Call Number Title Count
UB999 Badillo The decline of mass armed forces : the United States all-volunteer army / 1
UB999 Buehler Service to beneficiaries of the United States Veterans' Bureau. 1
UB999 Burrelli Evaluation of the program to recruit college bound youth into the army / 1
UB999 Costa Health, income and retirement : evidence from nineteenth century America / 1
UB999 Greensfelder An inquiry into the problem of relief for families of deceased world war veterans in Illinois. 1
UB999 Huyck Age norms and career lines in the careers of military officers. 1
UB999 Kilburn Minority representation in the U.S. military / 1
UB999 Kipnis American conscientious objectors during the first world war. 1
UB999 Krise Role conflict and social diagnosis of the military offender. 1
UB999 Parker War, what is it good for : race, military service, and social change, 1945-1995 / 1
UB999 Pingle Brevet rank in the United States Army, 1775-1870. 1
UB999 Pyle Village social relations and the reception of soldiers' family aid policies in Russia, 1912-1921 / 1
UB999 Slocum The political role of American veterans 1
UB999 Sosna The recruitment of civilian personnel for overseas duty with the armed forces. 1
UB999 Stratton A study of factors affecting vocational adjustment in two groups of ex-service men... 1
UB999 Webber Pension legislation in the United States. 1
UB999 Zimmerman The evolution of discipline in the United States Army. 1
UB1242.B6 P315 2000 B-2 Spirit : the most capable war machine on the planet / 1
Ubatuqui 1 Historia del carnaval de Brasil, 1902-1952. 1 1
UC 1 The Review. 1
UC2 Occupational pay differentials for military technicians. 1
UC10.A6 Voennoe khozi͡aĭstvo : sravnitelʹnoe izsli͡edovanīe polozhitelʹnykh zakonodatelʹstv Rossīi, Frant͡sīi, Prussīi, Avstrīi, Sardinīi, Belʹgīi i Bavarīi / 1
UC15.B7 Les réquisitions; droits et devoirs des commerçants, agriculteurs, industriels. Lois et règlements sur les réquistions militaires, le ravitaillement de la population civile, instructions diverses et commentaires, jurisprudence établie pendant la guerre de 1914. 1
UC15 .B87 1903 Claims against the military, or, The requisitioning of supplies, etc., under martial law during the South African War considered in relation to international and municipal law and the customs of war ; to which is added the full text of the Hague Convention Concerning the Laws and Customs of War Upon Land, (in the original French with an English translation) / 1
UC15.F6 Réquisitions militaires et maritimes, formalités, règlement, réclamations et jurisprudence; ravitaillement de la population civile, réquisitions et logement des troupes alliées; testes officiels, avec commentaire juridique et renseignements pratiques ... 1
UC15.W8 Requisition in France and Italy; the treatment of national private property and services, 1
UC20.A3 Military and Administrative Activities Working Group report[s] 1
UC20.A5 1942 Services of supply organization manual, 1942. 1
UC20.A5 1946 Manpower utilization, report on work measurement. 1
UC20.A75 The Armed Forces comptroller 1
UC20.C5 Quartermaster and ordnance supply : a guide to the principles of the supply service of the United States Army / 1
UC20.U540 1977 How to improve procedures for deciding between contractor and in-house military base support services, Department of Defense / 1
UC20 .W33 2010 United States Army logistics : from the American Revolution to 9/11 / 1
UC23 1861-65 .L87 Civil War collector's encyclopedia; arms, uniforms, and equipment of the Union and Confederacy, 1
UC23 1861-1865 .C60 1983 Arms and equipment of the Civil War / 1
UC23 1917-18 .Z56 1992eb The neck of the bottle : George W. Goethals and the reorganization of the U.S. Army supply system, 1917-1918 / 1
UC23 1917-1918 .Z560 1992 The neck of the bottle : George W. Goethals and the reorganization of the U.S. Army supply system, 1917-1918 / 1
UC23 1941-45 .R860 Military money : a fiscal history of the U.S. Army overseas in World War II / 1
UC23 1941-1969 .M340 1990 Recurring logistic problems as I have observed them / 1
UC23 2003- .R37 2007 Betraying our troops : the destructive results of privatizing war / 1
UC30.A2 Annual report of the quartermaster-general to the secretary of war ... 1
UC30.A4 Circular ... 1
UC30.A43 Statistical yearbook. 1
UC30.A44 Library bulletin. 1
UC30.A45 Report. 1
UC31.A3 1898 Compendium of regulations for the Quartermaster's department : published by authority of the secretary of war for use in the army of the United States. 1
UC31.A3 1914 Compilation of laws (revised statutes and statutes at large) relating to the Quartermaster Corps / 1
UC31.A3 1918 Compilation of laws (revised statutes and statutes at large) relating to the Quartermaster Corps. 1
UC32.A3 1897 Manual for the Quartermaster's Department. Published by the authority of the Secretary of War, for use in the Army of the United States. 1
UC32.A3 1900 Manual of instructions for quartermasters serving in the field, 1
UC32.A3 1917 Memorandum showing action that would be required by company, troop, or battery commanders, and supply officers of regiments to provide blank forms, funds, camp sites, shelter, water supply, light, sanitation, supplies, transportation, and personnel... 1
UC32.A3 1917a Table of fundamental allowances, quartermaster supplies. 1917. 1
UC32.A3 1917b Manual for the Quartermaster corps, United States Army, 1916. 1
UC32.A3 1929 Basic field manual ... 1
UC32.A3 1930 Handbook for quartermasters. Pts. I to V. I. Administrative. II. Supply. III. Transportation. IV. Construction. V. Miscellaneous information. 1
UC32.A3 1943 Organization manual. 1
UC32 .A4 1916 Manual for the Quartermaster Corps, United States Army, 1916. 1
UC32.J52 Q. M. D. : or, Book of reference for quartermasters. / 1
UC32.L3 Field quartermaster's handbook : complete from a company to a division / 1
UC32.W6 Manual for quartermasters [by] Captain Alexander E. Williams. 1