Call Number Title Count
B4999.B43 The thorn : Pascal and the French critics of the Pensées, 1623-1777 / 1
B4999.B56 Organizing an American conscience : the Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion 1940-1968 / 1
B4999.C95 Imagination, representation, and faith : foundations for a revised representational Christology / 1
B4999.D77 Scientific, normative and faith statements in the work of Heinz Kohut / 1
B4999.G43 Language and sense discrimination in ancient China / 1
B4999.G74 Learning to care for experience : John Dewey and Robert Pirsig on recovering the aesthetic in the everyday / 1
B4999.H99 Political thought, language, and politics : the French Enlightenment / 1
B4999.K66 After Wittgenstein : writing on the verge of philosophy / 1
B4999.L18 The Taoist vision of physical immortality : a study of Ko Hung's Pao-P'U Tzu / 1
B4999.L66 Chu Hsi as a "Neo-Confucian" : Chu Hsi's critique of heterodoxy, heresy, and the "Confucian" tradition / 1
B4999.P28 A theology of power : domination and the communication of efficacy / 1
B4999.R84 Spinoza in the republican tradition : virtue and fortune in the Ethics and the political works / 1
B4999.S25 Exclusivist strategies in Mādhva Vedānta / 1
B4999.S63 Gilles Deleuze and the philosophy of difference : toward a transcendental empiricism / 1
B4999.S65 A sense of place : reading Rousseau : the idea of natural freedom / 1
B4999.T29 Virtue, corruption, history : Adam Ferguson's moral philosophy / 1
B4999 Abramson Hume's peculiar sentiments : the evolution of Hume's moral philosophy / 1
B4999 Ahmet Dialectical methodology and its critique : Ghazâlî as a case study / 1
B4999 Albanese Charon and the river : the changing religious symbols of six American transcendentalists. 1
B4999 Anderson William James's depressive period (1867-1872) and the origins of his creativity : a psychobiographical study / 1
B4999 Anderson Scott Coercion, agents, and ethics / 1
B4999 Arenas Vives The significance of art in Kant's Critique of judgment / 1
B4999 Barberis The first Année sociologique and Neo-Kantian philosophy in France / 1
B4999 Bartsch Spalding and the Enlightenment / 1
B4999 Ben-Ze'ev Perception as a cognitive system / 1
B4999 Benjamin Actions, movements, and identity. 1
B4999 Benzoni Ecological ethics and the human soul : Aquinas' substantial bifurcation, Whitehead's aesthetic unification / 1
B4999 Bernstein A theory of legal liability / 1
B4999 Bilgrami Meaning and knowledge / 1
B4999 Blair Anti-Aristotelianism, the soul and the mechanical philosophy in Descartes and Hobbes / 1
B4999 Blote The concepts of nature and matter in early Greek philosophy. 1
B4999 Bolle Tantrism and Śrī Aurobindo's philosophy: an essay on the persistence of religion. 1
B4999 Brahmachari The philosophy of Sri Jiva Goswami (Vaisnava Vedanta of the Bengal School)
The philosophy of Ṡrī Jīva Goswāmi (Vaiṣṇava Vedānta of the Bengal school) ...
B4999 Brooks Academic philosophy and the human sciences in nineteenth-century France / 1
B4999 Brown The West Side Organization and the uses of symbolic action.
Protreptic literature.
B4999 Brubaker Religious zeal, political faction and the corruption of morals : Adam Smith and the limits of enlightenment / 1
B4999 Burke George Herbert Mead and Harry Stack Sullivan, a study in the relations between philosophy and psychology. 1
B4999 Capiz Consent as a basis of political ogligation in Locke, Rousseau, and Green. 1
B4999 Carus Carnap's ideal of explication as the basis for a modernized program of Enlightenment / 1
B4999 Cate Essence, accident and logical positivism. 1
B4999 Chandler Humanism : its influence in the development of Luther. 1
B4999 Coffin An interpretation of abstract art as a visual representation of the pragmatic tendency in philosophy. 1
B4999 Cohen Doubt, anxiety and salvation : a study of meta-philosophical and psychological themes in the history of scepticism / 1
B4999 Coleman Knowledge and freedom in the political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle. 1
B4999 Cooke A gospel of social evolution : religion, biology, and education in the thought of Edwin Grant Conklin / 1
B4999 Copeland Some ethical aspects of logical theory ... / 1
B4999 Cox Rationality and cognitive science / 1
B4999 Crimmel Verbalism and nihilism. 1
B4999 Croskery Institutional utilitarianism / 1
B4999 DeLacy Meaning and methodology in Hellenistic philosophy ... 1
B4999 Delacy Meaning and methodology in Hellenistic philosophy. 1
B4999 Diamond Science as a rational enterprise / 1
B4999 Dickinson Dualism and functionalism... 1
B4999 Dominguez-Caballero Christian doctrine prior to Augustine. 1
B4999 Dunham The concept of tension in philosophy. 1
B4999 Dykhuizen The conception of God in the philosophy of Josiah Royce: a critical explosition of its epistemological and metaphysical development ...
The conception of God in the philosophy of Josiah Royce : a critical exposition of its epistemological and metaphysical development.
B4999 Earle Thought and its object. 1
B4999 Eberhard A medial reading of Hans-Georg Gadamer's hermeneutics and some theological implications / 1
B4999 Emmons The brain process theory of mind : a critical analysis. 1
B4999 Engel Nietzsche's theory of the evolution of man, society and culture and his consequent critical analysis of the state of Europe. 1