Call Number Title Count
RM999 Albert The effect of number of reinforcements and conditioning history on norepinephrine metabolism / 1
RM999 Alvares Studies on inhibition of urease and its relationship to weight gain in chicks. 1
RM999 Austin A study of ketosis in a normal human subject on a ketogenic diet. 1
RM999 Balek Studies on non-labeled and C14 biosynthetically labeled colchicine. 1
RM999 Balter Registration of radiographs in radiation therapy using open curve segments : method and applications / 1
RM999 Bass The effects of urease immunity upon rats with controlled vitamin A administration. 1
RM999 Bednarek The dosimetry of implant sources using liquid dielectric ionization chambers / 1
RM999 Benson The influence of diathermy on the subnormal motility of joints after athletic injuries... 1
RM999 Berger Roentgen : a case-based radiation treatment planner / 1
RM999 Bergman Selected aspects of the behavioral pharmacology of diazepam / 1
RM999 Brown Interresponse time changes as a function of deprivation and amphentamine administration. 1
RM999 Burton The influence of cereals upon the retention of calcium and phosphorous in children and adults. 1
RM999 Buskey An exploratory survey of occupational therapy. 1
RM999 Carlson Studies on the toxicity and mechanism of action of Morestan. 1
RM999 Conley Studies on chemical protection against the lethal action of parathion (diethyl-p-nitrophenyl thiophosphate). 1
RM999 Corwin Behavior analysis of the effects of drugs that alter food intake / 1
RM999 Dang Studies on the toxicity and some physiological effects of crystalline jackbean urease in mammals and chicks. 1
RM999 Dauer The effect of rutin and related flavonoids on mortality from acute whole body x-radiation. 1
RM999 Dilley Mechanism of the radioprotective and therapeutic effect of cyanide and on of its metabolites in mice. 1
RM999 Domek Distribution of C-14 phenobarbital and S-35 and C-14 thiopental in the central nervous system of the maturing kitten and the adult cat. 1
RM999 Dunn Noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems modulate performance on an operant behavioral screen for antidepressant drugs / 1
RM999 Ehrich A study of some trifluoromethyl compounds as inducers of liver microsomal enzymes in rats. 1
RM999 Etscheid Characterization of Bradykinin-stimulated responses in cultured human fibroblasts / 1
RM999 Evans Enhancing the selectivity of drug discrimination in pigeons / 1
RM999 Ezz Expiratory C14O2 patterns in normal and mammary tumor C3H mice following administration of C14 labeled intermediates. 1
RM999 Finnegan Tolerance and dopamine depletions after the repeated administration of d-methylamphetamine / 1
RM999 Firemark The penetration of pyridine-2-aldoxime methiodide into rat brain. 1
RM999 Fishman A bioassay which uses the isolated embryonic chick heart to detect and measure digitalis and other drugs with a similar action. 1
RM999 Fontenla A probabilistic approach to incorporating localization uncertainty into external beam radiotherapy treatment design / 1
RM999 Goldberg Factors influencing the penetration of drugs into the central nervous system. 1
RM999 Gray The dietetic value of tea and coffee ... 1
RM999 Gurney Some effects of intramuscular cortisone in the tuberculous guinea pig. 1
RM999 Hadley Video-based patient positioning for external beam radiation therapy / 1
RM999 Helmstetter A method for the determination of lung density. 1
RM999 Henderson Renal dopamine / 1
RM999 Hietbrink Enzymatic measurement of the radioprotective activity of chemical agents. 1
RM999 Ho The relation of 7, 12-dimethyl benzanthracene and estrogen to glucose oxidation in rats. 1
RM999 Hoffmann An isotopic study of the influence of ouabain on myocardial nucleotide metabolism. 1
RM999 Holtzman Studies on the relationship of the growth stimulatory effects of antibiotics and ion exchange resins to the endogenous urea turnover. 1
RM999 Horwitz Biochemical indices of impulse flow in the dopaminergic nigrostriatal pathway / 1
RM999 Hsieh Discovery and characterization of novel estrogen receptor agonist ligands and development of biochips for nuclear receptor drug discovery / 1
RM999 Hunt Experiments on the antigenic properties of vaccine virus. 1
RM999 Hurley Implications of persistent inflammatory pain for the actions of opioid analgesics / 1
RM999 Jensen Localization of radioactive thyroxine in the brain and hypophysis. 1
RM999 Johnson In vivo trypanolysis with especial reference to 'zones of inhibition,' relapse phenomena, and immunological specificity. 1
RM999 Jolly Serotonergic system involvement in the mediation of a behavioral screen for antidepressant drugs / 1
RM999 Kabara The biogenesis and metabolism of cholesterol in normal and tumor mice. 1
RM999 Kadin Studies on the effects of coralox on the eye and other tissues and clinical investigation of its use in glaucoma. 1
RM999 Kamien The discriminative stimulus properties of dopamine agonists / 1
RM999 Kasik Studies on the metabolism of isoniazid. 1
RM999 Killian Antimorphine antibodies as narcotic anatagonists : studies of narcotic tolerance /
The effects of psychotropic medication on cognitive control measures /
RM999 Kim Contribution of metabotropic glutamate receptors to the locomotor effects produced by acute and repeated injections of amphetamine / 1
RM999 Kinoshita Effects of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides and substituted urea herbicides on hepatic microsome enzymes. 1
RM999 Kohli Effect of colchicine on respiration of Ehrlich Ascites carcinoma cells. 1
RM999 Kongsamut Pharmacology of voltage sensitive calcium channels in cultured cells / 1
RM999 Krantz Schedule-dependent behavioral effects following alteration of brain catecholamine levels with alpha-methyltyrosine and L-dopa. 1
RM999 Kulmala In vivo localization of a radiolabeled receptor binding ligand / 1
RM999 Lal Localization of barbital-C14 and other radioactive drugs in the central nervous system and additional tissues. 1
RM999 Landy The antibiotic resistant staphylococcus : studies on respiratory carrier rates and surgical wound infections. 1
RM999 Lewy Effect of operant behavior on norepinephrine metabolism. 1