Call Number Title Count
R999.A68 Psychosocial variables which affect performance in medical school / 1
R999.D73 Disciplining the doctor : medical morality and professionalism in nineteenth-century France / 1
R999 Atkins Monte Carlo analysis of photon scattering in radionuclide imaging / 1
R999 Braude The invisible thread : intuition in medical and moral reasoning / 1
R999 Brown The preparation of medical radiographers : an analysis of technical effectiveness /
Experience and earnings of male physicians in the United States.
R999 Bullough Medical education in western Europe during 1
R999 Esthappan Determintaion of three-dimensional information by use of a three-dimensional/two-dimensional matching technique / 1
R999 Gomez Regulating death : an analysis of the practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands / 1
R999 Guterman Computer aided enhancement of triage and management decisions in the department of emergency medicine / 1
R999 Hougham Living wills and other advance directives : reasons for execution and preferences for their use / 1
R999 Howard Some aspects of medical history and medical education in the colonial period. 1
R999 Itson An analysis of changes within the Chicago and New York City hospital systems from 1981 to the present / 1
R999 Johnson A study in the ecology of the physician. 1
R999 Kaplan Computers in medicine, 1950-1980 : the relationship between history and policy / 1
R999 Kwok Integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in contemporary China / 1
R999 Lacy From caregivers to consumers : domestic medicine and the transformation of medical practice in the Third French Republic, 1871-1914 / 1
R999 Lee A study of interpersonal reciprocity in doctor-patient relationships. 1
R999 Lei When Chinese medicine encountered the state, 1910-1949 / 1
R999 Marder Physician mobility : the role of income differentials / 1
R999 Meier "Sympathy" as a concept in early neurophysiology / 1
R999 Monahan From benevolence to business : Rockford Memorial Hospital in the history of American hospitals / 1
R999 Oravez The use of aqueous chemical dosimetry for experimental verification of calculated absorbed fractions of energy / 1
R999 Perlstadt American medical schools : a study in the division of labor / 1
R999 Porter The production of short-lived isotopes with a 40 mev linear electron accelerator. 1
R999 Potter The role of religion in human identity formation : Pannenberg's theological challenge to Engel's biopsychosocial model of anthropology in the philosophy of medicine / 1
R999 Powell A versatile method for the calculation of absorbed depth doses from administered beta emitters / 1
R999 Risse The history of John Brown's medical system in Germany during the years 1790-1806. 1
R999 Schmidt The use of lead test patterns for MTF measurement of radiographic screen/film systems / 1
R999 Schuchard Evaluation of pseudocolor and achromatic CRT display scales in medical imaging / 1
R999 Sharma Bodies of concern : alternative medicine and the secret history of German modernity, 1799-1921 / 1
R999 Shortell Physician referral behaivior : a test and further specification of exchange theory. 1
R999 Simon The influence of the three Monros on the practice of medicine and surgery. 1
R999 Singy Experiencing medicine : an epistemological history of medical practice and sex in French-speaking Europe, 1700-1850 / 1
R999 Starr Effect of luminance and wavelength on the Stiles-Crawford effect in dichromats / 1
R999 Su Label-free bioassays on self-assembled monolayers with mass spectrometry / 1
R999 Tatalovich After medicare: political determinants of social change in the American Medical Association. 1
R999 Tirodkar Adaptations of contemporary Ayurvedic medical practice in urban India / 1
R999 Walton Fifteenth century London medical men in their social context / 1
R999 Weiss The reformulation of a holy science : siddha medicine and tradition in South India / 1
R999 Wimsatt Women in advanced medical training : sponsorship and achievement / 1
R999 Yang Medical career attitudes : differences among specialties and changes over time / 1
R999 Yee Health and sociality : exploring bidirectional relationships between behavior and physiology from a systems perspective / 1
R999 Ziporyn The popularization of medicine : medical science in popular American magazines, 1870-1920 / 1
R1156.M59 K757 2011 Kristian Ṭhalai Pawl Vairengte Branch golden jubilee (1961-2011), souvenir. 1
R1227.1 .C47 2011 Chong ding yi xue zheng zhi ze yao / 1
R2460 5675 Zhong guo li shi da ci dian. 1
R2751.A15 1866 Shakespeare. The first collected edition of the dramatic works of William Shakespeare. 1
R2981.B878 Shakespeare and his comedies / 1
R 3012 4492 Zhonghua Minguo sheng xian di ming san hui, 1
R4376.S66 2012 Bailun zai Zhongguo : cong Qing mo Min chu dao wu si = Byron in China / 1
R 4856 5113 x 1
R9639.4.F74A6 2015 The glass rooster / 1
RA Improving patient outcomes : a resource for ward leaders / 1
RA1 Health expectations
Public health
Zeitschrift für Gesundheitswissenschaften Journal of public health.
BMC public health
Journal of health and human services administration
World epidemiology review
The medical profession and the public; currents and counter-currents.
RA1-1270 Disruptive cooperation in digital health /
Neoliberal Ebola : Modeling Disease Emergence from Finance to Forest and Farm /
RA1.A73 Archiv der medizinischen Polizei : und gemeinnukigen Arzzneifunde. 1
RA1.A938 Australian and New Zealand journal of public health 1
RA1.D18 The medical staff fellowship program at the National Institutes of Health : catalog. 1
RA1.H43 Healthy people 2000 statistics and surveillance / 1
RA1.H434 Health systems review 1