Call Number Title Count
RC1999 Aristophanous Automated PET-based tumor volume definition for radiotherapy of lung cancer / 1
RC1999 Auh Radiation therapy is immune-dependent : the role of type I interferons / 1
RC1999 Block The perception of cancer among recently diagnosed patients / 1
RC1999 Bowen p23 protein function and its role in APP family protein trafficking / 1
RC1999 Byrd Evidence for an acute myeloid leukemia suppressor gene on 16q / 1
RC1999 Chen An energy-based method for scatter correction in positron emission tomography /
Computerized analysis and interpretation of breast MR images /
RC1999 Chinander Computerized radiographic texture measures for assessment of bone trabecular patterns / 1
RC1999 Chuu Effect of androgen and natural compounds on proliferation of androgen-independent LNCaP human prostate cancer dells and prostate cancer progression / 1
RC1999 Clark Integration of local features for the computation of pattern velocity in macaque middle temporal cortical neurons / 1
RC1999 Clayburgh Myosin light chain kinase-mediated epithelial barrier dysfunction and the development of intestinal inflammatory disease / 1
RC1999 Davies Retrospective reevaluation of personally salient events : a longitudinal study / 1
RC1999 Fox Factors related to compliance among participants in a coronary prevention evaluation program / 1
RC1999 Foxley Analysis of Fourier components of high spectral and spatial resolution magnetic resonance imaging for improved early cancer detection / 1
RC1999 Fradelos The last desperate cure : electrical brain stimulation and its controversial beginnings / 1
RC1999 Grinberg Genetic analysis of Dandy Walker malformation and the role of Zic1 and Zic4 genes in cerebellar development / 1
RC1999 Haslam Analysis of geometric uncertainties in women treated with intensity modulated whole pelvic radiation therapy for endometrial cancer / 1
RC1999 Hong The health and economic burdens of malaria : the American case / 1
RC1999 Hsu Characteristics of LNCaP cells during in vitro and in vivo prostate cancer progression to androgen independence / 1
RC1999 Jansen Magnetic resonance imaging of ductal carcinoma in situ and early breast cancer / 1
RC1999 King Feature-based characterization and image quality optimization of motion-contaminated coronary structures in cardiac CT images / 1
RC1999 Kirsammer GATA1 and trisomy 21 in the megakaryoblastic leukemia of Down syndrome / 1
RC1999 Lanning Inhibition of polyglutamine aggregation in vitro and in vivo by N-methylated peptides / 1
RC1999 Leung Requirements for survivin in the terminal differentiation of erythroid cells and survival of hematopoietic progenitors / 1
RC1999 Lin Cell biology of PINK1, a protein mutated in a recessive form of Parkinson's disease / 1
RC1999 Marrow Psychiatry, modernity and family values : clenched teeth illness in North India / 1
RC1999 McGregor The role of Lef1 in T cell development and lymphomagenesis / 1
RC1999 Mitchum Nicotinic modulation of synaptic transmission in the mesoaccumbens dopamine system : age differences and dopamine receptor interactions / 1
RC1999 Patterson Associations among psychosocial behaviors and low-grade chronic inflammation / 1
RC1999 Pogoriler Loss of cyclin D1 impairs cerebellar development and suppresses medulloblastoma formation / 1
RC1999 Qahwash Effects of lipidation and characteristics of amyloid fibrils / 1
RC1999 Rabik Evaluation of the mechanism of enhancement of cisplatin cytotoxicity by O⁶-benzylguanine : by Cara Anne Rabik. 1
RC1999 River Factors associated with consumer recovery in severe mental illness. 1
RC1999 Robinson Post-transcriptional regulation of MKK4 : a stress signaling kinase implicated in the regulation of metastatic growth / 1
RC1999 Sciarretta Role of the "bend" structure in [beta]-amyloid fibrillogenesis : use of peptide congeners as structural models / 1
RC1999 Song Biological and social factors associated with women's moods : analysis of the natural variation of symptoms across the menstrual cycle / 1
RC1999 Tsou The reality and classification of mental disorders : issues in the philosophy of psychiatry / 1
RC1999 Vander Griend Stress-activated protein kinase pathways and metastasis : the role of MKK4 / 1
RC1999 Vanderweele The AKT-MTOR signaling pathway mediates resistance to microtubule-directed chemotherapeutic agents / 1
RC1999 Wu Structural and functional characterization of human estrogen receptor alpha ligand-binding domain in complex with GW5638 / 1
RC4514.4.W6 P83 2010 A public health perspective of women's mental health / 1
RC6333 .H43 2011 Williams hematology / 1
RC6487.A1J68 The journal of endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes of South Africa : JEMDSA : official journal of the Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa. 1
RCA 1 Inventions, Sinfonias / 1
RCA 2 Breakfast at Tiffany's / 1
RCA 3 All time greatest hits. Volume 1 / 1
RCA 4 Duke Ellington's Sophisticated ladies : original Broadway cast. 1
RCA 5 Small talk at 125th and Lenox / 1
RCA 6 La mer / 1
RCA 7 Tancredi / 1
RCA 8 Brigadoon : original Broadway cast recording / 1
RCA 9 110 in the shade : original Broadway cast recording / 1
RCA 10 Silk stockings : an original cast recording / 1
RCA 11 I do! I do! : the original Broadway cast recording / 1
RCA 12 Hello, Dolly! : Broadway cast recording / 1
RCA 13 Kiss of the spider woman : the musical : original cast recording / 1
RCA 14 Kosmos / 1
RCA 15 Ain't misbehavin' : original Broadway cast recording. 1
RCA 16 Sweeney Todd : original cast / 1
RCA 17 Peter Pan : original Broadway cast recording. 1
RCA 18 Damn Yankees : original Broadway cast recording / 1