Author Count
Africa Institute of South Africa 54
Africa Institute of South America 1
Africa Institute (Rossiĭskaii͡a akademii͡a nauk)
Africa Institute (South Africa)
Africa International House 1
Africa, J. Simpson,1832-1900 1
Africa, Jeremiah 1
Africa, John 1
Africa, Jose L 1
Africa Law Institute 1
Africa Leadership Forum 13
Africa Leadership Forum.Conference(1997 :Maputo, Mozambique) 1
Africa Leadership Forum.Conference9th :1997 :Accra, Ghana) 1
Africa Leadership Forum International Conference on Democracy and Governance in Africa(1991 :Ota, Nigeria) 1
Africa Legal Aid 4
Africa Peace and Conflict Network 2
Africa Policy Advisory Panel 1
Africa Policy Institute 1
Africa Publications Trust 1
Africa, Ramona 1
Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre 1
Africa Research Centre 1
Africa Research Group 4
Africa Research, Ltd 5
Africa Resources Trust 1
Africa romana (Conference) 2
Africa romana (Conference)(20th :2013 :Alghero, Italy) 1
Africa romana (Conference)(21st :2018 :Tunis, Tunisia) 1
Africa Seventy (Musical group)
Africa-Studienstelle (Ifo-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung) 1
Africa Symposium on Horticultural Crops(5th :1977 :Khartum) 1
Africa Synod
Africa Technology Policy Studies Network
Africa, Thomas W 7
Africa Today Associates 1
Africa Training and Research Centre for Women
Africa Watch Committee 21
Africa Watch (Organization)
Africa Women Development Fund
Africa Women's Forum 1
Africa Women's Forum(3rd :2001 :Tunis, Tunisia) 1
Africa Young Graduates and Scholars Conference(8th :2014 :University of Johannesburg) 1
Africalia (Organization) 2
African Academy of Political and Social Sciences 1
African Academy of Science 1
African Academy of Sciences 8
African Academy of Sciences. Beyond Hunger Project
African Academy of Sciences. Program on Research Priorities for the Education of Girls and Women in Africa
African Adult Education Association 1
African Agricultural Development Conference(1985 :California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) 1
African Air Transport Conference(1964 :Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) 1
African Air Transport Conference(1964 :Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) 1
African Akhlou Bi (Musical group) 1
African-American Arts : Activism and Aesthetics (Conference)(2016 :Bucknell University) 2
African American Child Welfare Summit(1st :1995 :St. Louis, Mo.) 1
African American Dance Ensemble 1
African-American Dialogues(3rd :1971 :Lagos) 1
African-American Family Commission (Ill.) 1
African-American Institute 13
African-American Institute.Council 1