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Canadian Lipoprotein Conference(10th :1985 :Vancouver, B.C.) 1
Canadian Literature Centre 10
Canadian Literature CentreCanadian Literature Centre 1
Canadian Liver Foundation 1
Canadian Liver Foundation.International Symposium(5th :1980 :Toronto, Ont.) 1
Canadian loyalist 1
Canadian Lung Association
  • In 1977 the Canadian Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association changed its name to Canadian Lung Association. Works by these bodies are found under the following headings according to the name used at the time of publication: Canadian Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association. Canadian Lung Association. Works by the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Consumption and Other Forms of Tuberculosis and the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis are found under: Canadian Tuberculosis Association. SUBJECT ENTRY: Works about these bodies are entered under the name used during the latest period covered. Works about earlier or related bodies are entered under the name or names in existence during the latest period for which subject coverage is given.
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Canadian Marketing Workshop(1st :1972 :York University) 1
Canadian Marketing Workshop(3d :1979 :York University) 1
Canadian Mathematical Congress 7
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Canadian Mathematical Congress (Society) 12
Canadian Mathematical Seminar/NATO Advanced Research Workshop(1992 :Carleton University) 1
Canadian Mathematical Society 19
Canadian Mathematical Society Annual Seminar on Mathematical Quantum Theory(1993 :Vancouver, B.C.) 2
Canadian Mathematical Society.Seminar(1995 :University of Toronto) 1
Canadian Mathematical Society Seminar on Harmonic Analysis(1980 :McGill University) 1
Canadian Mathematical Society.Seminar on Lie Theory, Differential Equations and Representation Theory(1989 :Montréal, Québec) 1
Canadian Mathematical Society.Special Session on Error Control Codes, Information Theory, and Applied Cryptography(2007 :London, Ont.) 1
Canadian Mathematical Society.Summer Meeting(1990 :Dalhousie University) 1
Canadian Mathematics Congress(1950 :Halifax) 1
Canadian Meat Council 1
Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference(5th :1974 :Montreal) 1
Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society 1
Canadian Medical Association 7
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Canadian Medical Association. Ontario Division.
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