Author Count
British Library of Information (New York, N.Y.) 10
British Library of Political and Economic Science 22
British Library of Political and Economic Science. Edward Fry Library of International Law
British Library of Political and Economic Science.Guide to the collections 1
British Library.Oriental and India Office Collections 13
British Library. Oriental and India Office Collections. International Dunhuang Project
British Library.Oriental Collections 2
British Library.Preservation Service 1
British Library.RBUPC Office 1
British Library.Reference Division 10
British Library.Reference Division.General catalogue of printed books, 1976-1985 1
British Library.Research and Development Department 239
British Library.Research and Development Department.Review Committee on Education for Information Use 1
British Library. Research and Development Dept. Working Party on the Roles and Relationships of the Public and Private Sectors in the Provision of Library and Information Services
British Library.Research and Innovation Centre 65
British Library.Royal 20 A XVI 1
British Library.Royal 8 G VII 1
British Library.Royal appendix 59-62 1
British Library.Royal Appendix 74-76 1
British Library.Science Reference and Information Service 11
British Library.Science Reference and Information Service.Market research 1
British Library.Science, Technology, and Business 1
British Library.Science, Technology, and Industry 5
British Library.Slavonic and East European Collections 1
British Library.Stefan Zweig Collection 1
British Library.Stein Collection 1
British Library.Stowe 944 1
British Library.Working Party on Classification and Indexing 1
British Library.Working Party on the Provision of Materials for the Study of Art 1
British Library010910d15) 1
British Library10601C158) 1
British LibraryManuscript.Additional 41633 1
British LibraryManuscript.Cottonian Claudius D. II 1
British LibraryManuscript.Oriental 5446 1
British Lichen Society 2
British Lighting Council 1
British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association 1
British Linen Company 15
British Lion
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British Lion Film Corporation
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British Lion Films 6
British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association 2
British Lying-In Hospital (London, England) 2
British Machine Vision Association 2
British Machine Vision Conference(1991 :Glasgow, Scotland) 1
British Machine Vision Conference(1992 :Leeds, England) 1
British Machine Vision Conference(5th :1994 :University of York) 1
British Management Data Foundation 3
British manufacturer 3
British Market Research Bureau 4
British Materials Handling Board 1
British Mechanical Engineering Federation 1
British Medical Acupuncture Society 1
British Medical Association 83
British Medical Association AIDS Foundation
British Medical Association.Board of Science and Education 4
British Medical Association.Committee on Industrial Health in Factories 1
British Medical Association.Council on the Poor Law Question 1
British Medical Association.Essex Branch.Mid-Essex Division 1
British Medical Association Foundation for AIDS 1