Call Number Title Count
S999 Baker An analysis of textbooks in general agriculture.
The county agent.
S999 Bates The influence of vocational agriculture on the occupational attitudes of pupils. 1
S999 Beck Agricultural land utilization by Europeans in southern Rhodesia. 1
S999 Berry The agricultural geography of southern and eastern peninsular India. 1
S999 Bloxsome The development of agriculture in Indiana during the pioneer period. 1
S999 Bodin Agricultural education in Minnesota - its origin and development. 1
S999 Brand The relation between the agricultural college and rural groups in Wisconsin. 1
S999 Bressie The agricultural geography of Hyderabad, the Central Provinces, and Berar, India. 1
S999 Cahall Agricultural adjustments to natural environment in Bombay Presidency, India 1
S999 Cosgriffe The Washington State Agricultural Extension Service, 1912-1961. 1
S999 Davis Agricultural divisions of Rajputana, Ajmermerwara, and the western part of the Central India agency. 1
S999 Evans Transmission of evaporational effects in the soil... 1
S999 Finifrock Vocational agriculture in the high schools of Illinois 1
S999 Geiger Agricultural education in Ohio ... 1
S999 Harris Differences in land utilization on five farms of the corn belt. 1
S999 Hart Palestinian agriculture in Early Christian Times. 1
S999 Heath The use of potash shale from Cartersville, Georgia, as a source of potassium for growing plants...
Cartersville shale as a source of potash for growing plants...
S999 Holt The value of moving pictures in the study of agriculture. 1
S999 Jones Present status and future possibilities of agricultural land utilization in Patagonia ... 1
S999 Kries Persistence of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in soil in relation to content of water, organic matter, and lime. 1
S999 Landon The use of vegetation in erosion control on the high plains. 1
S999 Leagans The educational interests of farm operators in North Carolina as related to work of the cooperative agricultural extension service. 1
S999 Loehwing effects of lime and potash fertilizers 1
S999 Matthews A method for determining the training needs of country extension agents as the basis for planning training programs. 1
S999 McCollom The agricultural geography of Assam and southeast Bengal. 1
S999 Mees The historical development of the cooperative agricultural extension service in Cook County, Illinois. 1
S999 Meyer Grazing lands and irrigated lands of Fremont County, Wyoming. 1
S999 Noble The agricultural high school of the South ... 1
S999 Parker The ecology of crop rotation. 1
S999 Posey Geographic factors in the irrigation of our arid regions. 1
S999 Prior Agricultural divisions of the Ganges Plain and Northeast Peninsular India. 1
S999 Puder Agricultural adjustments to the natural environment in the Punjab. 1
S999 Putong Specific objectives and contents of vocational education in agriculture in the Philippines: rice culture ...
Specific objectives and contents of vocational education in agriculture in the Philippines: rice culture.
S999 Rowley Personal, equipment and supplies of 28 vocational agriculture department in northern Illinois. 1
S999 Sethuraman Long run demand for draft animals in Indian agriculture. 1
S999 Sletten Agricultural adjustments to the natural environment in the Ganges Plain. 1
S999 Stannard Social implications of the teaching of agriculutre in the mission schools of China. 1
S999 Stansbury The development and present status of agricultural education in Kansas ... 1
S999 Steagall Little Exuma, Bahama Islands : pattern of farm occupance. 1
S999 Sudweeks A survey of the courses in agriculture in the public high schools of the United States ... 1
S999 Wheeler Agricultural divisions of Burma. 1
S999 Whitney Methods of education in agriculture in the state of North Dakota. 1
S999 Wilson An analysis of vocational agriculture in the high schools of Colorado, 1917-1928. 1
S999 Wolfe Surface forces of soils ( within the range of hygroscopic moisture)... 1
S999 Zeigler The educational significance of the county agent 1
S3505.O14.S74 "Speaking of operations--" / 1
S3555.L625 Z48 2019 The selected letters of Ralph Ellison / 1
S7393.A2Y46 2017 Silsa kusi esŏ tap ŭl ch'atta / 1
S7734.A2 S82 1670 An answer to the seditious and scandalous pamphlet entituled The tryal of W. Penn and W. Mead, at the sessions held at the Old Baily, London, the 1, 3, 4, 5, of Sept., 1670 : contained in four sections. Sect. I. The design of the libellous pamphlet discovered. II. The scandals against the then Lord Mayor, Sir Thomas Bludworth, and Sir John Hovel, recorder, answered. III. The justice and honour of that court vindicated, by a true and impartial relation of that whole tryal. IV. The fining [sic] of that jury that gave two contrary verdicts justified, to prevent a failer of justice in London. / 1
S8531.R3 Z5 1974eb E.J. Pratt : the evolutionary vision / 1
Ṣawt al-Maḥabbah 11887417 Quddās al-Qiddīs Ighrīghūriyūs al-nāṭiq bi-al-ilāhīyāt. 1
Ṣawt al-Maḥabbah 11887426 The rights of coronating his holiness Pope Shenoada "3rd", 14 Nov. 1971. 1
Ṣawt al-Maḥabbah 11887427 Selections from Holy Week program. 1
Ṣawt al-Maḥabbah 11887428 Alḥān al-Maḥabbah : tarānīm = hymns. 1
sa67-1517 Catalogue of Gujarat Govt. publications. 1
sa67-4165 National awards for master craftsmen. 1
sa68-10416//r892 Report. 1
sa 62000033 Śrīkālidāsaviracitamabhijñānaśakuntalaṃ nāma nāṭakam = Sacuntala annulo recognita : fabula scenica / 1
sa 63000842 /r65 Govindadāsa-granthāvalī. 1
sa 63001697 Indranātha granthābalī. 1