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Digital Library Federation 12
Digital Library Forum
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Digital Library Futures: User Perspectives and Institutional Strategies (Conference)(2009 :Milan, Italy) 1
Digital Mapping Bureau (Firm : Russia)
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Digital Mapping Techniques '07(2007 :Columbia, S.C.) 1
Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop(1998 :Champaign, Ill.) 1
Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop(2006 :Columbus, Ohio) 1
Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop(2010 :Sacramento, California.) 1
Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference(1st :2020 :Barcelona, Spain) 1
Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference(2nd :2021 :Online) 1
Digital Masters Stuttgart 1
Digital Meme (Firm) 3
Digital North Media 1
Digital Pictures, Inc 1
Digital Preservation Program (U.S.)
Digital Publishing Institute 1
Digital Reference Research Symposium(2002 :Harvard University) 1
Digital Resources for the Humanities Conference(2000 :University of Sheffield) 1
Digital Resources for the Humanities Conference(2001 :School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) 1
Digital Resources for the Humanities Conference(2002 :Edinburgh University Library) 1
Digital Scanning, Inc 1
Digital Soldiers Orchestra and Friends 1
Digital South Asia Library (Project) 5
Digital Stream Conference on Emerging Technologies in Teaching Languages and Cultures(2nd. :2000 :Monterey Bay, Calif.) 1
Digital Systems Reliability and Nuclear Safety Workshop(1993 :Rockville, Md.) 1
Digital Theatre (Firm) 21
Digital Theatre Plus 101
Digital Transformation in Industry: Trends, Management, Strategies(2020 :Ekaterinburg, Russia) 1
Digital Transformation of the Economy: Challenges, Trends and New Opportunities (Conference)(2018 :Samara, Russia) 2
Digital Underground 1
Digital Underground (Musical group) 1
Digital Youth Network (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Digitalav (Firm) 1
Digitale Rekonstruktionen mittelalterlicher Bibliotheken (Congress)(2013 :Trier, Germany) 1
Digitales Forum Mittel- und Osteuropa 1
Digitalia (Firm) 2
DigitalStream: Emerging technologies in teaching languages and cultures(Monterey Bay, Calif.) 1
Digitürk 1
DiGiulian, Mary T 1
DiGiulio, Amanda 1
DiGiulio, Dominic C 3
DiGiulio, James A 1
DiGiulio, Katherine 1
DiGiulio, Robert C.,1949- 2
DiGiuseppe, Maurice 1
DiGiuseppe, Raymond 14
DigiWorld by IDATE
DigiZeitschriften (Online service) 1
Diglio, Carolina 7
Diglio, Giovanni 1
Dignac, Denis Blanchard-
Dignāga,active 5th century 12
Dignāga,active 5th century.Ālambanaparīkṣā.English 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Ālanbanaparīksā 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Nyāyamukha 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Pramānasamuccaya 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Pramāṇasamuccaya.English.1987.Ch. 2 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Pramāṇasamuccaya.English.1987.Ch. 5 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Pramāṇasamuccaya.English.2015 1
Dignāga,active 5th century.Prāṇasamuccaya 1