Call Number Title Count
T1999 Bent The movement toward standardization and its application to paking house trucks. 1
T1999 Brittan A completion test to measure the specific talent necessary for success in mechanical drawing. 1
T1999 Casler The training of shop teachers and teachers of drawing in Chicago high schools... 1
T1999 Dalton Wage incentive and social behavior. 1
T1999 Fischer The development and preliminary standardization of a series of tests for mechanical drawing. 1
T1999 Hahn Technology trade, R&D and productivity growth / 1
T1999 Hendricks The effectiveness of certain administrative practices for securing co-ordination in an industrial adult education program. 1
T1999 Lee Technological dependence in a developing country : the case of South Korea / 1
T1999 Lorimer "Reality world" : constructing reality through Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry / 1
T1999 Mason The development of technical training in the public schools of Cleveland, Ohio. 1
T1999 Minasian The economics of research and development, 1
T1999 Ming Planning scheduling and dispatching of production. 1
T1999 Nabar Applications and solution methods for nonlinear integer programming / 1
T1999 Noel A free hand lettering scale. 1
T1999 Palmer The Law of trademarks and trade names. 1
T1999 Rehn Scientific management and the cotton textile industry / 2
T1999 Ritchey Activity patterns of an engineering faculty. 1
T1999 Rosell An analysis of mechanical drawing occurring in periodical literature. 1
T1999 Stead A review of industrial training in Milwaukee industry. 1
T1999 Winters Development and evaluation of a training program to improve coordination. 1
T1999 Woellner A study of time required by high school students to acquire an ability in mechanical drawing. 1
T1999 Zhong The social structure of technological innovation : a multiple network approach / 1
T2259.54424.2 Song ming chen yan xing lu bie ji : shi san juan / 1
T2638.N5Z73 2014 Der Mensch ist eine Bestie : Anna Heeger, Maria Chlum, Maria Reinhard und Arthur Schnitzler / 1
T2907.C6L8380 1984 Cha jing yu shi / 1
T5127 3427 Wu che yun rui : yi bai liu shi juan / 1
T5127 6623 Yin yun ri yue deng liu shi juan : 3 zhong 60 juan shou 1 juan / 1
T5253 0645C Zhuge cheng xiang ji : si juan / 1
T5975 8535 Fan yu qian zi wen : 1 juan / 1
T8670.P6 1936 Electroplating : a practical handbook of diagrams, formulas, processes, and instructions that will show you how to set up and operate a complete amateur electroplating workshop / 1
T9155 4278 Cang gui sui bi : 17 juan. 1
T9290 3301C Tong dian : 200 juan / 1
T9290 3307B Wen xian tong kao : 348 juan / 1
T9296 2676.1 Tang Song Bai Kong liu tie : yi bai juan / 1
T9297 1184 Ce fu yuan gui : 1000 juan mu lu 10 juan / 1
T9297 3122B Xin bian gu jin shi wen lei ju : qian ji 60 juan, bie ji 32 juan / 1
T9297 4985 Han jun : shi juan / 1
T9297 8244 Jin xiu wan hua gu : qian ji si shi juan, hou ji si shi juan, xu ji si shi juan. 1
T9299 0623 Xin kan Tang Jingchuan xian sheng bai bian : yi bai er shi juan / 1
T9299 1142 San cai tu hui : 106 juan / 1
T9299 2462 Zhuo shi zao lin : ba juan / 1
T9299 3171 Gu jin lei shu zuan yao zeng shan : 12 juan / 1
T9299 3617 Qian que ju lei shu : 120 juan, juan shou / 1
T9299 7337 Ju jia bi yong shi lei quan ji : 10 juan. / 1
T9308 1215 Jing xuan Huang mei gu shi : [10 juan] / 1
T9561 4344 Lü ting zhi jian chuan ben shu mu : [16 juan] / 1
T10604943 San zi kou yi : [shi wu juan] / 1
T31440223.83 Chong xiu Zhangde fu zhi : san shi er juan, juan shou / 1
T31443295.83 Weihui fu zhi : wu shi san juan, juan shou, juan mo / 1
Ṭonaṭuni 1a Nimantrana 1
[TS800.I5] Journal. 1
TA Central European journal of engineering
Advances in applied mechanics. Volume 45 /
TA 1 USSR and Eastern Europe scientific abstracts: engineering and equipment 1
TA1 Components, packaging and manufacturing technology : selected, peer reviewed paper from 2010 International Conference on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Sanya, China, December 9-10, 2010 /
Dynamics of coupled structures : proceedings of the 32nd IMAC, a conference and exposition on structural dynamics, 2014. Volume 1 /
Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Offshore Engineering.
