Call Number Title Count
SB1099 Barss The effect of moisture supply on the development of the pear... 1
SB1099 Beeskow The selective semipermeability of the seed coats of corn. 1
SB1099 Biagini Fire: its influences and effects on grasses 1
SB1099 Birkeland Serological studies of plant viruses. 2
SB1099 Bollinger The geography of the fruit belt of Western Michigan, with special emphasis on climatic relations. 1
SB1099 Boswell The apple industry of the Ontario Plain. 1
SB1099 Brown, Auval Some effects of sulphuric acid delinting of cotton seeds. 1
SB1099 Brown, Florence The toxicity of uspulun to wheat seedlings. 1
SB1099 Brown, James The influence of alkaline soils on the prevalence of angular leaf-spot in pima-egyptian cotton 1
SB1099 Burrill A classification of hybrid corns using Thornthwaite's development units. 1
SB1099 Campbell Plant succession and grazing capacity on clay soils in southern New Mexico ... 1
SB1099 Chambers The climate of the Lake Michigan fruit belt. 1
SB1099 Chou Black rot of banana. 1
SB1099 Cook Relation of nutrition of tomato to disposition to infectivity and virulence of Fusarium lycopersici /
Relation of nutrition of tomato to disposition to infectivity and virulence of Fusarium lycopersici.
SB1099 Cunnea The effects of clipping on the growth, form and development of passture grasses 1
SB1099 Darrow Effects of soil temperature, pH, and nitrogen nutrition on the development of Poa pratensis L /
The effects of soil temperature, pH, and nitrogen nutrition on the development of Poa pratensis L.
SB1099 Davis A physiological investigation of potato tubers affected with black heart / 2
SB1099 Eckfeldt Studies on the diffusibility of the infective principle of tobacco mosaic. 1
SB1099 Edgecombe Immunological relationship of wheats resistant and susceptible of Puccinia rubigo-vera (Erikss) triticina (Mains and Jackson) 1
SB1099 Fahy A geographic study of the coconut. 1
SB1099 Fellmann A comparative study of the major commercial apple producing areas of the United States. 1
SB1099 Fisher Fungi destructive to our forest trees. 1
SB1099 Geise A study of the relation between some carbohydrate changes and certain diseases of swet potatoes during storage.
Spinach; some physical and chemical studies in relation to the quality of the raw stock for canning.
SB1099 Gervasio The politics of planting : gardening in England from the Restoration through the Glorious Revolution / 1
SB1099 Goldberg A preliminary study of the cabbage yellows by means of the Chicago soil nutrient-temperature tank. 1
SB1099 Goss Ecology and evolution of the interaction between the plant host Arabidopsis thaliana and its natural bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas viridiflava / 1
SB1099 Griffing Metabolic changes in the leaves of the apple due to gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae schw... 1
SB1099 Gulick Rice regions of French Indochina. 1
SB1099 Hanks Removal of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and its calcium salt from six different soils by leaching. 1
SB1099 Harrison The effect of cutting and fertilizer applications on grass development. 1
SB1099 Hartt Potassium deficiency in sugar cane... 1
SB1099 Heiberg Phoma rot on garden beets. 1
SB1099 Hull Studies in resistance and susceptibility of Zea mays L. to Puccinia sorghi Schw. Physiologic form I. 1
SB1099 Hutchison The cherry industry of the Door Peninsula. 1
SB1099 Ireland The influence of Diplodia zeae and certain chemicals on the composition of corn.
Controlling influences in corn rot problems...
SB1099 Jackson Factors relating to the drought resistance of wheat. 1
SB1099 Jewett The relation of temperature and nutrition to the resistance of tobacco to Thielava basicola Zopf.
Relation of soil temperature and nutrition to the resistance of tobacco to Theilavia basicola ...
SB1099 Johnstone A physiological study of two varieties of Ipomoea Batatas Lam 1
SB 1099 Kaplan The cultivated beans of the prehistoric Southwest. 1
SB1099 Keithan The cacao industry of the major producing regions of Latin America. 1
SB1099 Kirsch Flax production and its relationship to climatic and soil conditions. 1
SB1099 Klein A time course study of interrelations among nitrogen and phosphorus fractions, respiration, and structure of normal and crown gall tissues of tomato. 1
SB1099 Kraeft The ecology of overgrazed pastures and ranges. 1
SB1099 Kurk The bacterial contamination of green vegetables. 1
SB1099 Lamp Differentiation and distribution of soybeans with realtion to photoperiodism 1
SB1099 Lancaster The rubber plantation regions of southeastern Asia. 1
SB1099 Lestina Tobacco plantations of the Vuelta Abajo district, western Cuba. 1
SB1099 Lusk Investigation on salt injury of potatoes. 1
SB1099 Lyon The inheritance of a phase of earliness before and after hail damage in an interspecific cross between L. esculentum Mill and L. pimpinellifolium Dunal. 1
SB1099 Martin Chemical study of the ripening process of Bosc pears ... 1
SB1099 Masure The effect of ultra-violet radiation on the germination, growth, and respiration of seeds. 1
SB1099 McInerney The peanut industry in the United States. 1
SB1099 McKie Scales and their relation to fruit trees. 1
SB1099 McKinney Temperature relations and pathogenicity of certain onion fusaria. 1
SB1099 Meyer The Chicago apple market. 1
SB1099 Middlebrook Localization of cotton culture in the Kern area, California. 1
SB1099 Miller The interrelation of reproductive and vegetative factors in fruit setting and fertility : I. Variation in composition of tomato plants under varying conditions of nitrogenous substances in the soil. 1
SB1099 Neher The Allegec acquired immunity of wheat to Helminthosporium sativum. 1
SB1099 Ornstein Acquired immunity in plants to virus diseases 1
SB1099 Plitt Some microchemical studies on the germination of oats. 1