Call Number Title Count
RB999 Adelman Hypoxia and hematopoietic, placental and cardiovascular development / 1
RB999 Anderson Some studies of humoral agents found in the plasma of anemic rabbits which stimulate erythropoiesis in the hypophysectomized rat. 1
RB999 Asirvadham Bone marrow & its leukocytic response in protein deficiency. 1
RB999 Barfield The effect of storage on complement. 1
RB999 Barlow The effect of scurvy and massive horse serum injections on the guinea pig heart. 1
RB999 Bauer Reactions in rats following injections of anti-rat heart rabbit serums.
A new method for the colorimetric determination of the total esterified fatty acid in human serums.
RB999 Benca Oral manifestations of mycosis fungoides / 1
RB999 Bender Hematological studies in experimental tuberculosis of the guinea pig. 1
RB999 Blozis The nephrotic syndrome produced in the rat by homologous kidney and pertussis vaccine. 1
RB999 Bogusz Mechanisms of ubiquitin-mediated degradation of serum- and glucocorticoid-induced protein kinase-1 / 1
RB999 Borden A physico-chemical study of the lipoprotein system of the normal and estrogen treated male rat in relation to atherosclerosis. 1
RB999 Breslow Hormonal regulation of antibody production in the rabbit. 1
RB999 Bunnag Factors in postnatal neogenesis of islets of Langerhans. 1
RB999 Burrell A clinical study of pathologic bone repair in jaws. 1
RB999 Charoencharamporn The microcirculation in the islets of Langerhans. 1
RB999 Chen Effects of hyperlipemic rabbit serum and its lipoproteins on proliferation and lipid metabolism of rabbit aortic medical cells in vitro. 1
RB999 Christison A comparison of mitotic index and KI-67 proliferation index as prognostic indicators in adult soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities / 1
RB999 Churg Studies on the exocrine pancreas after ligation of the pancreatic duct. 1
RB999 Conway The source of the monocytosis in guinea pigs and the reaction in rabbits to one and repeated injections of Bacterium monocytogenes / 1
RB999 Crinzi Interactions between BrdU-DNA and nonhistone proteins / 1
RB999 Datsis Effect of chloroquine on the ultrastructure and biochemistry of the kidney. 1
RB999 Davis The relationship of the adrenal and thyroid glands to excised muscle metabolism ...
The ferlin family in skeletal muscle development and disease /
RB999 Dentler Creatinine and creatine in the blood of women. 1
RB999 Driscoll Regulation of apolipoprotein E synthesis / 1
RB999 Dye The basal metabolism of normal women and its relation to creatine and creatinine elimination. 1
RB999 Easterly Electron microscopic study of the distended renal artery of the hypertensive rat. 1
RB999 Farr Experiments on the fate of the transfused leukocyte. 1
RB999 Feil Evolution and the developmental perspective in medicine : the historical precedent and modern rationale for explaining disorder and normality with evolutionary processes / 1
RB999 Feinstein The incorporation of P32 by human erythrocytes : a new index for expressing uptake, and studies of variations in uptake produced by irradiation, clinical disease, and storage conditions. 1
RB999 Fireman Histochemical study of monamine oxidase. 1
RB999 Fitch The timing of antigen infection relative to whole body x-irradiation and the development of circulating antibody and the splenic histologic reaction in the rat.
Antibody formation in the normal, x-irradiated, and spleen-shielded rat.
RB999 Foord The effect of cold on antibody production. 1
RB999 Fox Dietary regulation of apolipoprotein A-I biosynthesis in nonhuman primates / 1
RB999 Frank The erythrocytic formula of the rabbit. 1
RB999 Gan Poly ([beta]-aminosulfonamides) as novel gene delivery vectors in-vitro and in-vivo : by Lin Gan. 1
RB999 Glass The epithelial dynamics in the mouse tongue following irradiation injury. 1
RB999 Goepp Pathological study of oral radiation death in mice. 1
RB999 Gomori Calcification and phosphatase ... 1
RB999 Gulcher Two large glycosylated polypeptides found in myelinating oligodendrocytes and in reactive glial cells / 1
RB999 Gunderson A study of the fate and phagocytic properties of the antibody-forming cell of the spleen. 1
RB999 Handler A histopathological study of the mode of action of sulfathiazole. 1
RB999 Haruda Fetal inflammation and wound healing / 1
RB999 Hays The effect of little cooked and much cooked carbohydrate upon the reducing substances in the urine of normal women. 1
RB999 Heinzen An aid to the recognition of retrograde degeneration in nerve cells. 1
RB999 Hejinian The possible hereditary factors in experimental production of edema and xerophthalmia... 1
RB999 Hicks MHC restriction in T-B cell cooperation / 1
RB999 Hruban Effect of Beta-3-Thienylalanine on the ultrastructure of hepatocytes and acinar cells of pancreas. 1
RB999 Hsiang The study of neurotrophic effects of hippocampal target cells on developing septal cholinergic neurons in reaggregate cultures / 1
RB999 Jaff I. The problem of massive necrosis in rats fed yeast diets. II. The importance of methionine and choline in the arrest of dietary cirrhosis of the liver in the rat. 1
RB999 Jason Studies on the histopathology of the palatine tonsils and on the immunological reactions of the adjacent tissues ... 1
RB999 Kluskens Immune response to phosphorylcholine in BALB/c mice / 1
RB999 Kopplin Matrical paracrystalline inclusions in giant hepatic mitochondria of dogs treated with sulfadimethoxine / 1
RB999 Kornafel Isolation and characterisation of an antimycin resistant cell line and further characterisation of a rutamycin resistant cell line and its cybrid / 1
RB999 Kuncl Experimental myopathy of phencyclidine and restraint / 1
RB999 Lagunoff The formation of serotonin by rat mast cells. 1
RB999 Lake Biological reactions of the vegetable proteins. 1
RB999 Le Roy Mitosis in circulating blood cells. 1
RB999 Leserman Adherent cells and antigen in the immune response. 1
RB999 Levin The pathogenesis of urinary bladder and lung tumors unduced in male buffalo rats by dibutylnitrosamine : a light and electron microscopic study. 1
RB999 Lin Characterization of the neurofibromatosis type 1 gene product and its interaction with Ras /
Diurnal variation in the cell population kinetics of mouse tongue epithelium relating to mouse age /