Author Count
Climate Analysis Center (U.S.) 13
Climate and Land Use Change Research Development Program (U.S.) 3
"Climate Change as a Security Risk in South Asia" (Seminar)(2012 :Kathmandu, Nepal) 1
Climate Change Feedbacks Workshop(2001 :Boulder, Colo.) 2
Climate Change Impacts Review Group
Climate Change Resource Center (U.S.) 1
Climate Change Science Program (U.S.) 35
Climate Change Symposium(2001 :Turku, Finland) 1
Climate Change Technology Program (U.S.) 1
Climate Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean(1983 :Paipa, Colombia) 1
Climate Data Management Workshop(1979 :Harpers Ferry, W. V.) 1
Climate Data Management Workshop(1979 :Harpers Ferry, W. Va.) 1
Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop 1
Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop(25th :2000 :Palisades, N.Y.) 1
Climate Diagnostics Center (U.S.) 1
Climate Diagnostics Workshop 2
Climate Diagnostics Workshop(10th :1985 :College Park, Md.) 1
Climate Diagnostics Workshop.Proceedings of the annual NOAA Climate Diagnostics Workshop 1
Climate, Energy and Pollution Program (World Resources Institute)
Climate, Energy & Pollution Program (World Resources Institute) 1
Climate Group (Organization) 1
Climate Information and Prediction Services (Project) 1
Climate Leaders (Organization) 2
Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (U.S.) 9
Climate Network Africa 1
Climate Network Europe 1
Climate Prediction Center (U.S.) 17
Climate Protection Initiative (World Resources Institute) 2
Climate Ready Estuaries (Program) 1
Climate Research Roadmap Workshop(2010) 1
Climate Variability and Predictability Programme 2
Climate Variability & Predictability [Programme] 1
Climates (singing group) 1
Climax, Christopher 3
Climax Jazz Band 1
Climax Male Voice Choir 1
Climax Molybdenum Company 28
Climax Molybdenum Company, London 1
Climax Molybdenum Company, New York 1
Climax Molybdenum Company of Europe 3
Climax Molydenum Company 1
Climax Road Machine Company 1
Climax Uranium Company 2
Climbers, Author of
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Clime, Danilo P 1
Climence, Jehan.Compte des recettes et dépenses du roi de Navarre 1
Climenhaga, Asa W.,1889- 1
Climenhaga, D. B 2
Climenhaga, Joel 2
Climenhaga, Royd,1963- 1
Climenhaga, Vaughn,1982- 2
Climenson, Emily J.(Emily Jane),1844-1921 4
Climent, Anselmo González
Climent Barber, José 19
Climent Beltrán, Juan B 1
Climent Bonilla, Ma. Margarita 1
Climent, Elena,1955- 1
Climent-Espino, Rafael,1977- 1
Climent Ferrando, Vicent
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Climent, Francisco
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