Author Count
Chicago Fact Book Consortium 2
Chicago Farmers 1
Chicago Federal Executive Board 2
Chicago Federal Offenders Rehabilitation Project 1
Chicago Federation of Labor
Chicago Federation of Labor and Industrial Union Council 9
Chicago Federation of Men Teachers 1
Chicago Federation of Musicians 1
Chicago. Fifth ward health committee 1
Chicago Films (Firm)
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Chicago. First Universalist Sabbath School. Library 1
Chicago Flexible Shaft Company 1
Chicago Folk-lore Society 2
Chicago Folklore Society
Chicago Folks Operetta 1
Chicago Footwarmers (Musical group) 3
Chicago forum on aviation, 1945 1
Chicago Foundlings' Home 1
Chicago-Frankfurt Inter-university Project 1
Chicago Furniture Manufacturers Association 1
Chicago Galant Consort 3
Chicago Galleries Association 1
Chicago Gay Alliance 3
Chicago Gay Liberation 2
Chicago Genealogical Society. Bicentennial Committee 1
Chicago Golf Club 1
Chicago Golf Club (Wheaton, Ill.) 1
Chicago. Graduate School of Medicine 1
Chicago Grain Trimmers Association, Inc 2
Chicago Grand Opera Company (Chicago, Ill.) 3
Chicago Grand Opera Festival (1st : 1885) 1
Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce 1
Chicago Great Western Railroad Company 5
Chicago Great Western Railway Company (1892-1909) 1
Chicago Guarantee Survey Co 1
Chicago Gynæcological Society 1
Chicago Gynecological Society 1
Chicago Harbor Commission 4
Chicago Health Policy Research Council 1
Chicago Health Research Group 1
Chicago Hearing Society 2
Chicago Hearing Society (Ill.) 1
Chicago Heart Association 10
Chicago Heart Association. Committee on Heart Disease in the Young 1
Chicago Hebrew Institute 2
Chicago Hebrew Mission 1
Chicago Heights (Ill.) 1
Chicago Heights (Ill.). Mayor's Housing Committee 1
Chicago Heights Plan Commission 1
Chicago Herald Examiner 2
Chicago High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (Program) 2
Chicago High School (Chicago, Ill.). Teachers' Club. Education Committee 1
Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition 1
Chicago Hispanic Health Conference (1982) 1
Chicago Historical Society 124
Chicago Historical Society. Books, maps, and manuscripts on the Phillippine Islands from the library of Mr. Edward E. Ayer 1
Chicago historical society. Chicago historical society's collection 1
Chicago Historical Society. Library 3
Chicago Historical Society. Manuscripts in the Chicago Historical Society Library 1