Call Number Title Count
SF999.Z37 The domestication of equidae in third millennium B.C. Mesopotamia / 1
SF999 Buckles A quantative analysis of the butter fat and moisture content of certain cheeses. 1
SF999 Calkins Some biological probelms pertaining to the process of artificial insemination. 1
SF999 Davidson Growth and senescence in purebred Jersey Cattle 1
SF999 Ferguson The natural immunity of chickens to infections with bird malaria (plasmodium cathemerium). 1
SF999 Kemper The Chicago milk supply. 1
SF999 Leinenweber The development of the livestock industry in the Southern colonies. 1
SF999 Margulis The effects of inbreeding on parental behavior and reproductive success in two subspecies of the Oldfield mouse (Peromyscus Polionotus) / 1
SF999 Newberg Hydrogen ion concentration studies of milk. 1
SF999 Prator Development of the cattle industry of the great plains states. 1
SF999 Stroebel Large-scale commercial beef-feeding of northern Illinois. 1
SF999 Weeter Infectious abortion in domestic animals. 1
SF999 Wood Factors affecting flocculation in milk. 1
SFC 1 When I get my new house done western North Carolina fiddle tunes and songs / 1
SFNM 1 One body 1
SFR 10879168 La Santa Fe / 1
SFSMedia 1 Harmonielehre Short ride in a fast machine / 1
SFSMedia 2 American mavericks 1
SFSMedia 3 West Side Story / 1
SG 121 170 Manasura Hellāla o Āẏanā Bibira jārī ; Imāma Hāsānera jārī jārī gāna / 1
SG 121 171 Hariṇera jārī gāna ; Jāberera jārī gāna jārī gāna / 1
SG 121 185 Sonā lohāra jhagaṛā ; Kona jāẏagāra ki jinisha bhāla jārī gāna / 1
SH1 The ancient right of the English nation to the American fishery and its various diminutions ; examined and stated : with a map of the lands, islands, gulph, seas, and fishing banks comprising the whole : humbly inscribed to the sincere friends of the British naval empire.
Fisheries science
Fisheries management & ecology
Aquaculture research
Aquaculture international
SH1.A25 The African journal of tropical hydrobiology and fisheries. 1
SH1.A49 Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 1
SH1.A5 Membership directory and handbook / 1
SH1.A522 1970 A Century of fisheries in North America / 1
SH1.A6 Annales biologiques. 1
SH1.A623 Aquacultural engineering 1
SH1.A626 Aquaculture 1
SH1.A68 Aquaculture production statistics = Statistiques de la production de l'aquaculture = Estadísticas de la producción de acuicultura / 1
SH1.B63 Blätter für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde ... 1
SH1.B68 Boletim de estudos de pesca. 1
SH1.C2 Canadian bulletin of fisheries and aquatic sciences. 1
SH1.C2 no.207 Marine bivalve molluscs of the Canadian Central and Eastern Arctic : faunal composition and zoogeography / 1
SH1.C2 no.208 Revision of the snailfish genus Liparis from Arctic Canada / 1
SH1.C2 no.212 Storm surges : meteorological ocean tides / 1
SH1.C2 no.219 Atlantic fishes of Canada / 1
SH1.C7 1900 Congrès international d'aquiculture et de pêche tenu à Paris du 14 au 19 Sept. 1900. [Discours d'ouverture] 1
SH1.C75 1898 Mémoires présentés au congrès. 1
SH1.C75 1898a Comptes rendus des sèances / 1
SH1.C75 1968 Marine aquiculture; selected papers. 1
SH1.C83 1949 Primer Congreso Nacional de Pesquerías Marítimas e Industrias Derivadas : Mar del Plata, 24-29 octubre, 1949. 1
SH1.D5 Abhandlungen des Deutschen Seefischerei-Vereins ... 1
SH1.F12 FAO fisheries biology technical paper.
FAO fisheries and aquaculture technical paper.
FAO fisheries technical paper.
SH1.F23 FAO aquaculture newsletter. 1
SH1.F53 Fisheries. 1
SH1.F819 Fisheries research 1
SH1.G32 Report of the ... session /
Débats et documents techniques /
SH1.G78 Proceedings. 1
SH1.G83 Annual report. 1
SH1.I39 Indian journal of fisheries. 1
SH1.I395 Directory of fisheries institutions : Asia and the Far East / 1
SH1.I4 Proceedings.
Proceedings /
SH1.I41 Special publications. 1
SH1.I48 1987 Report of the twenty-second session of the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission (IFPC) : Darwin, Australia, 16-26 February 1987. 1
SH1.I535 Journal of Northwest Atlantic fishery science 1
SH1.I6 1949 Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Convention. Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United States Senate, Eighty-first Congress, second session, on S. 2801, a bill to give effect to the International Convention for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, signed at Washington under date of February 8, 1949, and for other purposes. 1
SH1.I6 1949a Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Convention. Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, second session, on H.R. 6725 and S. 2801, bills to give effect to the International Convention for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries. 1
SH1.I7 1955 Report. 1