Call Number Title Count
V999 Baruffi Naval warfare operations in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean / 1
V999 Bodfish Defense of battleships against airplanes. 1
V999 Carmine The battleship anti-aircraft problem. 1
V999 Davis Normal and oblique penetration of armor. 1
V999 Irby On the penetration of armor and its relation to tactical position. 1
V999 Kronemyer Manpower problems in demobilizing the Navy. 1
V8721.Z7N33 1973 Shinshūjin no kaigai hatten / 1
V9333 .L4373 2011eb Learning from experience. Volume III, Lessons from the submarine programs of the United Kingdom's Astute submarine program / 1
V9334 .L4373 2011eb Learning from experience Volume IV, Lessons from Australia's Collins submarine programs / 1
VA1 Battleship building and party politics in Germany, 1894-1901 a cross-section of the political, social and ideological preconditions of German imperialism /
General letter book, 1798-1802.
VA2 The development of a modern navy: French naval policy, 1871-1904. 1
VA10.B660 Navies and foreign policy / 1
VA10.C150 1989 Navies in violent peace / 1
VA10.D45 Essay sur la marine et sur le commerce ...
Lettre sur le luxe.
VA10.D46 An essay on maritime power and commerce; particularly those of France ... address'd to the Count de Maurepas ... 1
VA10 .G55 2016eb Global responses to maritime violence : cooperation and collective action / 1
VA10.L580 1983 Hai yang yu guo fang / 1
VA10.M544 2001 Military transformation Navy efforts should be more integrated and focused : report to congressional committees / 1
VA10 .N36 1986 The naval arms race 1
VA10.N570 Securing the seas : the Soviet naval challenge and Western Alliance options : an Atlantic Council policy study / 1
VA10.R5 Economy and naval security; a plea for the examination of the problem of the reduction in the cost of naval armaments on the lines of strategy and policy, 1
VA10 .R75 2007 Power at sea / 1
VA10 .R75eb vol. 1 Power at sea. Volume 1, The age of navalism, 1890-1918 / 1
VA10 .R753 2007eb Power at sea Volume 3. A violent peace, 1946-2006 / 1
VA10.S680 The Southern oceans and the security of the free world : new studies in global strategy / 1
VA10.S780 1988 Mirovomu okeanu--mirnye vody / 1
VA10.T540 1987 Modern sea power : an introduction / 1
VA10.T630 1996 Navies and shipbuilding industries : the strained symbiosis / 1
VA10.V580 1988 Voenno-Morskoĭ flot : rolʹ, perspektivy razvitii͡a, ispolʹzovanie / 1
VA37.U48 Characteristics of principal foreign ships of war. 1
VA37.U5 General information series ... 1
VA40.A45 1900 Rehber-i muzafferiyat-i bahriye : yahut deniz ve sahil muharebelerinin vesait ve kavaid esasiyesi / 1
VA40.A480 1990 The naval arms trade / 1
VA40.A63 Sous la flamme de guerre. 1
VA40.C65 The Naval Institute guide to combat fleets of the world.
Combat fleets of the world.
VA40.F540 1989 Superpowers at sea : an assessment of the naval arms race / 1
VA40.I9 Anglo-amerikanskoe morskoe sopernichestvo. 1
VA40.J35 Jane's fighting ships. 1
VA40.K64 Die fremden Flotten im 2. Weltkrieg und ihr Schicksal. 1
VA40 .M565 2015 Minguo shi qi wai guo hai jun lun ji / 1
VA40.M690 1987 Expansion of Third World navies / 1
VA40 .M85 1998 Multinational naval cooperation and foreign policy into the 21st century / 1
VA40.O89 2012 Shi jie hai jun jun bei / 1
VA40.P85 Sea power and today's war, 1
VA40.S54 2014 Small navies : strategy and policy for small navies in war and peace / 1
VA40.T2 All the world's fighting fleets, 1
VA40.T74 1995 A doctrine reader the Navies of United States, Great Britain France, Italy, and Spain / 1
VA40 .T93 2012 Twenty-first century seapower : cooperation and conflict at sea / 1
VA40.V5 Navies of the world; giving concise descriptions of the plans, armament and armor of the naval vessels of twenty of the principal nations. Together with the latest developments in ordnance, torpedoes, and naval architecture, and a concise summary of the principal naval battles of the last twenty years, 1860-1880. 1
VA40.W340 1991 The changing face of the world's navies : 1945 to the present / 1
VA49.N35 Addresses before the eleventh annual convention of the Navy league of the United States, Washington, D.C., April 10-13, 1916; 1
VA49.N38 no. 5 Naval doctrine publication 5 naval planning. 1
VA49.N4 W75 2006 Navy League of the United States : civilians supporting the sea services for more than a century / 1
VA49.R74 Superpower confrontation on the seas : naval development and strategy since 1945 / 1
VA49.S4 Sea power [the nation's defense] 1
VA49.U530 1978 U.S. naval forces : the peacetime presence mission / 1
VA50.A5 1932 Building up of the United States navy to the strength permitted by the Washington and London naval treatise. Hearings before the Committee on naval affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-second Congress, first session, on S. 51, a bill to authorize the building up of the United States navy to the strength permitted by the Washington and London naval treaties. January 7, 8, and 9, 1932. 1
VA50.A54 The United States Navy : keeping the peace. 1
VA50.A87 2015 Assessing maritime power in the Asia-Pacific : the impact of American strategic re-balance / 1
VA50.B58 Is the navy ready? 1