Call Number Title Count
Z10999 Lost illusions : the rise of the book publisher and the construction of a literary marketplace in nineteenth-century France / 1
Z10999.H355 Harry Zelzer concerts : a study of musical taste in Chicago, 1937-1977, and an index to the programs / 1
Z10999.M19 The administration of the University of Chicago libraries, 1892-1928 / 1
Z10999 Abraham Views of Jewish history : a comparative study of libraries focusing on the European Jewish community / 1
Z10999 Adams A systems study of the circulation department of the University of Chicago Library. 1
Z10999 Adkins Carl Bismarck Roden and the Chicago Public Library / 1
Z10999 Agria The American Library Association and the Library Services Act. 1
Z10999 Akers Relation between theory and practice of cataloging; with special reference to courses in cataloging in library schools. 1
Z10999 Alberts Evaluation of educational journals from the standpoint of research. 1
Z10999 Albin American scholarly periodicals devoted to the study of English language and literature, 1880-1917: American scholarship undergoing change.
Printing in Mesopotamia from its origins until 1914 /
Z10999 Albright Printing and publishing conditions in England, 1580-1640 : with special reference to the conservation of authors' rights. 1
Z10999 Allen The status of children in stories of present day life for children. 1
Z10999 Allison The American girl, 1880-1900 : drawn from fact and fiction / 1
Z10999 Alston Characteristics of materials used by a selected group of historians in their research in United States history. 1
Z10999 Altmann Centralized cataloging: its principles and organization in the United States and in Germany. 1
Z10999 Alvarez ... Qualifications of public librarians in the Middle West ... /
The qualifications of heads of libraries in cities of over 10,000 population in the seven north-central states.
Z10999 Ambler Classification system for theatre libraries. 1
Z10999 Andersen A study of recordings in sixty municipal public libraries serving populations of seventy-five thousand and over as of 1948. 1
Z10999 Anderson A critical bibliography of hand weaving.
An analytical study of some reviewing media of children's books.
The availability of fine arts books in three mid-nineteenth-century libraries /
Z10999 Andrews Trends in college library buildings. 1
Z10999 Angione On the equivalence of Boolean and weighted searching based on the convertibility of query forms. 1
Z10999 Antolin Women in management : a review of the literature of librarianship and social work, 1970-1980 / 1
Z10999 Archer Some aspects of the acquisition program at the University of Chicago Library, 1892-1928 / 1
Z10999 Armstong A comparison of student library use. 1
Z10999 Arnold The development of the book to 1880. 1
Z10999 Asheim From book to film: a comparative analysis of the content of selected novels and the motion pictures based on them. 1
Z10999 Ashley An analysis of "monster" stories in picture books for young children : their appeal, their value, and their uses / 1
Z10999 Atkinson Bibliographical citation as a propaganda technique: a case study. 1
Z10999 Au American impact on modern Chinese library development. 1
Z10999 Aubry Testing a refinement of the overlap retrieval model. 1
Z10999 Austin Women and work in children's fiction. 1
Z10999 Bagby A study of consistency between directory entries compiled from returned questionnaires and the implications for reference practice / 1
Z10999 Bailey Joseph Haslewood (1769-1833): bibliographer and editor. 1
Z10999 Baker Attitudes towards India as expressed in the United States book review press.
Selected characteristics of the literature of American economic history and the coverage of this literature in abstracting and indexing services /
Bookbinding and bookbinders in London, 1403-1603; a survey of their legal, economic, and social status.
Z10999 Baldwin Implications of oral traditions for Nigerian library service.
Denominational publishing: a study of major Protestant church-owned publishing houses in the United States.
Z10999 Ball The development of the USMARC Archival and Manuscripts Control format : the politics of negotiation / 1
Z10999 Ballard A survey of information about school libraries and related topics in professional periodicals. 1
Z10999 Barnes The international exchange of knowledge in Western Europe, 1680-89. 1
Z10999 Barnett American booksellers and their trade, 1650-1800. 1
Z10999 Barney Toward an international standard format for plant names and descriptions / 1
Z10999 Barth History of the publication of the Jewish Encyclopedia. 1
Z10999 Bartlett Censorship in the McCarthy era / 1
Z10999 Bates Subject catalog use studies, 1953-1966. 1
Z10999 Battis Stereotypes of women in selected detective novels. 1
Z10999 Baudouin Book ownership in a French provincial family; a study of four eighteenth-century inventories. 1
Z10999 Baumanis Principles and practices of Soviet librarianship. 1
Z10999 Baumruk The human relations area file: a case study of a bibliographic device. 1
Z10999 Baxter History and analysis of a competency-based certification examination for health sciences librarians / 1
Z10999 Bayer Children's reading interests; interviews with children, parents and teachers. 1
Z10999 Bearov Westchester Public Library System : from its merger to today (1972-1985) / 1
Z10999 Beazley The Center for Children's Books : a user study / 1
Z10999 Behymer The organization and administration of federal prison libraries. 1
Z10999 Beitler The therapeutic application of children's books / 1
Z10999 Benagh An appraisal of public library service plans. 1
Z10999 Benedict An overlap comparison of the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux abstracting services and other major science abstracting services / 1
Z10999 Benke Etiquette books for American children: a historical survey. 1
Z10999 Bennett A survey and study of twelve suburban public libraries and their communities.
A plan for regional administration of school library service in Indiana.
Z10999 Benson Elementary science education objectives as reflected in science trade books for children /
The student use of periodicals in a junior college library.
Z10999 Berelson The effects of print on public opinion ...
Content emphasis, recognition, and agreement: an analysis of the role of communications in determining public opinion.
Z10999 Berthold American colonial printing as determined by contemporary cultural forces, 1639-1763. 1