Author Count
Canada.Surveys and Mapping Branch 144
Canada. Surveys and Mapping Branch. Canadian Hydrographic Service
Canada.Surveys and Mapping Branch.Geography Division 1
Canada.Surveys and Mapping Branch.MCR 1
Canada.Surveys and Mapping Branch.Series 1
Canada.Surveys and Mapping Bureau 1
Canada. Surveys and Mapping Bureau. Canadian Hydrographic Service
Canada.Surveys Branch 2
Canada.Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sector 1
Canada.Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector 5
Canada. Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector. Canada Centre for Mapping
Canada. Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector. Centre for Remote Sensing
Canada.Sustainable Development 1
Canada.Tariff Board 4
Canada.Task Force on Atlantic Fisheries 1
Canada.Task Force on Barriers to Women in the Public Service 2
Canada.Task Force on Broadcasting Policy 1
Canada.Task Force on Child Care 1
Canada.Task Force on Community-based Residential Centres 1
Canada.Task Force on Conflict of Interest 1
Canada.Task Force on Deep-Sea Shipping 1
Canada.Task Force on Economic Instruments and Discentives to Sound Environmental Practices 1
Canada.Task Force on Electronic Commerce 1
Canada.Task Force on Energy Conservation Technologies 1
Canada.Task Force on Environmental Protection Technologies 1
Canada.Task Force on Federal Policies and Programs for Technology Development 1
Canada.Task Force on Government Information 2
Canada.Task Force on Immigration Practices and Procedures 2
Canada.Task Force on Labour Market Development 1
Canada.Task Force on Labour Relations 3
Canada.Task Force on Micro-Electronics and Employment 1
Canada.Task Force on Northern Research 1
Canada.Task Force on Program Review 8
Canada.Task Force on Release of Inmates 1
Canada.Task Force on Retirement Income Policy 2
Canada.Task Force on Tax Benefits for Northern and Isolated Areas 1
Canada. Task Force on the Canadian Magazine Industry
Canada.Task Force on the Creation of an Integrated Canadian Corrections Service 2
Canada. Task Force on the Future of the Canadian Financial Services Sector
Canada. Task Force on the National Arts Centre
Canada. Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination
Canada. Task Force on the Structure of Canadian Industry.
Canada.Task Force on Unemployment Insurance 1
Canada.Task Force--Operation Oil 1
Canada.Task Force to Review Comprehensive Claims Policy 1
Canada.Task Force Year 2000 1
Canada.Task Group on Food Consumption 1
Canada.Tax Appeal Board 1
Canada.Tax Appeal Board.Rules of practice and procedure.1964 1
Canada.Tax Court 1
Canada.Tax Measures Review Committee 1
Canada.Tax Review Board 1
Canada.Tax Review Board.Rapport annuel 1
Canada.Taxation 16
Canada.Taxation.Circulaire d'information 1
Canada. Team Canada
Use instead:
Canada. Technical Committee for the Long-Range Transport of Atmospheric Pollutants in Western and Northern Canada
Canada.Technical Committee on Business Taxation 1
Canada.Technology Development and Technical Services Branch 1
Canada. Telefilm Canada