Author Count
British Guiana.Department of Lands and Mines.Cartographic Section 2
British Guiana.Dept. of Agriculture 3
British Guiana.Dept. of Agriculture.Divisional reports 1
British Guiana.Dept. of agriculture.Economic intelligence series 1
British Guiana.Development Secretariat 1
British Guiana.Development Secretariat.British Guiana development programme, progress 1
British Guiana.Director of Education 2
British Guiana.Enmore Enquiry Commission 1
British Guiana.Forest Department 1
British Guiana..Geological Survey 1
British Guiana.Geological Survey 7
British Guiana.Geological Survey.Bulletin 1
British Guiana.Geological Survey Dept 1
British Guiana.Government Geologist 1
British Guiana.Government Information Services 1
British Guiana.Government Land Dept 1
British Guiana.Governor, 1925- (Sir Cecil H. Rodwell) 1
British Guiana.Governor, 1953-1955 (Sir Alfred Savage) 1
British Guiana.Harbour Dept 1
British Guiana.Immigrant department 1
British Guiana Independence Conference(1962-1963 :London, England) 2
British Guiana Independence Conference(1965 :London) 1
British Guiana Independence Conference(1965 :London, England) 1
British Guiana.Interior Development Committee 1
British Guiana.Labour Disputes Commission 1
British Guiana.Laws, statutes, etc 1
British Guiana.Laws, statutes, etc.Ordinances and acts 1
British Guiana.Laws, statutes, etc.Rules, regulations, by-laws, and orders in the council 1
British Guiana.Laws, statutes, etc.Subsidiary legislation 1
British Guiana.Legislative Council 2
British Guiana.Legislative Council.Primary Education Committee 1
British Guiana.Medical Dept 2
British Guiana.Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Lands 1
British Guiana.Ministry of Community Development and Education 1
British Guiana Museum 1
British Guiana.Post Office Dept 1
British Guiana.Primary Education Policy Committee 1
British Guiana Refugee Commission 1
British Guiana.Rice Committee 1
British Guiana Rice Development Company 1
British Guiana.Social Welfare Division 1
British Guiana.Statistical Bureau 1
British Guiana.Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee 1
British Guiana.Supreme Court 3
British Guiana.Supreme Court of Civil Justice 2
British Guiana.Transport Dept 1
British Guiana.Treasury Department 1
British Guiana.Treaties,etc.,1938 1
British Guiana Writers' Association 3
British Gurkha Study and Research Centre, Nepal
British Gynæcological Society, London 1
British Haiku Society 1
British Health Resorts Association 1
British Heart Foundation 1
British Helsinki Human Rights Group 1
British Herpetological Society 4
British Historical Society of Portugal 1
British Holiday & Home Parks Association 1
British Homoeopathic Association 1
British Homoeopathic Association, London 1