Author Count
Australia.Division of National Mapping 64
Australia.Division of National Mapping.Australia 1:5,000,000 map series 3
Australia.Education Research and Development Committee 10
Australia.Electoral boundaries commission 1
Australia. Electoral Commission
Australia Ensemble 4
Australia.Family and Administrative Law Branch 1
Australia.Family Law Act 1975 2
Australia.Family Law Council 39
Australia.Family Law Council.Separate Representation of Children Committee 1
Australia.Family Services Committee 1
Australia.Federal Capital Advisory Committee 1
Australia.Federal capital advisory committee 1
Australia.Federal Capital Commission 2
Australia.Federal Capital Director of Design and Construction 1
Australia.Federal Court 1
Australia.Federal Court of Bankruptcy.Reports 1
Australia.Federal Government Inquiry into Hospital Costs 1
Australia. Financial System Inquiry
Australia.Forestry and Timber Bureau 2
Australia.Forestry and Timber Bureau.Bulletin 1
Australia.Geological Branch 3
Australia.Geophysical Branch 1
Australia. Geoscience Australia
Australia.Governor-General 1
Australia.Governor-General (1904-1908 : Northcote) 1
Australia. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Australia.High Commission (New Delhi) 1
Australia.High Court 11
Australia.High Court.Bulletin 1
Australia.High Court.Reports 2
Australia.Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 5
Australia. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families
Australia.Human Rights Commission 4
Australia.Hydrographic Service 2
Australia.Immigration Advisory Council 1
Australia.Immigration Advisory Council.Committee on Social Patterns 1
Australia.Immigration Office 1
Australia.Independent Committee of Inquiry into Nuclear Weapons and Other Consequences of Australian Uranium Mining 1
Australia-India Council 3
Australia India Institute 3
Australia-Indonesia Association
Australia-Indonesia Association of Victoria 1
Australia.Industrial Property Advisory Committee 1
Australia.Industries Assistance Commission 2
Australia.Industries Division 1
Australia.Industry Commission 1
Australia. Institute of Aboriginal Studies
Australia.Inter-State Commission 1
Australia.Interdepartmental Gas Turbine Steering Committee 1
Australia-Japan Economic Relations Research Project 1
Australia-Japan Research Centre 7
Australia-Japanese Research Centre
Australia. Joint Coal Board
Australia.Joint Committee of Public Accounts 1
Australia.Lands and Survey Branch 3
Australia.Law Reform Commission 132
Australia.Laws, etc 5
Australia.Laws, statues, etc.Communist Party dissolution act 1
Australia.Laws, statutes, etc 9