Call Number Title Count
R999.A68 Psychosocial variables which affect performance in medical school / 1
R999.D73 Disciplining the doctor : medical morality and professionalism in nineteenth-century France / 1
R999 Atkins Monte Carlo analysis of photon scattering in radionuclide imaging / 1
R999 Braude The invisible thread : intuition in medical and moral reasoning / 1
R999 Brown Experience and earnings of male physicians in the United States.
The preparation of medical radiographers : an analysis of technical effectiveness /
R999 Bullough Medical education in western Europe during 1
R999 Esthappan Determintaion of three-dimensional information by use of a three-dimensional/two-dimensional matching technique / 1
R999 Gomez Regulating death : an analysis of the practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands / 1
R999 Guterman Computer aided enhancement of triage and management decisions in the department of emergency medicine / 1
R999 Hougham Living wills and other advance directives : reasons for execution and preferences for their use / 1
R999 Howard Some aspects of medical history and medical education in the colonial period. 1
R999 Itson An analysis of changes within the Chicago and New York City hospital systems from 1981 to the present / 1
R999 Johnson A study in the ecology of the physician. 1
R999 Kaplan Computers in medicine, 1950-1980 : the relationship between history and policy / 1
R999 Kwok Integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in contemporary China / 1
R999 Lacy From caregivers to consumers : domestic medicine and the transformation of medical practice in the Third French Republic, 1871-1914 / 1
R999 Lee A study of interpersonal reciprocity in doctor-patient relationships. 1
R999 Lei When Chinese medicine encountered the state, 1910-1949 / 1
R999 Marder Physician mobility : the role of income differentials / 1
R999 Meier "Sympathy" as a concept in early neurophysiology / 1
R999 Monahan From benevolence to business : Rockford Memorial Hospital in the history of American hospitals / 1
R999 Oravez The use of aqueous chemical dosimetry for experimental verification of calculated absorbed fractions of energy / 1
R999 Perlstadt American medical schools : a study in the division of labor / 1
R999 Porter The production of short-lived isotopes with a 40 mev linear electron accelerator. 1
R999 Potter The role of religion in human identity formation : Pannenberg's theological challenge to Engel's biopsychosocial model of anthropology in the philosophy of medicine / 1
R999 Powell A versatile method for the calculation of absorbed depth doses from administered beta emitters / 1
R999 Risse The history of John Brown's medical system in Germany during the years 1790-1806. 1
R999 Schmidt The use of lead test patterns for MTF measurement of radiographic screen/film systems / 1
R999 Schuchard Evaluation of pseudocolor and achromatic CRT display scales in medical imaging / 1
R999 Sharma Bodies of concern : alternative medicine and the secret history of German modernity, 1799-1921 / 1
R999 Shortell Physician referral behaivior : a test and further specification of exchange theory. 1
R999 Simon The influence of the three Monros on the practice of medicine and surgery. 1
R999 Singy Experiencing medicine : an epistemological history of medical practice and sex in French-speaking Europe, 1700-1850 / 1
R999 Starr Effect of luminance and wavelength on the Stiles-Crawford effect in dichromats / 1
R999 Su Label-free bioassays on self-assembled monolayers with mass spectrometry / 1
R999 Tatalovich After medicare: political determinants of social change in the American Medical Association. 1
R999 Tirodkar Adaptations of contemporary Ayurvedic medical practice in urban India / 1
R999 Walton Fifteenth century London medical men in their social context / 1
R999 Weiss The reformulation of a holy science : siddha medicine and tradition in South India / 1
R999 Wimsatt Women in advanced medical training : sponsorship and achievement / 1
R999 Yang Medical career attitudes : differences among specialties and changes over time / 1
R999 Yee Health and sociality : exploring bidirectional relationships between behavior and physiology from a systems perspective / 1
R999 Ziporyn The popularization of medicine : medical science in popular American magazines, 1870-1920 / 1
R1156.M59 K757 2011 Kristian Ṭhalai Pawl Vairengte Branch golden jubilee (1961-2011), souvenir. 1
R1227.1 .C47 2011 Chong ding yi xue zheng zhi ze yao / 1
R1231.M5M64 2006 Itoshiki Minamata ni ikiru : hōmon kango no Minamoto kara / 1
R2460 5675 Zhong guo li shi da ci dian. 1
R2751.A15 1866 Shakespeare. The first collected edition of the dramatic works of William Shakespeare. 1
R2981.B878 Shakespeare and his comedies / 1
R 3012 4492 Zhonghua Minguo sheng xian di ming san hui, 1
R4376.S66 2012 Bailun zai Zhongguo : cong Qing mo Min chu dao wu si = Byron in China / 1
R7248 .M67 2018 Moral resilience : transforming moral suffering in health care / 1
R9186.2 Literary impostors : Canadian autofiction of the early twentieth century / 1
R9440.5.W753 2017 Write to reconcile III : an anthology / 1
RA Leitfaden zum Datenschutz in medizinischen Forschungsprojekten: Generische Lösungen der TMF 2.0.
Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response.
Estado, sociedade e formação profissional em saúde: contradições e desafios em 20 anos de SUS
Toxicological profile for chromium /
Toxicological profile for manganese /
Toxicological profile for uranium /
Toxicological profile for cadmium /
Modern Community Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach.
RA1 The medical profession and the public; currents and counter-currents.
BMC public health.
World epidemiology review.
Health expectations.
Public health.
Zeitschrift für Gesundheitswissenschaften = Journal of public health.
RA1-418.5 The Ethics of Medical Data Donation / 1
RA1-1270 Krankenhaus-Report 2019 : Das digitale Krankenhaus /
Disruptive cooperation in digital health /
Pflege-Report 2020 : Neuausrichtung von Versorgung und Finanzierung /
Neoliberal Ebola : Modeling Disease Emergence from Finance to Forest and Farm /
Krankenhaus-Report 2020 : Finanzierung und Vergütung am Scheideweg /
Domestic violence and health care in India : policy and practice /
RA1.A73 Archiv der medizinischen Polizei : und gemeinnukigen Arzzneifunde. 1
RA1.D18 The medical staff fellowship program at the National Institutes of Health : catalog. 1