Call Number Title Count
RF999 Lowenstein Artificial hearing, natural speech : cochlear implants, speech production, and the expectations of a high-tech society / 1
RG1 Maternity care in a Spanish-American community of New Mexico
Evidence-based obstetrics and gynecology
European clinics in obstetrics and gynaecology
Frauenheilkunde up2date
Cesarean childbirth : report of a Consensus Development Conference /
African journal of reproductive health
Reproductive health
Gender medicine
RG1-991 Notfälle in Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe 1
RG1.A21 Acta cytologica. 1
RG1.A232 Cyto paths : a communication of the International Academy of Cytology. 1
RG1.A25 Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica.
Acta gynecologica Scandinavica.
Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica
Acta gynecologica Scandinavica
RG1.A25 suppl. Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica. Supplement. 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.23 Roentgen diagnosis of female stress urinary incontinence; roentgenological and clinical study. 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.49 Rh-prophylaxis with immunoglobulin anti-D administered during pregnancy and after delivery / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.50 Brenner tumours of the ovary : a clinicopathological study / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.52 Aetiology of spontaneous abortion : a cytogenetic and epidemiological study of 288 abortuses and their parents / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.53 Intrauterine transfusion in severe Rhesus hemolytic disease / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.54 Current developments in oral contraception : with special reference to significant reduction of the steroid contents / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.55 Shortening of labour, especially the period of dilatation, with low frequency vibrations against cervix uteri : a clinical study / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.56 Fetal mortality and morbidity following breech delivery / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.57 Parturitional posture and related birth behavior / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.58 Cervical carcinoma stage I and II treated by primary radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy : 320 cases by the method of Meigs-Taussig and 350 by the method of Okabayaschi / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.59 Complications of treatment and metastatic spread of cervical carcinoma with special regard to roentgenological studies / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.60 Oral iron prophylaxis during pregnancy : a comparative study on different dosage regimens / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.61 Maternal serum alpha-feto-protein : its value in antenatal diagnosis of genetic disease and in obstetrical-gynaecological care / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.62 Diagnostic suction curettage without anesthesia / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.63 Adaptation mechanism in the fetus, with special reference to fetal endocrinology / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.64 The influence of oestrogens on the wellbeing and mental performance in climacteric and postmenopausal women / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.65 Current problems and management of the climacteric : with special reference to hormone replacement therapy : based on the symposium arranged by Schering Nordiska AB in Stockholm on November 13th, 1976 / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.66 Festschrift to professor Per Lundström in recognition of his professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Umeå School of Medicine, 1961-1976. 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.67 Plenary lectures from the XIX Nordic Congress on Obstetrics and Gynaecology / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.68 Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of cervical carcinoma : based on the material of 991 cases / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.69 Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in early pregnancy / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.70 Diagnostic accuracy and clinical applicability of cytological and histological methods for investigating endometrial carcinoma / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.71 Myometrial energy metabolism during pregnancy and normal and dysfunctional labor / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.72 Aspects of placental pathology and growth retardation : a prospective pathoanatomical and cellular study / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.73 Vulvar malignancies treated at Sabbatsburg Hospital over 20 years / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.74 Clinical studies on lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.75 Carcinoma cervicis uteri stages I and IIa : treatment, histopathology, prognosis / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.76 Influence of oral contraceptives in immediate postabortal pituitary-ovarian function / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.77 Obstetric service and perinatal mortality in Norway / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.78 Ultrasound screening in pregnancy : methodology and significance / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.79 Regional changes in structure and function of adrenergic nerves in guinea-pig uterus during pregnancy / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.80 Fetal movement monitoring in normal and high-risk pregnancy / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.81 Investigation of prostaglandins for abortion / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.82 The regulation of oestradiol and progesterone concentrations in the female reproductive tissues / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.83 Epidural analgesia : continuous mini-infusion of bupivacaine into the epidural space during labor / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.84 Cervical ripening induced by prostaglandin E₂ in viscous gel / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.85 Pharmacodynamic studies with a new progestational substance, Org 2969, in combination with ethinyloestradiol / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.86 Risk factors in endometrial carcinoma with special reference to the use of estrogens / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.87 Dysmenorrhea and prostaglandins : proceedings of an international symposium in Helsinki, 16-17 November 1978 / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.88 New leads on hormonal contraception and hormone therapy of the climacteric and menopause : based on the symposium arranged by Schering Nordiska AB in Stockholm on November 11, 1978 / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.89 Hemodynamic investigations during labour and delivery / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.90 Electromyographic observations on the human uterus during labour / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.91 Hormonal factors in the regulation of myometrial activity : an in vivo study / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.92 Induction of labor by oral administration of prostaglandin E₂ / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.93 XXI Scandinavian Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology : Gothenburg, Sweden, June 8-12, 1980, Plenary lecture and abstracts of short communications and poster presentations / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.94 Antepartal cardiotocography in the assesssment of fetal outcome / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.95 Serum ferritin as a measure of iron stores during pregnancy / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.96 Antenatal cardiotocography : methods, interpretation and clinical application / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.97 Index of authors and subjects : volume 59 and supplements 92-97, 1980. 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.98 Proteinases and proteinase inhibitors in uterine fluid : with special reference to IUD-users / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.99 Routine electronic fetal monitoring during labor / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.100 Antibodies against spermatozoal surface : membrane antigens in female infertility / 1
RG1.A25 suppl. no.101 Steroid hormone receptors and the role of progestogens in the management of human tumors : based on a symposium in Oulu, Finland, September 19, 1980 / 1