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American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 44 10
American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 44.API44-TRC publications in science and engineering 1
American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 44.Selected values of properties of hydrocarbons 1
American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 45 3
American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 48 5
American Petroleum Institute.Research Project 52 1
American Petroleum Institute Research.Project 6 1
American Petroleum Institute.Safety and Fire Protection Department 1
American Petroleum Institute.Statistics Department 1
American Petroleum Institute.Toxicological reviews 1
American Pharmaceutical Association 44
American Pharmaceutical Association.Committee on National Formulary 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Committee on the Revision of the United States Pharmacopoeia 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Division of Hospital Pharmacy 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Meeting 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Meeting(16th :1868 :Philadelphia, Pa.) 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Michigan Branch 3
American Pharmaceutical Association.National Formulary 9
American Pharmaceutical Association.National formulary 2
American Pharmaceutical Association.National Formulary Board 3
American Pharmaceutical Association.Proprietary (trade) names of official drugs 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Scientific Section 1
American Pharmaceutical Association.Task Force on Pharmacy Education 1
American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association 9
American Pharmacists Association 14
American-Philippine Foundation Inc 1
American Philological Association 31
American Philological Association.Ad Hoc Committee on Basic Research Tools 1
American Philological Association.Committee on Monographs 1
American Philological Association.Meeting(114th :1982 :Philadelphia, Pa.) 1
American Philological Association.Meeting(2009 :Philadelphia, Pa.) 1
American Philological Association.Newsletter 1
American Philological Association. Philological Association of the Pacific Coast
American Philological Association.Proceedings 2
American Philosophical Association 9
American Philosophical Association.Ad Hoc Committee on Unionization and Collective Bargaining 2
American Philosophical Association.Central Division 1
American Philosophical Association.Committee on International Cultural Cooperation 1
American Philosophical Association.Committee on Philosophy and Computers 1
American Philosophical Association.Committee on Philosophy and Medicine 1
American Philosophical Association.Eastern Division 6
American Philosophical Association.Meeting 1
American Philosophical Association.Pacific Division.Meeting(2004 :Pasadena, Calif.) 2
American Philosophical Association.Western Division 6
American philosophical society 1
American Philosophical Society 152
American Philosophical Society.Committee of History, Moral Science, and General Literature.Transactions 1
American Philosophical Society.Committee on Astronomical Observations 3
American Philosophical Society.Committee on education and participation in science 1
American Philosophical Society.Committee on Library 1
American Philosophical Society.Guide to the archives and manuscript collections of the American Philosophical Society 1
American Philosophical Society, Held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge
American Philosophical Society.Library 30
American Philosophical Society.Library publications 1
American Philosophical Society.Memoirs 1
American Philosophical Society.Museum 1
American Philosophical Society.Penrose Fund 1
American philosophical society (Philadelphia) 3
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia 1
American Philosophical Society.Proceedings 12