Call Number Title Count
RK999 Beck The development of the dental profession in the United States. 1
RK999 Blayney Tissue reaction in the apical region to known types of treatment. 1
RK999 Cowan The relation between diet and development and decay of teeth. 1
RK999 Freije The expression of glycoconjugates in the normal and neoplastic human oropharyngeal squamous mucosa / 1
RK999 Hammond Electron microscopic study of gingival capillaries in chronic destructive inflammatory periodontal disease and in disease-free individuals. 1
RK999 Mason Academic disruption : student attrition at Indiana University School of Dentistry / 1
RK999 Staley A comparison of the dentin and enamel surfaces of human incisor teeth. 1
RK999 Steinmeyer Dental focal infection 1
RK999 Zegarelli Adamantoblastomas in the Slye stock of mice. 1
RK999 Zimmerman A mathematical theory of enamel solubility and the onset of dental caries. 1
RK1099 Schwartz Differential aspects of ontogeny and oncology in-vitro. 1
RKO 11453109 Jamaica / 1
RL 1 Dermatologische Wochenschrift. 1
RL1 Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft = Journal of the German Society of Dermatology : JDDG 1
RL1-803 Dermatological Atlas of Indigenous People /
Mycobacterial Skin Infections /
Dermatopathology A-Z : a Comprehensive Guide /
Environment and Skin /
Chemical and Physical Procedures /
Dermatology in Public Health Environments A Comprehensive Textbook /
RL1.A2 Acta dermato-venereologica. 1
RL1.A21 Acta dermato-venereologica. Supplementum. 1
RL1.A21 no.1 A contribution to the knowledge of lymphogranuloma inguinale / 1
RL1.A21 no.2 Über die entstehung von Forssmanshämolysinen und komplementbindenden antikörpern nach intravenösen Injektionen von Wasser- und Lecitinkolesterinfiltraten aus verschiedenen Organen an Kaninchen und Menschen / 1
RL1.A21 no.3 Untesuchungen über erythema nodosum im erwachsenen alter, 1
RL1.A21 no.4 A study on the allergic metabolism reaction in isolated tissues with special reference to allergic skin affections / 1
RL1.A21 no.5 Translation from Swedish of the law of June 20, 1918 : re measures against the spreading of venereal diseases. Traduction du suèdois. Loi sur les mesures à prendre contre l'extension des maladies vénériennes; donnée au Château de Stockholm le 20 juin 1918. Übersetzung aus dem schwedischen des gesetzes betr. massnahmen gegen die verbreitung von geschlechtskrankheiten vom 20. juni 1918. 1
RL1.A21 no.6 Über Photosensibilität bei Lymphogranuloma inguinale : I. Klinische beobachtungen / 1
RL1.A21 no.7 De l'épithélioma basocellulaire superficiel : études histologiques de l'architecture de l'épithélioma en coupes horizontales en série / 1
RL1.A21 no.8 Skin changes in rabbits' ears produced by repeated injections of diluted staphylotoxin. 1
RL1.A21 no.9 Untersuchungen über die Typenspezifität der Gonokokkenpolysaccharide. 1
RL1.A21 no.10 Ueber die Intrakutanreaktion von Kveim (KvR) bei Lymphogranulomatosis benigna und über das Bild dieser Krankheit im Lichte der Reaktionsergebn isse. 1
RL1.A21 no.11 Ueber Lymphadenosis benigna cutis : eine klinische und pathologisch-anatomische Studie. 1
RL1.A21 no.12 Psoriasis from a prognostic and hereditary point of view. 1
RL1.A21 no.13 Prurigo Besnier (atopic dermatitis) : a clinical-experimental study of its pathogenesis with special reference to acute infections of the respiratory tract. 1
RL1.A21 no.14 Studies on Acarus scabiei and scabies. / 1
RL1.A21 no.15 Skin reactions caused by fractions of oil of turpentine and hexanitrodiphenylamine : experimental investigations by means of the adhesion chamber method. 1
