French Indochina.Treaties, etc., 1928- (Pierre M. A. Pasquier) 1
French Institute
Use instead:
French Institute-Alliance Française de New York 2
French Institute/Alliance Française de New York/Federation of French Alliances in the United States
French Institute/Alliance Française (U.S.) 2
French Institute for Central Asian Studies
French Institute for Overseas Fruit Research
French Institute for Research in Africa
French Institute in the United States 4
French Institute (London, England) 8
French Institute (London, England). Emile Zola Society
Use instead:
French Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research
French Institute of International Relations
French Institute of Pondicherry
French Institute of Public Opinion
French Institute of South Africa
French Institute (U.S.)
French-Israeli Workshop on Algebraic Coding(1st :1993 :Paris, France) 1
French, J. A 1
French, J. Bruce(James Bruce),1921-2002 1
French, J. C 2
French, J. H.(John Homer),1824-1888 10
French, J. O 1
French, J. R.(Jon R.) 2
French, J. W.(John William),1810?-1871 2
French, Jacob,1754-1817 2
French, Jacob,1754-1817.Exhortation 1
French, Jacob,1754-1817.Psalmodist's companion.Monmouth 1
French, Jacob,1754-1817.Silent I waited with long suff'ring love 1
French, Jacqueline A 2
French, James C.(James Cornelius),1949- 2
French, James E 1
French, James J.,1929- 3
French, James Joss 1
French, James Leslie 1
French, James Magoffin,1858-1907 3
French, James R 1
French, James Strange,1807-1886 5
French, James Weir 5
French, Jan Hoffman 1
French, Jan Hoffman,1953- 2
French, Jan Libby-
French, Janie Preston Collup,1877- 1
French Japanese Nuclear Structure Problems International Associated Laboratory 1
French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium(13th :2008 :Marseille and Paris, France) 1
French-Japanese Symposium on Nuclear Structure Problems(2011 :Wako, Japan) 1
French, Jeff 2
French, Jeffrey A 3
French, Jeffrey R 2
French, Jennifer 3
French, Jennifer(Jennifer C.) 1
French, Jere Stuart 2
French, Jerome T 1
French, Jessie,1886-1970 1
French, Joan 3
French, John 2
French, John,1616-1657 27