Call Number Title Count
Z10998.U5 University of Chicago Graduate Library School master of arts papers. 1
Z10999 Lost illusions : the rise of the book publisher and the construction of a literary marketplace in nineteenth-century France / 1
Z10999.H355 Harry Zelzer concerts : a study of musical taste in Chicago, 1937-1977, and an index to the programs / 1
Z10999.M19 The administration of the University of Chicago libraries, 1892-1928 / 1
Z10999 Abraham Views of Jewish history : a comparative study of libraries focusing on the European Jewish community / 1
Z10999 Adams A systems study of the circulation department of the University of Chicago Library. 1
Z10999 Adkins Carl Bismarck Roden and the Chicago Public Library / 1
Z10999 Agria The American Library Association and the Library Services Act. 1
Z10999 Akers The relation between theory and practice of cataloging : with special reference to courses in cataloging in library schools. 1
Z10999 Alberts Evaluation of educational journals from the standpoint of research. 1
Z10999 Albin American scholarly periodicals devoted to the study of English language and literature, 1880-1917: American scholarship undergoing change.
Printing in Mesopotamia from its origins until 1914 /
Z10999 Albright Printing and publishing conditions in England, 1580-1640 : with special reference to the conservation of authors' rights. 1
Z10999 Allen The status of children in stories of present day life for children. 1
Z10999 Allison The American girl, 1880-1900 : drawn from fact and fiction / 1
Z10999 Alston Characteristics of materials used by a selected group of historians in their research in United States history. 1
Z10999 Altmann Centralized cataloging: its principles and organization in the United States and in Germany. 1
Z10999 Alvarez ... Qualifications of public librarians in the Middle West ... /
The qualifications of heads of libraries in cities of over 10,000 population in the seven north-central states.
Z10999 Ambler Classification system for theatre libraries. 1
Z10999 Andersen A study of recordings in sixty municipal public libraries serving populations of seventy-five thousand and over as of 1948. 1
Z10999 Anderson An analytical study of some reviewing media of children's books.
A critical bibliography of hand weaving.
The availability of fine arts books in three mid-nineteenth-century libraries
Z10999 Andrews Trends in college library buildings. 1
Z10999 Angione On the equivalence of Boolean and weighted searching based on the convertibility of query forms. 1
Z10999 Antolin Women in management : a review of the literature of librarianship and social work, 1970-1980 / 1
Z10999 Archer Some aspects of the acquisition program at the University of Chicago Library, 1892-1928 / 1
Z10999 Armstong A comparison of student library use. 1
Z10999 Arnold The development of the book to 1880. 1
Z10999 Asheim From book to film: a comparative analysis of the content of selected novels and the motion pictures based on them. 1
Z10999 Ashley An analysis of "monster" stories in picture books for young children : their appeal, their value, and their uses / 1
Z10999 Atkinson Bibliographical citation as a propaganda technique: a case study. 1
Z10999 Au American impact on modern Chinese library development. 1
Z10999 Aubry Testing a refinement of the overlap retrieval model. 1
Z10999 Austin Women and work in children's fiction. 1
Z10999 Bagby A study of consistency between directory entries compiled from returned questionnaires and the implications for reference practice / 1
Z10999 Bailey Joseph Haslewood (1769-1833): bibliographer and editor. 1
Z10999 Baker Attitudes towards India as expressed in the United States book review press.
Bookbinding and bookbinders in London, 1403-1603; a survey of their legal, economic, and social status.
Selected characteristics of the literature of American economic history and the coverage of this literature in abstracting and indexing services /
Z10999 Baldwin Implications of oral traditions for Nigerian library service.
Denominational publishing: a study of major Protestant church-owned publishing houses in the United States.
Z10999 Ball The development of the USMARC Archival and Manuscripts Control format : the politics of negotiation / 1
Z10999 Ballard A survey of information about school libraries and related topics in professional periodicals. 1
Z10999 Barnes The international exchange of knowledge in Western Europe, 1680-89. 1
Z10999 Barnett American booksellers and their trade, 1650-1800. 1
Z10999 Barney Toward an international standard format for plant names and descriptions / 1
Z10999 Barth History of the publication of the Jewish Encyclopedia. 1
Z10999 Bartlett Censorship in the McCarthy era / 1
Z10999 Bates Subject catalog use studies, 1953-1966. 1
Z10999 Battis Stereotypes of women in selected detective novels. 1
Z10999 Baudouin Book ownership in a French provincial family; a study of four eighteenth-century inventories. 1
Z10999 Baumanis Principles and practices of Soviet librarianship. 1
Z10999 Baumruk The human relations area file: a case study of a bibliographic device. 1
Z10999 Baxter History and analysis of a competency-based certification examination for health sciences librarians / 1
Z10999 Bayer Children's reading interests; interviews with children, parents and teachers. 1
Z10999 Bearov Westchester Public Library System : from its merger to today (1972-1985) / 1
Z10999 Beazley The Center for Children's Books : a user study / 1
Z10999 Behymer The organization and administration of federal prison libraries. 1
Z10999 Beitler The therapeutic application of children's books / 1
Z10999 Benagh An appraisal of public library service plans. 1
Z10999 Benedict An overlap comparison of the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux abstracting services and other major science abstracting services / 1
Z10999 Benke Etiquette books for American children: a historical survey. 1
Z10999 Bennett A survey and study of twelve suburban public libraries and their communities.
A plan for regional administration of school library service in Indiana.
Z10999 Benson Elementary science education objectives as reflected in science trade books for children /
The student use of periodicals in a junior college library.
Z10999 Berelson The effects of print on public opinion ...
Content emphasis, recognition, and agreement: an analysis of the role of communications in determining public opinion.