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Finnish Relief Fund 2
Finnish Research Programme on Climate Change
Finnish-Russian Archeological Symposium "Pre-historic Economy and Means of Livelihood"(1992 :National Museum of Finland) 1
Finnish Society for Economic Research
Finnish Society of Church History
Finnish Society of Forest Science
Finnish Society of Russian and East European Studies
Finnish Society of Sciences
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Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
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Finnish-Soviet Astronomical Symposium(3rd :1979 :Helsinki, Finland and Kevo, Finland) 1
Finnish-Soviet Committee on Scientific-Technological Cooperation 2
Finnish-Soviet Symposium on Creativity(1st :1982 :Moscow, R.S.F.S.R.) 1
Finnish-Soviet Symposium on Personality(2nd :1983 :Tampere, Finland) 1
Finnish-Soviet Symposium on Seronegative Arthritis(1983 :Heinola, Finland) 1
Finnish String Quartet 1
Finnish Summer School in Physics(7th :1972 :Loma-Koli) 1
Finnish Surgical Society 6
Finnish Theological Literature Society
Finnish Youth Research Network
Finnish Youth Research Society
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Finnish Zoological and Botanical Society
Finniss, B. T.(Boyle Travers),1807-1893 1
Finniss, Guillaume Max,1909- 1
Finnissy, Michael 135
Finnissy, Michael,1946- 1
Finnissy, Michael.Amphithéâtre des Sciences Mortes 1
Finnissy, Michael.Andersen-Liederkreis 1
Finnissy, Michael.Anima Christi 2
Finnissy, Michael.Australian sea shanties,set 2 1
Finnissy, Michael.Âwâz-e Niyâz 1
Finnissy, Michael.Banumbirr 1
Finnissy, Michael.Beat generation ballads 1
Finnissy, Michael.Beuk o' Newcassel sangs 1
Finnissy, Michael.Bright future ignoring dark past 2
Finnissy, Michael.Ceci n'est pas une forme 1
Finnissy, Michael.Cipriano 1
Finnissy, Michael.Civilisation 1
Finnissy, Michael.Clarinetten-Liederkreis 1
Finnissy, Michael.Concertos,piano(1980) 1
Finnissy, Michael.Concertos,piano(1981) 1
Finnissy, Michael.Concertos,piano, instrumental ensemble(1978) 1
Finnissy, Michael.Contrapunctus,no. 19 1
Finnissy, Michael.Dann nicht zu fragen 2
Finnissy, Michael.Delal 1
Finnissy, Michael.Descriptive jottings of London 3
Finnissy, Michael.Dilok 1
Finnissy, Michael.Doves Figary 2
Finnissy, Michael.Eadweard Muybridge-Edvard Munch 1
Finnissy, Michael.Ének 2
Finnissy, Michael.English country-tunes 1
Finnissy, Michael.Erik Satie like anyone else 1
Finnissy, Michael.Folklore,no. 2 1
Finnissy, Michael.Forget-me-not 2
Finnissy, Michael.Freightrain bruise 1
Finnissy, Michael.Gesualdo: Libro sesto 1
Finnissy, Michael.Giant abstract samba 3
Finnissy, Michael.Greatest hits of all time 1
Finnissy, Michael.Hier ist mein garten 1
Finnissy, Michael.History of photography in sound.Kapitalistisch realisme (met Sizilianische Männerakte en Bachsche Nachdichtungen) 1
Finnissy, Michael.History of photography in sound.North American spirituals 2