Author Count
Bowles, Stephen E.,1943- 4
Bowles, Stephen E.,1943-Index to critical reviews of books about film. 1974 1
Bowles, Stephen V 1
Bowles, T. H.(Thomas Henry) 1
Bowles-Terry, Melissa 1
Bowles, Thomas,1694-1773 12
Bowles, Thomas,-1767 4
Bowles, Thomas Gibson,1841-1922 12
Bowles, Thomas Gibson,1842- 3
Bowles, Tiffany 1
Bowles, Tom Parker
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Bowles,Vice-Admiral(William),1780-1869 3
Bowles, Warren C 1
Bowles, Wendy 2
Bowles, William,-1705 1
Bowles, William,1705-1780 3
Bowles, William Lisle,1762-1850 79
Bowles, William Lisle,1762-1850.Letter to William Roscoe, Esq., F.R.S., member of the Della Crusca Society of Florence, and associate of the first class of the Royal Society of Literature in England 1
Bowles, William Lisle,1762-1850.Missionary. 1978 1
Bowles, William Lisle,1762-1850.Spirit of discovery. 1978 1
BOWLES, William Lisle.Observations on the Poetical Character of Pope; further elucidating the "Invariable Principles of Poetry," &c. With a sequel, in reply to Octavius Gilchrist 1
Bowlewski, Hans 1
Bowley, A. L.(Arthur Lyon),1869-1957 48
Bowley, A. L.(Arthur Lyon),Sir,1869-1957 7
Bowley, Agatha H 8
Bowley, Arthur 1
Bowley, Arthur Lyn 1
Bowley, Arthur Lyon,1869- 1
Bowley, C. C.(Charles Christopher) 5
Bowley, Freeman S.(Freeman Sparks),1846- 1
Bowley, Freeman S.(Freeman Sparks),1846 1
Bowley, Graham 1
Bowley, H. J.(Heather J.) 1
Bowley, Ivan 1
Bowley, James E 1
Bowley, John(Tenor) 1
Bowley, M 1
Bowley, M. (May)
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Bowley, M. W 1
Bowley, Marian 1
Bowley, Marian,1911- 5
Bowley, May 1
Bowley, R. L 3
Bowley, R. L.(Rex Lyon),1925- 1
Bowley, Rex Lyon 1
Bowley, Victor 1
Bowlin, Angela C 1
Bowlin, David 13
Bowlin, Gary L 2
Bowlin, James B.(James Butler),1804-1874 1
Bowlin, John R.,1959- 6
Bowlin, Nancy,1927- 1
Bowlin, Ruth Elizabeth 1
Bowlin, William R.(William Ray),1881- 2
Bowlin, William Ray,1881- 2
Bowline, Charley 1
Bowling, A. H 3
Bowling, A. P. (Ann P.)
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Bowling, Allen C 3
Bowling, Allen C.Alternative medicine and multiple sclerosis 1