Author Count
Bengaard, H.-J 1
Bengad, Ayalah 1
Bengal 5
Bengal Academy of Literature
Bengal Art Lounge (Dhaka, Bangladesh) 30
Bengal, Ben,1907-1993 1
Bengal.Bengal district records 1
Bengal.Board of Revenue 1
Bengal Buddhist Association
Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry 6
Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bengal civilian 3
Bengal Classical Music Festival 2013(2013 :Dhaka, Bangladesh) 1
Bengal Club 1
Bengal.Customs Dept 1
Bengal.Director of land records and agriculture.Bulletin no. 8.Agricultural series 1
Bengal Economic Association (Calcutta, India).Conference(27th :2007 :Calcutta, India) 1
Bengal Economic Association (Kolkata, India) 6
Bengal. Education Dept 1
Bengal Education Week and Exhibition(1936 :Calcutta) 1
Bengal Engineering and Science University 1
Bengal.Forest Dept 1
Bengal Foundation (Bangladesh)
Bengal Foundation (Bangladesh
Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts 1
Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhaka, Bangladesh) 39
Bengal.Governor and Council 9
Bengal.Governor General (1772-1784 : Hastings) 2
Bengal Immunity Research Institute, Calcutta 1
Bengal (India) 36
Bengal (India).Administration Enquiry Committee 1
Bengal (India).Agriculture and Industries Department 1
Bengal (India).Agriculture and Industries Dept 2
Bengal (India).Board of Customs, Salt and Opium 1
Bengal (India).Board of Revenue 2
Bengal (India).Chief Engineer 1
Bengal (India).Commissioner of Revenue, Patna Division 1
Bengal (India).Committee Appointed to Draw Up a Comprehensive Scheme for Improving the Pay and Position of Ministerial Officers Attached to the Executive and Judicial Offices under the Government of Bengal and to Suggest Measures for the Reduction of 1
Bengal (India).Committee Appointed to Enquire into the Existing Facilities and Present and Future Requirements of the Port of Calcutta 1
Bengal (India).Copy of a letter from the Governor General and Council at Fort William, in Bengal ... 7th February 1784 1
Bengal (India).Court of Session.Alipur 2
Bengal (India).Court of Session.Nadia 2
Bengal (India).Courts 1
Bengal (India).Dacca University Committee 1
Bengal (India).Department of Agriculture 6
Bengal (India).Department of Agriculture.Season and crop report 1
Bengal (India).Department of Land Records 2
Bengal (India).Department of Land Records and Agriculture 2
Bengal (India).Dept. of Agriculture 4
Bengal (India).Dept. of Land Records 2
Bengal (India).Dept. of Land Records and Agriculture 3
Bengal (India).Dept. of Land Records and Surveys 1
Bengal (India).District Administration Committee 1
Bengal (India).Excise Dept 1
Bengal (India).Finance Dept 2
Bengal (India).Governor 1
Bengal (India).Governor General (1773-1785 : Hastings) 1
Bengal (India).Governor-General (1798-1805 : Wellesley) 1
Bengal (India).Home Political Department 1
Bengal (India).Indian Medical Department 1