Call Number Title Count
RT999 Andersen Assignment of student experience within clinical services. 1
RT999 Anderson Psychological aspects of medical nursing. 1
RT999 Arndt The use of the out-patient department in basic nursing education. 1
RT999 Arts The care of the chronically ill in Minnesota and implications for nursing. 1
RT999 Austin The sociology of professionalization as shown by nursing.
Deriving objections for a curriculum for the preparation of administrators for the nursing services.
RT999 Avellar The nursing care activities of professional nurses in a selected newborn unit. 1
RT999 Balaty The physical facilities of nursing arts unit. 1
RT999 Barden Application of democratic principles of supervision in hospital nursing services. 1
RT999 Barge Follow up study of graduate nurses who received master's degrees from clinical nurse specialty programs, 1969-1979 / 1
RT999 Barry Aids to teaching obstetric nursing. 1
RT999 Bartholf Student personnel work in schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Benderoff Preparation of the director of nursing service in a general hospital 1
RT999 Bersky The validity of a new test of nursing competence / 1
RT999 Binhammer The nursing needs of medical patients as a basis for course organization / 1
RT999 Blake An evaluation of anatomy and physiology examinations based on accepted objectives. 1
RT999 Boyles Teaching case study method in schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Brown The congruence of individual and professional identity as a cognitive measure of professional socialization : a longitudinal study of nursing students /
A method of case analysis for inferring learning needs in medical nursing.
RT999 Campriello Regulations governing examinations, promotion and graduation in hospital schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Cardew An evaluation of the educational admission requirements of a selected school of nursing. 1
RT999 Chambers Retirement provisions for nurses employed in hospitals with schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Chan A plan for public health nursing education in the National Institute of Health in China. 1
RT999 Christian Health teaching in medical nursing. 1
RT999 Cline Health and social aspects of pediatric nursing. 1
RT999 Coffin Utilization of the children's play program in the education of student nurses in a selected hospital. 1
RT999 Coleman Clinical instruction program in surgical nursing for Dillard university. 1
RT999 Colone Factors that affect work satisfaction among nurses / 1
RT999 Copple A model for decision-making in nursing administration. 1
RT999 Crary The preclinical period in hospital schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Cupp Behavioral responses of a preadolescent girl with rheumatoid arthritis / 1
RT999 Dauksa Orientation programs for staff nurses in public health agencies in Illinois. 1
RT999 Dearasaugh Aids to health teaching in public health nursing. 1
RT999 Deeth Child growth and development and pediatric nursing. 1
RT999 Degnan Aids in teaching anatomy and physiology in schools of nursing. 1
RT999 DeVries A plan for the preparation of men nurses in India. 1
RT999 Dexheimer The placement of pediatric nursing in the basic curriculum. 1
RT999 Dunwiddie A history of the Illinois State Nurses' Association, 1901 to 1935. 1
RT999 Ebinger An analysis of student nurse errors in clinical practice. 1
RT999 Edwards Physics in the curriculums of schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Erbe A survey of the content of the introductory nursing arts course in schools of nursing in the United States from 1917 to 1942. 1
RT999 Finette The course in tuberculosis nursing in the basic curriculum. 1
RT999 Fink Educational needs of staff nurses in a selected public health agency. 1
RT999 Fisher The Use of community resources in teaching sociology in schools of nursing.
An analysis of clinical content as an aid to planning student practice in schools of nursing.
Faculty organization in Seventh-day Adventist schools of nursing.
RT999 Forsythe Co-operative plans for patient care between public health nursing agencies and hospitals. 1
RT999 Freedman Determinants of physician task delegation in primary care / 1
RT999 Fricke Child growth and development and school nursing. 1
RT999 Gillan Some effects of World War II on schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Graham Field experience provided by the Victorian order of nurses for graduate nurses in Canadian universities. 1
RT999 Graves An in-service program for nursing service personnel in a pediatric unit. 1
RT999 Greenfield Geriatrics in the curriculum of nursing schools. 1
RT999 Groves An analysis of the content of textbooks in medical nursing. 1
RT999 Guenther Medical and surgical nursing as offered in schools of nursing in Ohio. 1
RT999 Hakansson A historical study of instruction in sociology in nursing schools in the United States 1
RT999 Hawkins An analysis of the final record forms used by collegiate schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Healy The use of auxiliary workers in hospital nursing service in wartime. 1
RT999 Heilman Lutheran schools of nursing in the United States. 1
RT999 Helmke An analysis of nursing care plans in selected schools of nursing 1
RT999 Henry Centralized teaching and central schools in nursing education in the United States. 1
RT999 Herriott Rating scales used for the evaluation of achievement of student nurses during clinical practice. 1
RT999 Hobbs A critical analysis of fifty-one procedure manuals used in schools of nursing. 1
RT999 Hope The health educator and the public health nurse in health education. 1