Author Count
Bancroft-Whitney Company 52
Bancroft-Whitney Lawbook Company 1
Bancroft, Wilder D. Dr 1
Bancroft, Wilder D. (Wilder Dwight), 1867-1953 1
Bancroft, Wilder Dwight, 1867- 6
Bancroft, William Amos, 1855- 4
Bancroft, William B 1
Bancroft, William Dixon 1
Bancroft, William F 1
Bancroft, William L, 1825- 1
Bancroft, William Wallace, 1893- 2
Bancroft's School. Chorus 6
Bańczerowski, Janusz 4
Bańczerowski, Jerzy 1
Band, A. P. van den 1
Band, Albert, 1924- 1
Band ʻAlī, Saʻīd 1
Band Apart (Firm) 4
Band, Arnold 1
Band, Arnold J 6
Band & Choir of the French Foreign Legion 1
Band, Claire 1
Band, Edward 1
Band, Ellen, 1952- 1
Band, George, 1929-2011 1
Band, Henri 2
Band, Henry 2
Band, Jonathan 4
Band-Kuzmany, Karin R. M 1
Band, L. E 2
Band, Moriz 1
Band, Moriz, 1864-1932 1
Band (Musical group) 9
Band (Musical group). Remasters 4
Band, Odiyah 2
Band of Gypsies
Use instead:
Band of Gypsys 1
Band of H.M. Royal Marines (Portsmouth, England) 3
Band of H.M. Scots Guards
Band of H.M. Welsh Guards 2
Band of HM Royal Marines (Plymouth, England) 2
Band of HM Royal Marines (Royal Marines School of Music) 2
Band of HM Scots Guards
Band of hope 1
Band of Instruments 9
Band of Musick 1
Band of Renown 2
Band of Sisters Ltd 1
Band of Sisters LTD (Firm) 1
Band of the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command
Band of the Army Air Forces Training Command
Band of the Black Watch (Great Britain) 1
Band of the Blues and Royals (Royal House Guards and 1st Dragoons) (Great Britain) 1
Band of the Coldstream Guards (Great Britain) 4
Band of the Grenadier Guards (Great Britain) 10
Band of the Life Guards (Great Britain) 3
Band of the New Zealand Army
Use instead:
Band of the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell
Band of the Royal Military School of Music
Band of the Royal Swedish Air Force 1