Call Number Title Count
TX999 Albright Sulphur dioxide content of dried fruits. 1
TX999 Alexander Evaluating the home economics curriculum in the area of clothing. 1
TX999 Allen The diet of a group of elderly people with special reference to vitamin C. 1
TX999 Amberson Values for family living of teachers of home economics. 1
TX999 Avery A study of the factors which affect the gelation of citrus fruit mamalades. 1
TX999 Ayers Determination of the yield of certain wholesale cuts of beef and the effect on yield of roasting by gas and by electricity. 1
TX999 Badgley A comparative analysis of the home activities of pupils. 1
TX999 Bailey The progress of home economics in the secondary schools from 1917 to 1927.
The effect of calcium salts on pectin gelation.
Capillary resistance of institution children at two levels of vitamin C intake.
TX999 Ballard Quantitative determination of vitamin B1 in chayote. 1
TX999 Bartlett The reduction of waste motion in household tasks. 1
TX999 Biltz A study comparing methods used for determining the average intake of hospital patients. 1
TX999 Binns A study of the cooked yields of fresh vegetables. 1
TX999 Blanco Nutritional studies in Puerto Rico. 1
TX999 Boggs A survey of the nutrition of colored families in Chicago. 1
TX999 Bosard A study of home economics in the high schools in four cities in Indiana. 1
TX999 Bowman The relation of method of manufacture to the phosphorus content of different cheeses. 1
TX999 Brinkman The effect of various cooking methods upon the retention of vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorous, and upon color, flavor, and textures of vegetables. 1
TX999 Brown Activities carried on in Chicago homes as related to courses in home economics and home mechanics.
Dehydrated food products.
A study of equipment for high school lunchrooms.
TX999 Burns A study of the shortening value of fats. 1
TX999 Burton The gelation of pectin solutions. 1
TX999 Busch Food patterns of the aged. 1
TX999 Callahan Buying women's garments by mail. 1
TX999 Camp Chemical changes occurring in carrots and wax beans during cooking. 1
TX999 Carlson The effect of providing an institution with quantities of dry skim milk on the quality and the quantity of the diets of children. 1
TX999 Carson Home furnishing budgets. 1
TX999 Charley The stability of carotene in vegetables during cooking and juicing. 1
TX999 Clapp An analysis of the food consumption habits of 119 farm families in Connecticut. 1
TX999 Clark Some chemical changes occurring during cooking of peas and beans.
A comparison of the relationships between income and meat consumption in 1942 and 1948, urban families in the United States.
TX999 Clarke The dishwashing machine. 1
TX999 Clure The nutrient-content and money-value of food plans. 1
TX999 Cohn In vitro and in vivo experiments on the digestibility of raw and heat-treated egg white,
In vitro and in vivo experiments on the digestibility of raw and heat-treated egg white.
TX999 Coleman The dietary habits and attitudes of a large number of high-school freshmen.
A review of the literature on mineral losses from vegetables cooked in salted water.
TX999 Colin Household management books. 1
TX999 Cooley The cooking of vegetables containing pigments of sulfur yielding glucosides. 1
TX999 Coyne An analysis of the operation of an industrial cafeteria. 1
TX999 Cozine An evaluation of the foods and nutrition work as offered by the state-supported colleges and universities of Missouri. 1
TX999 Craddock A study of the administrative budget of four Chicago high school lunch rooms. 1
TX999 Crum The organization of home economics courses in secondary schools ... 1
TX999 Currier A dietary study of thirty-five active adolescent boys. 1
TX999 Dabezies Domestic service in nineteenth-century England / 1
TX999 Dabkiewicz A study of the acid hydrolysis method of determining the fat content of meat. 1
TX999 Daum The effect of glyceryl monostearate on the baking properties of certain fats.
Part I. The effect of heat upon certain constituents of milk. Part II. Adult utilization of calcium from heated milk.
TX999 Davis A study of prices and qualities of ready-made and home-made clothing.
Chemical and physical studies on all-purpose flour.
TX999 Day A review of the literature on chemistry of yeast breads. 1
TX999 De Costa Relative iron content of white and whole wheat breads. 1
TX999 Dean Losses in cooking vegetables containing carotinoids.
In vitro studies on the digestibility of the carbohydrate of cereals.
TX999 Dow A discussion of color for the high school home economics teacher. 1
TX999 Dunsing Income-expenditure relations of farm families using different methods of stratification. 1
TX999 Edgeworth Leavening factors in certain kinds of pastry. 1
TX999 Ehlers Present tendencies in the varietal consumption of lettuce. 1
TX999 English A preliminary study of methods for determining the organic acids in citrus fruits. 1
TX999 Enos A review of the recent literature on the physical and chemical properties of bread flours. 1
TX999 Farquhar An analysis of the activities in the lunch rooms and dining halls of the University of Chicago. 1
TX999 Fenton Losses of vitamin C during the cooking of certain vegetables. 1
TX999 Flynn An analytical study of apple pectin. 1
TX999 Forgey Food choice in the cafeteria and its influence on the adequacy of the diet. 1
TX999 Francis Social correlates of diets of preschool children / 1
TX999 Fredrickson A study of time and waste correlations in the use of paring knives. 1
TX999 Friant A study of vocational home economics in secondary schools. 1
TX999 Gibbons The effect of body build on the specific dynamic actions of protein in dogs. 1