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Civil Liberties Organisation (Nigeria) 9
Civil Liberties Trust 1
Civil, M. (Miguel), 1926-2019
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Civil, Marta 12
Civil, Miguel 9
Civil, Miguel.Sumerian Flood story 1
Civil Music Association, Paderborn 1
Civil Officers' Training Academy (Dhaka, Bangladesh) 2
Civil, Pierre 8
Civil procedure (German law) 2
Civil procedure Swiss Law 1
Civil Procedure Swiss LAw 1
Civil Procedure Swiss Law 13
Civil Protestant Society (Dublin, Ireland) 1
Civil Religion Group 1
Civil Rights Commission (Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights (U.S.))
Civil Rights Congress of Los Angeles 1
Civil Rights Congress (U.S.) 4
Civil Rights Defense Committee 1
Civil Rights Defense Committee (New York, N.Y.) 3
Civil Rights Enforcement Agency of the City of St. Louis
Civil Rights Forum(1987 :Sacramento, Calif.) 1
Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy 1
Civil Rights Movement of Sri Lanka 3
Civil Rights Project at Harvard University
Civil Rights Project (Harvard University) 2
Civil Rights Seminar for Clients of Kullman & Lang(1965 :New Orleans) 1
Civil Rights Summit(2014 :Austin, Texas) 1
Civil Rights Symposium(1972 :Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs) 1
Civil servant
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Civil Servant Duo of 1984 (Musical group) 1
Civil Servant of the Honourable East-India Company 1
Civil service 1
Civil Service Assembly
Civil Service Assembly of the United States and Canada 18
Civil Service Assembly of the United States and Canada.Technical bulletin 1
Civil Service Chronicle, New York 6
Civil Service Clerical Association, London 2
Civil Service College 2
Civil Service College, Singapore 1
Civil Service College.Studies 2
Civil Service Commission 1
Civil Service Commission of Canada 9
Civil Service Commission of the City of New York 5
Civil Service Federation of Canada 1
Civil Service Leader 1
Civil Service National Whitley Council (Great Britain) 1
Civil Service Publishing Corporation (Brooklyn) 2
Civil Service Reform Association, Boston 1
Civil Service Reform Association (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
Civil Service Reform Association (New York, N.Y.) 4
Civil Service Reform Association (New York, N.Y.).Women's Auxiliary 3
Civil Service Retirement System (U.S.) 4
Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition (Nepal) 2
Civil Society Assembly for Assessing Development Challenges in African Least Developed Countries (LDCs)(2010 :Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) 1
Civil Society Centre "Supolnaść" 1
Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights in Manipur 1
Civil Society Forum in the Americas
Civil Society in the New Millennium Project 1
Civil Society in the Third Republic Conference(2003 :Nairobi, Kenya) 1