Model validation and uncertainty quantification. Volume 3 : Proceedings of the 32nd IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2014 /
TA1-2040 Dezentrale Energiewende Chancen und Herausforderungen /
Ventilatoren Aerodynamischer Entwurf, Schallvorhersage, Konstruktion /
Angewandter Straßenbau Straßenfertiger im Einsatz /
Bauwerksabdichtung in der Altbausanierung Verfahren und juristische Betrachtungsweise /
Baukosten bei Neu- und Umbauten Planung und Steuerung /
Semi-Infinite Programming : Proceedings of a Workshop Bad Honnef August 30 - September 1, 1978 /
Stability and Control of Time-delay Systems /
Realization Probabilities : the Dynamics of Queuing Systems /
Optimal Experiment Design for Dynamic System Identification /
A Complex Variable Approach to the Analysis of Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems /
Variable Structure and Lyapunov Control /
Wendehorst Beispiele aus der Baupraxis
Bau und Berechnung von Erdwärmeanlagen: Einführung mit praktischen Beispielen.
Wendehorst Bautechnische Zahlentafeln
Zahlentafeln f©ơr den Baubetrieb.
Baukonstruktion im Klimawandel.
Analyse und Optimierung von Energieverbundsystemen.
Radiale Kreiselpumpen Berechnung und Konstruktion der Hydrodynamischen Komponenten.
Singular Optimal Control: The Linear-Quadratic Problem /
Grundlagen des Bauingenieurwesens
Raumordnung und Städtebau, Öffentliches Baurecht / Verkehrssysteme und Verkehrsanlagen
Wasserbau, Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, Abfalltechnik
Schulische Kabinettprojektion.
Exploring Cybernetics.
MES - Manufacturing Execution System.
Neue entwicklungen in der additiven fertigung : beitrge aus der wissenschaftlichen.
Digitale Fernseh- und Hörfunktechnik in Theorie und Praxis : MPEG-Quellcodierung und Multiplexbildung, analoge und digitale H©¡Arfunk- und Fernsehstandards, DVB, DAB/DAB+, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB, terrestrische, kabelgebundene und Satelliten-Übertragungstechnik, Messtechnik.
Real Estate und Facility Management : Aus Sicht der Consultingpraxis.
Management industrieller Dienstleistungen : Handbuch Produktion und Management 8.
Prozesfahigkeit bei der herstellung komplexer technischer produkte : statistische mes- und ... prufdatenanalyse.
Fading and Shadowing in Wireless Systems
Data Privacy
Modern Earthquake Engineering : Offshore and Land-based Structures.
The Pre-Fabrication of Building Facades /
Non-Classical Continuum Mechanics : a Dictionary.
Dialogues with Social Robots : Enablements, Analyses, and Evaluation.
Computing Platforms for Software-Defined Radio.
Dynamic Systems for Everyone : Understanding How Our World Works.
Verfahren der Fertigungssteuerung.
Sanierung von Natursteinen : Erfassen - Sanieren - Recht.
TA1 .A383 2016eb Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 15 1
TA1.A46 Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers. 1
TA1.A48 Proceedings. 1
TA1.A5 Yearbook ... 2
TA1.A52 vols.1-2 Discussions on technical education, at the Washington meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, February 22d and 23d, 1876, and at a joint meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the American Institute of Mining Engineers, at Philadelphia, on June 19th and 20th, 1876, 1