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S999 Baker The county agent.
An analysis of textbooks in general agriculture.
S999 Bates The influence of vocational agriculture on the occupational attitudes of pupils. 1
S999 Beck Agricultural land utilization by Europeans in southern Rhodesia. 1
S999 Berry The agricultural geography of southern and eastern peninsular India. 1
S999 Bloxsome The development of agriculture in Indiana during the pioneer period. 1
S999 Bodin Agricultural education in Minnesota - its origin and development. 1
S999 Brand The relation between the agricultural college and rural groups in Wisconsin. 1
S999 Bressie The agricultural geography of Hyderabad, the Central Provinces, and Berar, India. 1
S999 Cahall Agricultural adjustments to natural environment in Bombay Presidency, India 1
S999 Cosgriffe The Washington State Agricultural Extension Service, 1912-1961. 1
S999 Davis Agricultural divisions of Rajputana, Ajmermerwara, and the western part of the Central India agency. 1
S999 Evans Transmission of evaporational effects in the soil... 1
S999 Finifrock Vocational agriculture in the high schools of Illinois 1
S999 Geiger Agricultural education in Ohio ... 1
S999 Harris Differences in land utilization on five farms of the corn belt. 1
S999 Hart Palestinian agriculture in Early Christian Times. 1
S999 Heath The use of potash shale from Cartersville, Georgia, as a source of potassium for growing plants...
Cartersville shale as a source of potash for growing plants...
S999 Holt The value of moving pictures in the study of agriculture. 1
S999 Jones Present status and future possibilities of agricultural land utilization in Patagonia ... 1
S999 Kries Persistence of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in soil in relation to content of water, organic matter, and lime. 1
S999 Landon The use of vegetation in erosion control on the high plains. 1
S999 Leagans The educational interests of farm operators in North Carolina as related to work of the cooperative agricultural extension service. 1
S999 Loehwing effects of lime and potash fertilizers 1
S999 Matthews A method for determining the training needs of country extension agents as the basis for planning training programs. 1
S999 McCollom The agricultural geography of Assam and southeast Bengal. 1
S999 Mees The historical development of the cooperative agricultural extension service in Cook County, Illinois. 1
S999 Meyer Grazing lands and irrigated lands of Fremont County, Wyoming. 1
S999 Noble The agricultural high school of the South ... 1
S999 Parker The ecology of crop rotation. 1
S999 Posey Geographic factors in the irrigation of our arid regions. 1
S999 Prior Agricultural divisions of the Ganges Plain and Northeast Peninsular India. 1
S999 Puder Agricultural adjustments to the natural environment in the Punjab. 1
S999 Putong Specific objectives and contents of vocational education in agriculture in the Philippines: rice culture ...
Specific objectives and contents of vocational education in agriculture in the Philippines: rice culture.
S999 Rowley Personal, equipment and supplies of 28 vocational agriculture department in northern Illinois. 1
S999 Sethuraman Long run demand for draft animals in Indian agriculture. 1
S999 Sletten Agricultural adjustments to the natural environment in the Ganges Plain. 1
S999 Stannard Social implications of the teaching of agriculutre in the mission schools of China. 1
S999 Stansbury The development and present status of agricultural education in Kansas ... 1
S999 Steagall Little Exuma, Bahama Islands : pattern of farm occupance. 1
S999 Sudweeks A survey of the courses in agriculture in the public high schools of the United States ... 1
S999 Wheeler Agricultural divisions of Burma. 1
S999 Whitney Methods of education in agriculture in the state of North Dakota. 1
S999 Wilson An analysis of vocational agriculture in the high schools of Colorado, 1917-1928. 1
S999 Wolfe Surface forces of soils ( within the range of hygroscopic moisture)... 1
S999 Zeigler The educational significance of the county agent 1
S3505.O14.S74 "Speaking of operations--" 1
S8531.R3 Z5 1974eb E.J. Pratt : the evolutionary vision / 1
S-G x 1
S Macdonald X 1
S N.G.S Animals In Danger X 1
S N.G.S. Bason X 1
S N.G.S. Grosvenor X 1
sa65-3561 Central government audit report (civil) revenue receipts. 1
sa67-1517 Catalogue of Gujarat Govt. publications. 1
sa67-4165 National awards for master craftsmen. 1
sa68-10416//r892 Report. 1
sa 62000033 Śrīkālidāsaviracitamabhijñānaśakuntalaṃ nāma nāṭakam = Sacuntala annulo recognita : fabula scenica / 1
sa 63000842 /r65 Govindadāsa-granthāvalī. 1
sa 63001697 Indranātha granthābalī. 1
sa 63003891 Adhyātma-darśana. 1