Call Number Title Count
RJ999 Arnold The effect of a milk supplement on the growth of children as determined by certain anthropometric measurements. 1
RJ999 Austin Comparison of different methods of judging the nutritional status of children. 1
RJ999 Ball Eating habits of preschool children under home and nursery school conditions. 1
RJ999 Bennett An analysis of the development of the interest in malnutrition of children as releflected in periodical literature. 1
RJ999 Bilaver Socioeconomic determinants of childhood obesity 1
RJ999 Blair Standards for the energy requirements of pre-school children.
Calorie and protein intake of superior preschool children determined by the aid of the oxycalorimeter.
RJ999 Bloch Sludged blood in poliomyelitis. 1
RJ999 Brady The influence of daily experience in a walker upon the pattern of and progress in ambulation in infants. 1
RJ999 Brecht Effect of a milk supplement on the rate of carpal ossification in children as judged by the Baldwin method. 1
RJ999 Brossard A study of the time spent in the care of infants one year of age and under. 1
RJ999 Browning Self-regulation in the strange situation : assessment of developmental vulnerabilities in premature infants / 1
RJ999 Bryant A dietary study of normal, healthy Negro children. 1
RJ999 Childs A joint project in preschool and parent education in nutrition. 1
RJ999 Collins The development and present status of nutrition work with pre-school children. 1
RJ999 Cook Eating patterns of preschool children. 1
RJ999 Cooper A study of nervous habits in school children. 1
RJ999 Danford Measurement of body composition in children by bioelectrical impedance analysis and isotopic dilution / 1
RJ999 Dumond Appetite and hunger in children of low income groups. 1
RJ999 Engelbrecht The effect of a dietary supplement on the teeth of institution children. 1
RJ999 Epstein Beyond the yellow door : outcome and follow-up studies of students in a residential treatment center / 1
RJ999 Evans Illness and the causes of absence among elementary school children. 1
RJ999 Fedson Mechanical reproduction : neonatal intensive care, medical ethics and the technological imperative / 1
RJ999 Fjeld Energy metabolism and body composition during catch-up growth in malnourished children / 1
RJ999 Flint The impact of continuity of care on the utilization and cost of pediatric care in a medicaid population / 1
RJ999 Gannon Tangled webs in which they weave : social contexts and adolescent mental health / 1
RJ999 Goodhue A study of the diets of healthy children. 1
RJ999 Grant The nutrition and health of children in the Gold Coast. 1
RJ999 Ham Competence in daily living : a study of children and adolescents at risk for depression / 1
RJ999 Hess Food consumption and concentration of preschool children as influenced by various experimental procedures. 1
RJ999 Heston Energy intake of seven- and eight-year-old boys. 1
RJ999 Hobert Pathogenic mechanisms of juvenile Batten disease / 1
RJ999 Hollinger Children's reactions to a new food and methods of overcoming adverse reactions. 1
RJ999 Hopper The food intake of seven-year old boys. 1
RJ999 Hord The results of dietary and hygienic control of 10 non-gaining preventorium children. 1
RJ999 Hosman A nutrition study of consolidated schools in Nebraska. 1
RJ999 Hu A contribution to knowledge of the iron and copper needs of children. 1
RJ999 Hughes Variables associated with later neuropsychological outcome in children of very low birthweight. 1
RJ999 Hunter A study of the extent of breast-feeding and the factors affecting it in two hundred and four hospital cases. 1
RJ999 Imlay A study of the food consumption and food habits of young children. 1
RJ999 Johnston The iron requirement of children of the early school age.
A study of the reaction to food of country children of preschool age and factors influencing it.
RJ999 Khin A nutrition study of normal six-year-old boys. 1
RJ999 Khin A nutrition study of normal six-year-old boys. 1
RJ999 Kim Developmental trajectories of externalizing behavior problems among maltreated children / 1
RJ999 Koch Ascorbic acid requirement of pre-adolescent girls. 1
RJ999 Leininger Essays on children's health insurance / 1
RJ999 Lenning The growth of institution children under three dietary regimes. 1
RJ999 Lewis Suggested standards of magnesium and manganese taken from intakes of 477 healthy boys and girls two to nineteen years of age.
Variation in caloric intake and eating habits of preschool children.
RJ999 Maclay A study of the prevalence and cause of lack of appetite in one hundred pre-school children. 1
RJ999 MacNair The effect of a dietary supplement on ossification of the bones of the wrist in institution children ... 1
RJ999 Mangel Energy intakes of healthy six- and seven- year -old girls. 1
RJ999 McCaughan The impact of hopelessness on adaptation in the milieu therapy of delinquent adolescents / 1
RJ999 Mericle HIV/AIDS risk among delinquent youth : toward an understanding of risk among a high risk population / 1
RJ999 Moseley Reactions to foods of children of pre-school age with special consideration of management as a conditioning factor. 1
RJ999 Newland A study of quantities of basic foods eaten by a selected group of preschool children as a basis for budget-making . 1
RJ999 Obert Total intakes and acceptance of certain basic foods served as part of an adequate diet for pre-school children. 1
RJ999 Oldham Utilization of organic and inorganic iron by the normal infant ...
The effect of various additions to the diet on the iron balance of an infant with nutritional anemia.
RJ999 Perloff An analysis of pediatrician participation in state Medicaid programs / 1
RJ999 Podzimkova A study of the nutrition and ways of living of Slovak children of pre-school age in the stockyards district of Chicago. 1
RJ999 Portis The pathology of chronic arthritis of children ("Still's disease"). 1
RJ999 Potter Physical manifestations of fatigue in young children. 1