RL1.A21 no.16 On occupational diseases of the skin among paint factory workers, painters, polishers and varnishers in Finland : a clinical and experimental study. 1
RL1.A21 no.17 Studies in histamine (H-substance) : with special reference to the conditions obtaining in urticaria and related skin-changes. 1
RL1.A21 no.18 Intradermal reactions of the delayed type in relation to the absorptive behaviour of the skin : including absorption studies with the radio-active phosphorus isotope P³². 1
RL1.A21 no.19 Contribution à l'étude de l'étiologie, de la pathogénie et de la thérapeutique des maladies prurigineuses. 1
RL1.A21 no.20 Arthro-syphilis congenita tardiva et acquisita et arthro-metasyphilis. 1
RL1.A21 no.21 Studies on serum iron. 1
RL1.A21 no.22 Ulcus cruris in venous circulatory disturbances : investigations of the etiology, pathogenesis and therapy of leg ulcers. 1
RL1.A21 no.23 Investigation of 120 children borne of mothers infected with lymphogranuloma inguinale. 1
RL1.A21 no.24 Transactions / 1
RL1.A21 no.25 Dermatological use of antibiotics : indications, contraindications, side effects, with special consideration of their biotropic effect. 1
RL1.A21 no.26 Occupational arsenical dermatitis : a study among employees at a copper ore smelting work including investigations of skin reactions to contact with arsenic compounds. 1
RL1.A21 no.27 Malignant, fibroblastic tumors of the skin; clinical and pathological-anatomical studies of 129 cases of malignant, fibroblastic tumors from the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers observed at Radium-hemmet during the period 1927-1947. 1
RL1.A21 no.28 The Department of Dermato-Venereology of the Royal Caroline Institute : built 1945-1948. Drawn up on the assignment of the Building Committee / 1
RL1.A21 no.29 Papers dedicated to Holger Haxthausen, professor of dermatology and venereology, University of Copenhagen, on his sixtieth anniversary, 30 October 1952. 1
RL1.A21 no.30 The epidemiology, aetiology, and prophylaxis of lymphogranuloma inguinale / 1
RL1.A21 no.31 Sur l'histopathologie des épithéliomas de la peau. 1
RL1.A21 no.32 Cerebrospinal fluid protein in syphilis : a methodological and clinical study, based on the Izikowitz method for fractional protein determination, and a comparison with paper electrophoretic protein determination. / 1
RL1.A21 no.33 Psoriasis and its specific vaccine therapy. 1
RL1.A21 no.34 The Oslo study of untreated syphilis : an epidemiologic investigation of the natural course of the syphilitic infection based upon a re-study of the Boeck-Bruusgaard material. 1
RL1.A21 no.35 The effect of sarcoidosis sera on the tuberculin response. 1
RL1.A21 no.36 Local anaphylactic changes in rabbit ears : with special reference to anaphylactic hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis and a survey of the mechanism. 1
RL1.A21 no.37 Hidradenitis suppurativa : its etiology, pathogenesis and specific vaccine therapy. 1
RL1.A21 no.38 Vergleichende Untersuchungen über das quantitative Verhalten proteingebundener Kohlenhydrate im Blutserum bei Dermatosen. 1
RL1.A21 no.39 Verrucae plantares, symptomatology and epidemiology. 1
RL1.A21 no.40 Home conditions : a sociomedical study of 1066 hospitalized patients with skin and venereal diseases. 1
RL1.A21 no.41 Studies on the percutaneous absorption of sarin and two allied organo-phosphorus cholinesterase inhibitors. 1
RL1.A21 no.42 Studies on silicon in tissues with special reference to skin. 1
RL1.A21 no.43 Macromolecular organization of epidermal keratin : an X-ray diffraction study of the horny layer from normal, ichthyotic and psoriatic skin. 1