Author Count
British Film Institute 278
British Film Institute.BFI television monograph 1
British Film Institute. Charlie Chaplin Research Foundation
British Film Institute.Education Department 4
British Film Institute.Library 3
British Film Institute.Library Services 2
British Film Makers, Ltd 1
British Fire Prevention Committee 8
British Fire Prevention Committee, London 1
British Fire Prevention Committee.Special publications 1
British Fisheries Society
British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association 3
British Footwear Manufacturers Federation 1
British & Foreign Bible Society
British Forum for Ethnomusicology 3
British Foundation for the Study of Arabia 2
British freeholder 4
British Friends of Montenegro 1
British Friends of Vanuatu 1
British Gas Corporation 1
British Gas Corporation.Research and Development Division 1
British Gas Council
British Gas (Firm) 1
British Gelatine and Glue Research Association 1
British Geological Survey 171
British Geological Survey.Geochemistry Directorate 2
British Geological Survey.Geological Museum 1
British Geological Survey. Geothermal Resources Programme
British Geological Survey.Global Seismology Research Group 1
British Geological Survey.Information and Central Services Directorate 1
British Geological Survey.Memoirs 1
British Geomorphological Research Group 26
British Geomorphological Research Group.General Meeting(1981 :Manchester University) 1
British Geomorphological Research Group.General Meeting(1998 :Conventry University) 1
British Geomorphological Research Group.Occasional paper 3
British Geomorphological Research Group.Technical bulletin - British Geomorphological Research Group 32
British Geomorphological Research Group.Use of computers in geomorophical research 1
British Geriatrics Society 1
British-German Jurists' Association 1
British-German Theological conference(2nd :1928 :Wartburg) 1
British Glaciological Society 3
British Graham Land Expedition, 1934-1937 1
British Grassland Society 6
British Guiana 21
British Guiana.Bureau of Public Information 1
British Guiana.Census Commissioner 1
British Guiana.Census Commissioner's Office 1
British Guiana.Combined Court 2
British Guiana.Commission of Inquiry into the Causes of a Disturbance at Skeldon, Feb. 13, 1957 1
British Guiana.Commissioner of Education 1
British Guiana Constitutional Conference(1960 :London, England) 1
British Guiana Constitutional Conference(1962 :London, England) 1
British Guiana.Court for crown cases reserved 1
British Guiana.Court of Policy 1
British Guiana.Department of Agriculture 4
British Guiana.Department of Lands and Mines 4
British Guiana.Department of Lands and Mines.Cartographic Section 2
British Guiana.Dept. of Agriculture 3
British Guiana.Dept. of Agriculture.Divisional reports 1
British Guiana.Dept. of agriculture.Economic intelligence series 1