Call Number Title Count
TK9999 Andrew New propagation phenomena in high frequency waves. 1
TK9999 Dent The relationship of the Bonneville Power administration and the local public power bodies in the distribution of federal water power. 1
TK9999 Dewey Electric power adjustments in the Carolina Piedmont. 1
TK9999 Glass Variation with temperature of the work function of oxide-coated platinum. 1
TK9999 Harrington Specifications and estmate for the installation of municipal electric lighting plant for the city of Charlotte , Mich. / 1
TK9999 Judkins A study of radio loop reception. 1
TK9999 Keller A study of the characteristic curves of certain generators and a wave filter by means of the oscillograph. 1
TK9999 Knox Certain mechanical features of overhead transmission lines. 1
TK9999 Pritchett The Tennessee valley authority : a study in corporate administrative method. 1
TK9999 Stevens Hydro-electric power in Ontario. 1
TK9999 Ticho An improved counting rate meter. 1
TK9999 Webb The electric power complex of Alabama. 1
TK9999 Wilkes Electric power adjustments in the Georgia Piedmont. 1
TK51013.2 The proceedings of the second International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems / 1
TK51013.2 .I58 2015eb The proceedings of the third International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems /
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems /
TL1 Administrative regulation of commercial air transport.
Advances in sterilization and decontamination : a survey submitted to National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia /
TL1-483 Handbuch Verkehrsunfallrekonstruktion : Unfallaufnahme, Fahrdynamik, Simulation /
Ventiltrieb Systeme und Komponenten.
Smart Vehicle Handling - Test und Evaluation in der Fahrzeugtechnik
AVENUE21. Automatisierter und vernetzter Verkehr: Entwicklungen des urbanen Europa /
Leichtkollisionen : Wahrnehmbarkeit und Nachweis von Pkw-Kollisionen /
Rennwagentechnik Grundlagen, Konstruktion, Komponenten, Systeme /
Die Elektrifizierung des Antriebsstrangs : Basiswissen /
Rennwagentechnik : Grundlagen, Konstruktion, Komponenten, Systeme /
Das Getriebebuch /
Elektromobilität : Hype oder Revolution? /
Aufladung von Verbrennungsmotoren : Grundlagen, Berechnungen, Ausführungen /
Nutzfahrzeugtechnik : Grundlagen, Systeme, Komponenten /
Chassis und Achsen /
Fahrerhaus /
Alternative Antriebe und Ergänzungen zum konventionellen Antrieb /
Kraftstoffverbrauch und Verbrauchsoptimierung /
Gesamtfahrzeug /
Dieselmotor /
Getriebe und Antriebsstrangauslegung /
Elektrik und Mechatronik /
Einsatzoptimierte Fahrzeuge, Aufbauten und Anhänger /
Road Vehicle Automation 4 /
Think Big, Start Small : StreetScooter die e-mobile erfolgsstory: Innovationsprozesse radikal effizienter /
Modeling and Control of Hybrid Propulsion System for Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Suspension Systems and Electromagnetic Dampers /
TL1-483TJ241-254.7TA Transient Effects in Simulations of Hybrid Electric Drivetrains. 1
TL1.A472 The Antique automobile. 1
TL1.A588 Automobile quarterly. 1
TL1.A596 Automotive engineer. 1
TL1.C8 Cumulative index of SAE technical papers, 1906-1964. 1
TL1.C81 Cumulative index of SAE technical papers, 1965-1991. 1
TL1.H83 Horseless carriage gazette. 1
TL1.I6 Proceedings of the session ... /
TL1.M54 The Milestone car. 1
TL1.M92452 Abstracts.
MIRA Monthly summary; abstracts of automobile engineering literature.
MIRA automobile abstracts.
Automobile abstracts.
MIRA abstracts.
TL1.M94 The Autocar. Industrial section.
Motor traction.
TL1.S473 Annual index/abstracts of SAE technical papers. 1
TL1.S5 SAE journal of automotive engineering.
Automotive engineering.
TL1.S55 S.A.E. transactions. 1
TL1.S63P67 2005 The SAE story : one hundred years of mobility / 1
TL1.S7 The SAE journal.
The Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
TL1 .T73 Traffic safety facts. Speed /
Traffic safety facts. Speeding /
TL2 Managing the airspace; a study of air traffic control. 1
TL2.T43 La Technique automobile.
La Technique automobile et aérienne.
TL3 Istorii͡a konstrukt͡siĭ samoletov v SSSR do 1938 goda : materialy k istorii samoletostroenii͡a / 1
TL3.A5 Allgemeine Automobil Zeitung. 1
TL3.A8 Auto-Technik. 1
TL3.A85 Automobiltechnische Bibliothek. 1
TL 4 Air passenger origin and destination, domestic report / 1
TL6 Simulation and testing for vehicle technology : 7th Conference, Berlin, May 12-13, 2016 / 1
TL6.E940 1975 Proceedings of the European Motor Vehicles Symposium and the Seminar on Accident Statistics : Brussels, 9-12 December 1975. 1
TL6 .I58 2012 Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress. Volume 8, Vehicle design and testing (II) / 1
TL6.M36 1989 Managing the Vehicle on the Road : international conference : 28-29 June 1989, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Birdcage Walk, London / 1
TL6 .R44 2012 Trends in automotive research : selected, peer reviewed papers from the Regional Conference on Automotive Research (ReCAR 2011), December 14-15, 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / 1
TL7.A1A95 1981 Automobile quarterly's complete handbook of automobile hobbies / 1
TL7.A1C34 California classics / 1
TL7.A1C84 Collectors' cars / 1
TL7.A1C87 2009 Curves of steel : streamlined automobile design at Phoenix Art Museum / 1
TL7.A1J465 1978 The Schlumpf obsession : inside a legendary treasure house / 1
TL7.A1K55 2005 Speed, style, and beauty : cars from the Ralph Lauren collection / 1
TL7.A1R33 1972 Adventures of a vintage car collector; 1
TL7.A1R36 1975 The survivors series / 1
TL7.A1S78 Runabouts and roadsters; collecting and restoring antique, classic & special interest sports cars. 1
TL7.C5 Classic car. 1
TL7.F8L4 Le Mans et l'automobile : cinquantenaire de l'Automobile-club de l'Ouest, Musée de Tessé, Le Mans, juin-juillet 1957. 1
TL7.G4B47 1899 Officieller Katalog für die Internationale Motorwagen-Ausstellung, Berlin 1899. 1
TL7.I8 G76x 2016 Bellissima! : the Italian automotive renaissance, 1945-1975 / 1
TL7.O55 The Smithsonian collection of automobiles and motorcycles 1