Call Number Title Count
TS9999 Alwan Time-series modeling for statistical process control / 1
TS9999 Anderson An analysis of quality variations in branded merchandise. 1
TS9999 Bartlett American Indian designs in modern fabrics. 1
TS9999 Bennett The chemistry and technology of nylon. 1
TS9999 Benson An analysis of commercial specifications for selected types of broad goods. 1
TS9999 Bobonis The Hispano-Moresque textiles. 1
TS9999 Borland The contributions of Phillippe de LaSalle to the textile industry of Lyons. 1
TS9999 Brantz Slaughter in the city : the establishment of public abattoirs in Paris and Berlin, 1780-1914 / 1
TS9999 Carpenter A comparative analysis of nine brands of sheets. 1
TS9999 Dixon A statistical evaluation of methods of testing tensile strength. 1
TS9999 Goodrich An analytical evaluation of quality in silk fabrics. 1
TS9999 Gordy The relative advantages of rayon and of silk when used in certain knitted underwear fabrics. 1
TS9999 Heffren The development of the use of flax as a textile fiber. 1
TS9999 Hesse Material control and its place in the control of production. 1
TS9999 Hutchison The development of animal and bird forms in textile fabrics from the ancient Egyptian period to the Renaissance. 1
TS9999 Keller Materials for the study of synthetic fibers at the secondary school level 1
TS9999 Knauss The designing of printed drapery fabrics showing chinese inspriation. 1
TS9999 Krakover An analytical study of designs in modern drapery- and upholstery-fabrics. 1
TS9999 La Metre The historical development of the modern drawn-in rug. 1
TS9999 Lashbrook Analytically determined qualities of selected brands of cotton fabric. 1
TS9999 Lyons Consumer problems in relation to the buying of certain household textiles. 1
TS9999 Maier The relation between tensile strength and resistance to abrasion of characteristic cotton fabrics. 1
TS9999 Miller An analytic study of commercial brands of sheets. 1
TS9999 Moulton The treatment of the pomegranate motif in textiles from the early twelfth to the late eighteenth century. 1
TS9999 Myers Physical characteristics of low-cost decorative fabrics. 1
TS9999 O'Brien An analytical study of terry pile fabrics. 1
TS9999 Parker Specifications for selected pile fabrics. 1
TS9999 Petzel The influence of french decorative textiles on Spitalfields silks from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. 1
TS9999 Price The effect of laundry reagents on linen and cotton fabrics. 1
TS9999 Roudebush A comparison of the effect of erusto salts with that of oxalic acid on the tensile strength of cotton fabrics. 1
TS9999 Statler A microscopical method for the study of silk yarns. 1
TS9999 Tear Consumers' problems in purchasing shoes. 1
TS9999 Trilling A study of objectives in the teaching of textiles. 1
TS9999 Williams A method for enriching the curriculum through the study of a museum exhibit of navaho textiles. 1
TS9999 Winston Analysis of 48 cotton fabrics and 21 rayon fabrics used by high school students in construction of garments in the clothing laboratory. 1
TSeries 1x One and only / 1
TSO 1 Cello classics new & old. 1
TsuShi 1s Love & peace & bou / 1
TT Fashion, History, Museums: Inventing the Display of Dress. 1
TT1.E5 English & amateur mechanics. 1
TT1.E52 English mechanics. 1
TT1.H6 Home mechanics. 1
TT1.M4 Mechanics. 1
TT6.A1A18 2012 10000 Stunden / 1
TT6.A1E94 2017 Exhibiting craft and design : transgressing the white cube paradigm, 1930-present / 1
TT6.A92V544 2016 handWERK : Tradiertes Können in der digitalen Welt = handiCRAFT : traditional skills in the digital age / 1
TT6.G32B39 2006 Bayerns Weg in die Moderne : Bayerisches Handwerk 1806 bis 2006 / 1
TT6.G72 L667 2011 Power of making : the importance of being skilled / 1
TT6.J32S55 1999 Tekekarape : onna no waza : Doitsu korekushon kara = Tekekarpe : textilkunst und anderes Kunsthandwerk der Ainu aus deutschen Sammlungen / 1
TT6.U6W3R42 1975 Craft multiples. 1
TT9.C490 1956 Pāribhāṣika sabda mālāva: hasta karmānta. Technical terms in Sinhalese: handicrafts. 1
TT9.I270 Farhang-i pīshah va hunar / 1
TT9.R640 1988 Terminológia remeselníckej výroby v Nadlaku / 1
TT9.S24 2017 Iṣṭilāḥʹnāmah-i ṣanāyiʻ-i dastī va hunarʹhā-yi sunnatī : sang va sufāl / 1
TT14 ebook El olvido de la cotidianidad : artesanía, arte y territorio / 1
TT15.A33 2013 The invention of craft / 1
TT15.R63 1982 Au temps des métiers / 1
TT23.A5 1939 Job descriptions for industrial service and maintenance jobs. 1
TT23 .C56 2009eb Choosing craft : the artist's viewpoint / 1
TT23.C58 1977 A planning study for a national survey of the craft arts : final report / 1