Call Number Title Count
UA1099 Arnold The Potsdam Grenadiers and the Prussian Army under Frederick William I. 1
UA1099 Bayer The evolution of the Soviet General Staff, 1917-1941 / 1
UA1099 Bender Civilian defense block organization in Hyde Park. 1
UA1099 Calhoun The Wilsonian way of war : American armed power from Veracruz to Vladivostok / 1
UA1099 Edele A "generation of victors?" : Soviet second World War veterans from demobilization to organization, 1941-1956 / 1
UA1099 Hannah Manhood, citizenship, and the formation of the National Guards, Illinois, 1870-1917 / 1
UA1099 Jones The rise of Europe : security cooperation and the balance of power / 1
UA1099 Rosenberg ODM: a study of civil-military relations during the Korean mobilization.
Toward Armageddon : the foundations of United States nuclear strategy, 1945-1961 /
UA1099 Schiff Concordance in the land of discord : civil-military relations in Israel / 1
UA1099 Schulman The military establishment of the Egyptian Empire. 1
UA1099 Seiglie Determinants of military expenditures / 1
UA1099 Sloan The politics of civil defense: Great Britain and the United States. 1
UA1099 Smith A casualty of kinetic warfare? : military neglect and the rise of civilian biodefense / 1
UA6646.8.T535 1991 Ticking time bombs : NATO's use of cluster munitions in Yugoslavia. 1
UAE 11454373 Oscar. 1
UAkron 1 The Gabrielli Trio. 1
UB1 Military retirement and income maximization : an examination of the economic incentives to extended military service. 1
UB1.U55 Fact book / 1
UB2 Central-field relations in the Veterans' Administration (1945-1953) 1
UB3 'I appeal unto Cæsar'; the case of the conscientious objector, 1
UB4 Zachatki reform v voenno-ugolovnom zakonodatelʹstvi͡e v Rossii. 1
UB5 Postoi͡annyi͡a voĭska i sostoi͡anie voennogo prava v Rossii v semnadt͡satom stoli͡etii. 1
UB 6 The Middle East. 1
UB 7 China and India. 1
UB 8 China and India : 1950-1961 supplement. 1
UB 9 Japan and its occupied territories during World War II. 1
UB 10 The Middle East : 1950-1961 supplement. 1
UB 11 The Soviet Union. 1
UB 12 The Soviet Union : 1950-1961 supplement. 1
UB21.I75M87 2001 al-Muʼassasah al-ʻaskarīyah fī Isrāʼīl / 1
UB21.75 .C37 2010 Intrepid women : cantinières and vivandières of the French army / 1
UB23.A3 1889 Business methods in the War Department : report of the Board appointed in compliance with the request of the Senate Select Committee to investigate the methods of business in the Executive Departments. 1
UB23.A3 1924 The work of the War Department of the United States. 1
UB23.A3 1926 Department of defense and unification of air service : Hearings before the Committee on military affairs, House of representatives, Sixty-ninth Congress, first session. January 19 to March 9, 1926. 1
UB23.A3 1954 Special Senate investigation on charges and counter-charges involving: Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, John G. Adams, H. Struve Hensel and Senator Joe McCarthy, Roy M. Cohn, and Francis P. Carr. / 1
UB23.A3 1977 The costs of defense manpower : issues for 1977 / 1
UB23.A8 1895 Register of the War Department ... Containing the names of all persons connected with the War Department and its bureaus in Washington, D.C., and of all persons in the classified service in the offices of the depot quartermasters. 1
UB23.A94 2001 Army PERSTEMPO in the post cold war era 1
UB23.B7 Can we trust our army to spoilsmen? A paper read at the annual meeting of the National civil-service reform league at Baltimore, Md. December 16, 1898, 1
UB23.D440 1991 Military organizations, complex machines : modernization in the U.S. armed services / 1
UB23.E930 1984 Who killed Joe McCarthy? / 1
UB23.H23 Organizing for defense; the American military establishment in the twentieth century. 1
UB23.I46 A history of the War Department of the United States. With biographical sketches of the secretaries. 1
UB23.I47 A history of the War department of the United States : with biographical sketches of the secretaries / 1
UB23.M35 2015 Improving the timeliness of Equal Employment Opportunity complaint processing in Department of Defense / 1
UB23.M5 Military manpower statistics /
Military manpower statistics
UB23.M54 The War department, 1861; a study in mobilization and administration, 1
UB23.N42 National security and The General Staff. 1
UB23.P56 1998 Point of order / 1
UB23.R530 Defense resource management study : final report / 1
UB23 .S53 2009 No sense of decency : the Army-McCarthy hearings : a demagogue falls and television takes charge of American politics / 1
UB23 .S79 1954a Trial by television / 1
UB23.S95 Systems analysis and policy planning; applications in defense. 1
UB23 .T44 2007 Factors to consider in blending active and reserve manpower within military units / 1
UB23 .V36 2002 The path to victory : America's Army and the revolution in human affairs / 1
UB23.W26 The Department of War, 1781-1795. 1
UB25.A75D44 2004 DMDC profile : information and technology for better decision making / 1
UB33.C9D5 Manual de instrucción militar y reglamento comentado para el instituto de voluntarios de la isla de Cuba. 1
UB57.G66 The war office, 1
UB57 .N49 2002 New people strategies for the British armed forces / 1