Call Number Title Count
RC1099 Abbott The emergence of American psychiatry, 1880-1930 / 1
RC1099 Adams Clinical applications of radioactive iodine. 1
RC1099 Ahn Optimization of electron paramagnetic resonanace imaging / 1
RC1099 Akin Twin studies and the role of heredity in the etiology of diabetes mellitus. 1
RC1099 Al-Hallaq Measurement of changes in tumor oxygenation by high spectral and spatial resolution MRI / 1
RC1099 Alperin Automated extraction of vascular data and determination of the hierarchical structure of the vascular tree from angiographic images / 1
RC1099 Anastasio Development and analysis of image reconstruction algorithms in diffraction tomography / 1
RC1099 Anderson Hydranencephaly: its clinical and pathological aspects and a consideration of its formal origin. 1
RC1099 Anspach Surface landmarks for use in x-ray examinations. 1
RC1099 Antze Ideological influences in peer psychotherapy / 1
RC1099 Appel Viremia in mice infected with influenza A virus. 1
RC1099 Bachman A precipitin test in experimental trichiniasis. 1
RC1099 Baker Community care for the insane.
Serum albumin in uremia : a clinical investigation correlated with reversible uremia in dogs.
RC1099 Baldwin A study of stammering. 1
RC1099 Batra Effect of carcinogenesis and influence of hormones on in vivo incorporation of glucose-U-C¹⁴ in C3H mice. 1
RC1099 Baumeister Mongolism; clinical symptoms and causal factors 1
RC1099 Beere Retarding effect of lowered heart rate on atherogenesis in an experimental model / 1
RC1099 Bell Meetings on the horizon of meaning : a cultural analysis of adolescents "reading" AIDS / 1
RC1099 Bendrick The explanatory models of patients with Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome / 1
RC1099 Best Acute yellow atrophy of the liver. 1
RC1099 Beto Self-regard in hypertension : a study of selected quality of life and general attitude variables of hypertensive patients / 1
RC1099 Beutler The effect of whole body X-ray irradiation on the susceptibility of mice to infection with influenza virus. 1
RC1099 Bleiweiss Experimental fixation of the mediastinum in artificial pneumothorax. 1
RC1099 Blitz Analysis of the biochemical properties of bovine papillomavirus type 1 E1 protein / 1
RC1099 Boan State care of the insane in Missouri, with special reference to hospital number one at Fulton. 1
RC1099 Boarman Gender differences in mental health outcomes of spouses of persons with dementia / 1
RC1099 Bonn Collaborative studies of the efficacy of long-term cortisone and ACTH therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. 1
RC1099 Bonta Volume effects of late term normal tissue toxicity in prostate cancer radiotherapy / 1
RC1099 Bostwick Factors associated with continuance-discontinuance in family therapy : a multi-variate, multi-component analysis / 1
RC1099 Brewer Treatment of the renal lesion of systemic lupus erythematosus with prednisone. 1
RC1099 Brown The action of some water-soluble carcinogens on bacteria. 1
RC1099 Buck The Illinois eastern state hospital for the insane (Kankakee State Hospital). 1
RC1099 Bunch Imaging characteristics of screen-film systems under oblique incidence conditions /
Imaging characteristics of multiple screen-film systems for obtaining two radiographs with one exposure.
RC1099 Byron Signal transduction and regulation of intracellular calcium in human fibroblasts / 1
RC1099 Carragher The reconstruction of non-ideal helical particles and the restoration of blurred images in the analysis of sickle hemoglobin polymers / 1
RC1099 Cella Quality of care indicators for the severely and persistently mentally ill patient /
Regulation of the diurnal variation of de novo cholestrol synthesis in humans /
RC1099 Chan Investigation of physical characteristics of scattered radiation and performance of antiscatter grids in diagnostic radiology : Monte Carlo simulation studies / 1
RC1099 Chen Image reconstruction in time-of-flight positron emission tomography / 1
RC1099 Chuthongchati An etiological consideration of carcinoma of the cervix uteri / 1
RC1099 Chutuape Preferences for and subjective effects of ethanol and diazepam in anxious individuals : an empirical study of the self-medication hypothesis / 1
RC1099 Clark A study of the subjective experiences of ten schizophrenic persons incarcerated for violent crimes / 1
RC1099 Connolly Food allergy & mental illness / 1
RC1099 Coplin A comparison of iron glycine chelate to ferrous sulfate : a tolerability study and a literature review / 1
RC1099 Crocker Review of recent experimental work on hypertension. 1
RC1099 Cryst Some observations on esophagitis with a discussion of its morphology as seen in routine necropsies. 1
RC1099 Dale Utility-in-anticipation in the demand for health prevention among elderly men : prostate cancer detection as a paradigmatic case study / 1
RC1099 Davila Patients' experiences of therapeutic support early in treatment : the effects of current social network, general expectations, and anticipated difficulties on patients' evaluations and response to individual psychotherapy / 1
RC1099 Davis Comparative pathological study of atherosclerosis in two monkey species / 1
RC1099 De Ramus Genetic constitution as a factor in predisposition to tuberculosis 1
RC1099 Delaney Review of recent literature on obesity and its treatment. 1
RC1099 Deupree The geographical distribution of bubonic and sylvatic plauge in the United States from 1900-01946 inclusive. 1
RC1099 Diwan Dropout from a partial hospitalization program by people with serious mental illness / 1
RC1099 Doong Alteration of fibroblast cell shape and induction of procollagenase synthesis by calcium channel blockers, calmodulin inhibitors and protein kinase C inhibitors / 1
RC1099 Dowling The function of hemidesmosomal components in epidermal and neural development / 1
RC1099 Dragstedt Gastric juice in duodenal and gastric ulcers / 1
RC1099 Drew The Elgin State Hospital, formerly the Illinois Northern Hospital for the Insane. 1
RC1099 Du High spectral and spatial resolution magnetic resonance imaging with echo-planar acquisition / 1
RC1099 Duerfeldt A study of experimental anemia produced with bacterial filtrates. 1
RC1099 Erfurth The interaction between two MLL fusion partner genes, AF4 and AF9 / 1
RC1099 Falconnier Socioeconomic status and the treatment of depression : the role of therapist attitudes, the therapeutic relationship, and addressing stressful life circumstances / 1