Call Number Title Count
RA1299 Ballard A study of multiple screening in health evaluation. 1
RA1299 Barbour Health objectives as determined by activity analysis. 1
RA1299 Basu Three essays in medical cost-effectiveness analysis / 1
RA1299 Baumgardner A model of the division of labor with application to the market for physicians' services / 1
RA1299 Benson Studies on the distribution of sulfur-35, labeled carbon disulfide, in the brains of Macaca rhesus. 1
RA1299 Bethell Preventable hospitalization as an indicator of health care system performance : an evaluation of the ambulatory care sensitive hospitalization measure / 1
RA1299 Black State public health administration in Iowa. 1
RA1299 Brannon State public health administration in New York. 1
RA1299 Brockmann African American women with HIV/AIDS : a quantitative study of their patterns of disclosure / 1
RA1299 Brodeur Studies on factors influencing the toxicity and enzymatic detoxification of malathion and some related organophosphates in rats. 1
RA1299 Buis A financial study of Illinois emergency relief commission cases in chicago hospitals. 1
RA1299 Burnett Great epidemics in the United States, 1790-1840. 1
RA1299 Burns The adoption and diffusion of decentralized management in hospitals / 1
RA1299 Burton Medical welfare during late Stalinism : a study of doctors and the Soviet health system, 1945-53 / 1
RA1299 Canavese Factors determining health status : an analysis of diarrhea in the Union Army, 1861-1920 / 1
RA1299 Chadbourn The direct firing pulverizer for hospital stem plants. 1
RA1299 Cleave State aid to hospitals in Pennsylvania. 1
RA1299 Cochran Studies on the mechanism of acute beryllium poisoning. 1
RA1299 Cohen Medicaid physician fees and use of physician and inpatient hospital services / 1
RA1299 Combs Lead toxicity and the blood-brain barrier / 1
RA1299 Conley The pharmacology and toxicology of several newer chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides. 1
RA1299 Conrad The incentive effects of medical malpractice claims : theory and empirical tests / 1
RA1299 Cornelius The impact of medical delivery on the outcome of care for minorities and the poor / 1
RA1299 Cullinane Domesticating AIDS : illness, identity, and stigma in contemporary Japan / 1
RA1299 Darnell Free clinics : what are they, and why does the number vary geographically? / 1
RA1299 David The white plague in the Red capital : the control of tuberculosis in Russia, 1900-1941 /
The convergence between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals in the United States /
RA1299 De Walque How do education and information affect health decisions? : the cases of HIV/AIDS and smoking / 1
RA1299 Dowler Personnel records for the graduate staff nurse in hospitals. 1
RA1299 Downey Sanitary control of bakeries, markets, restaurants and groceries. 1
RA1299 Dunham Health and politics : the impact of certificate of need regulation / 1
RA1299 Fama The optimal timing of mammography screening / 1
RA1299 Farnam Bacterial food poisoing 1
RA1299 Floersch Meds, money and manners : an ethnography of case managers / 1
RA1299 Foster Drugs and the changing politics of public mental hospitals / 1
RA1299 Garrett Health improvements and the national income and product accounts, 1880 to 1940 / 1
RA1299 George Public health administration in Illinois 1
RA1299 Geron Regulating the behavior of nursing homes through positive incentives : an analysis of Illinois' Quality Incentive Program (QUIP) / 1
RA1299 Giachello Self-care behavior among Hispanics, blacks and whites in the United States : analyses of national data / 1
RA1299 Gifford Community and organization change : the development of Chicago's general care hospitals from 1910 to 1960 / 1
RA1299 Goepp The prevention of oral radiation death in mice. 1
RA1299 Gorgas The storage and issuance of hospital supplies. 1
RA1299 Gunderman Health and fitness / 1
RA1299 Hagen Hospital response to medicare reimbursement incentives : hospital-based skilled nursing facilities and their impact of discharge behavior / 1
RA1299 Hartman Hospital mal practice insurance. 1
RA1299 Hauck Safeguarding the health of the nation : the political economy of American medical care, 1965-1979 / 1
RA1299 Hauss Social efficiency of Chicago dispensaries. 1
RA1299 Headrick The impact of colonialism on health in French Equatorial Africa : 1880-1934 / 1
RA1299 Heaney Identity, coalitions, and influence : the politics of interest group networks in health policy / 1
RA1299 Henderson Essays on the evolution of health capital / 1
RA1299 Huang The paradox of state power : political institutions, policy process, and public health in post-Mow China / 1
RA1299 Hughes Organization and information at the bed-side : the experience of the medical division of labor by University Hospitals' inpatients / 1
RA1299 Johnson The leader behavior of hospital administrators. 1
RA1299 Kenkel The demand for preventive medical care / 1
RA1299 Klicka An evaluation of the hospital income derived from hospital service plan patients. 1
RA1299 Komlos Stature, nutrition, and the economy in the eigthteenth-century Habsburg monarchy / 1
RA1299 Kozak Hospitals, doctors, and populations : a six country comparison of factors affecting hospital use / 1
RA1299 Lewis Appropriateness of medical care : an expert-based measurement / 1
RA1299 Liang Continuing mandatory Medicaid HMO enrollment programs : a description of state, HMO and delivery site characteristics / 1
RA1299 Loft A comparison of primary medical care in different delivery setti ngs / 1
RA1299 Long Doctoring freedom : the politics of African-American medical care, 1840-1910 / 1