Author Count
British Society for the History of Science.Philosophy of Science Group 1
British Society for the Philosophy of Science 5
British Society for the Promotion of Medical Balneology and Climatology
British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews 1
British Society for the Study of Infection 1
British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology 1
British society in the Argentine Republic 1
British Society of Aesthetics 1
British Society of Animal Production 2
British Society of Animal Production.Report of meeting 1
British Society of Audiology 4
British Society of Criminology 2
British Society of Franciscan Studies 2
British Society of Franciscan Studies.[ Publications ] 1
British Society of Franciscan Studies.[Publications] 2
British Society of Franciscan Studies.Publications 6
British Society of Gastroenterology 4
British Society of Gerontology 5
British Society of Gerontology.Conference(1984 :University of Leeds) 1
British Society of Gerontology.Conference(1994) 1
British Society of Ladies for Promoting the Reformation of Female Prisoners 2
British Society of Medical Hypnotists 1
British Society of Paediatric Dentistry 1
British Society of Pediatric Dentistry
British Society of Plant Pathology
British Society of Rheology 13
British Society of Soil Science 7
British Sociological Association 21
British Sociological Association.Conference(1986 :Loughborough University of Technology) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1987 :Birmingham, England) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1988 :Edinburgh University) 2
British Sociological Association.Conference(1990 :Surrey, England) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1990 :University of Surrey) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1991) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1993 :University of Essex) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(1997 :University of York) 1
British Sociological Association.Conference(2007 :London, England) 1
British Sociological Association.Industrial studies 2
British Sociological Association.Sociology of Religion Study Group 1
British Sociological Association.Sociology of Religion Study Group.Conference(1981 :Lincoln, Lincolnshire) 1
British Solomon Islands 6
British Solomon Islands.Department of Geological Surveys 2
British Solomon Islands.Forestry Dept 1
British Solomon Islands.Lands and Surveys Department 1
British Solomon Islands.Lands Division 1
British Somaliland 8
British Somaliland.Geological Survey 1
British South Africa Company 9
British-Soviet Society 1
British Specialist Team on Education for Management 1
British Speleological Association 2
British Spore Group 1
British Sporting Art Trust 1
British Standards Association 1
British Standards Institute
British Standards Institution 45
British Standards Institution.British standard 1
British Standards Institution.British standard code of practice for the structural use of normal reinforced concrete in buildings 1
British Standards Institution.News 1
British Standards Institution.Reports 1