Call Number Title Count
QP999.E358 The Relation of the specific gravity of the whole blood of dogs to parathyroid overdosage. 1
QP999.M138 Biological activity of testicular extracts. 1
QP999 Abend Organization and physiology of the superior vestibular nucleus of the squirrel monkey. 1
QP999 Abood The action of morphine on carbohydrate metabolism of the rat. 1
QP999 Achor The retention and excretion of 3, 6-diaminoacridine hydrochloride in liver.
Selected studies on labeled morphine.
QP999 Ackerman A new photocrosslinking method to determine the contact surface of tRNAmet [superscript] with the E. coli methionine-tRNA synthetase / 1
QP999 Adams The ultra-violet spectrum of hemoglobin and some of its derivatives.
The nature of haemoglobin in the red blood corpuscle ...
QP999 Adler An attempt to correlate transportation and activity in the colon of the dog.
Desmosome associated proteins in aggregating epithelial cells from embryonic chicks /
QP999 Aggerbeck Studies on human serum lipoproteins in normal and diseased states. 1
QP999 Ajmar Comparative biochemistry of genetic variants of human red cell enzymes. 1
QP999 Akashi Natural selection and the population genetics of synonymous DNA mutations in Drosophila / 1
QP999 Alcoser Effect of hepatocyte nuclear factor-4[gamma] on pancreatic beta-cell function / 1
QP999 Aldinger Identification of chromosome 6P25 genes involved in Dandy-Walker malformation : the role of FOXC1 in cerebellar development and implications for cerebellar genes in autism / 1
QP999 Alexander Sequestration of L-cell potential for DNA and protein synthesis by the meningopneumonitis agent. 1
QP999 Alheid Striatal neural connections and the lateral hypothalamic syndrome / 1
QP999 Ali Endothelial responses to environmental stimuli : the role of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in mechanotransduction and hypoxia / 1
QP999 Allen The role of the vitamins in the enzymatic machinery of metabolism. 1
QP999 Allison The comparative influence of tea and caffein upon the rate of oxygen consumption. 1
QP999 Alphs Regulation of serotonin N-acetyltransferase in the rat pineal gland / 1
QP999 Altman Drugs and the perception of duration: a multi-procedural analysis. 1
QP999 Anderson The effect of alkalies on the oxygen consumption and susceptibility of Planaria dorotocephala.
Biophtometer readings on 107 normal adults.
Structural changes in the photocycle of the E46Q mutant of photoactive yellow protein /
QP 999 Anderson Selective retention of dihydrotestosterone by prostatic nuclei in vivo and vitro. 1
QP999 Andrews Knife cuts through the ventral posterior hypothalamus : effects on water intake and renal function / 1
QP999 Aparicio The rod outer segment guanylate cyclase : characterization of a key enzyme in the phototransduction pathway / 1
QP999 Apatoff Trophic effects of neuroleukin on central neurons and antagonism by HIV envelope protein / 1
QP999 Appel The reciprocal relations of the gonads of the fowl to hypertrophy and regeneration. I. Effects of testis grafts on ovariotomized females. 1
QP999 Apter An analysis of aortic pressure curves. 1
QP999 Arden Speculations on the biosynthesis of tryptophan. 1
QP999 Arsham Oxygen, hypoxia-inducible factors, and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling in tumor growth and gene expression / 1
QP999 Aserinsky Ocular motility during sleep and its application to the study of rest-activity cycles and dreaming. 1
QP999 Aspen Taste discrimination of opioid and phencyclidine-like drugs in rhesus monkeys / 1
QP999 Assoian Semisynthesis, receptor binding, and cellular metabolism of selectively radioiodinated insulins / 1
QP999 Atkinson Studies in experimental hyperglycemias. 1
QP999 Austin Phospholipins in yeast. 1
QP999 Axt Characterization of the formation of endogenous neurotoxins in the rat brain following administration of neurotoxic amphetamines / 1
QP999 Babnigg Tyrosine kinases in bradykinin signaling pathways / 1
QP999 Bachenheimer Studies on nucleic acid metabolism in herpes simplex virus infected cells. 1
QP999 Bacon The physiological control of prenatal loss in the Norway rat : what anatomy reveals about a mechanism of sex-ratio blasing / 1
QP999 Baek Regulation of transcription termination in eukaryotes / 1
QP999 Baer Production and inhibition of muscular twitching in the living animal. 1
QP999 Baez Roles for ventromedial medullary cells during urine storage and micturition / 1
QP999 Bagdon Studies of the toxicity and pharmacologic actions of a cholinergic thiocarbamate and some new thiophosphates. 1
QP999 Balcar Preparation of glucal and a study of its physiological action. 1
QP999 Baldridge Relationship between oxygen consumption and nitrogen metabolism. IV. Experiments on animals ... 1
QP999 Balikov Studies on the most soluble albumins of blood serum and their relation to cancer. 1
QP999 Ballard The isolation and properties of a testicular ribonucleic acid polymerase. 1
QP999 Ballin Effects of high level x-irradiation on the biochemistry of mammalian tissues.
The effect of roentgen irradiation on tissue-specific cathepsins.
QP999 Bamberger A note on the presence of afferent fibers from some of the larger abdominal veins. 1
QP999 Banich The nature and time course of interhemispheric communication / 1
QP999 Barcos The effect of radiation on erythropoietin-induced erythroid differentiation in vitro / 1
QP999 Barker Chemical and biological studies on a nitrogen mustard. I. Chemical fate in culture media. II. Resistance in Chilomonas paramecium. III. Inhibition of growth and division of Escherichia coli. 1
QP999 Barlow I. A Comparison of blood pressure, kidney volume and pancreatic secretory response following the vein administration of various secretin preparations. II. The Influence of sodium nitrite, peptone and pilocarpine on the external secretion of the pancreas. 1
QP999 Barnes The physiological activity of iodine in thyroglobulin.
The physiological activity of iodine in thyroglobulin ...
QP999 Baron Studies of ureolystic activity of conventional and germ-free mammalian tissues. 1
QP999 Barrera Investigation of the structure and function of the Bacillus subtilis RNase P holoenzyme / 1
QP999 Barrow The effect of maltose on the invertase activity of growing yeast. 1
QP999 Barsano The effects of thyroid hormone on in vitro rat liver: mitochondrial RNA synthesis. 1
QP999 Bartlett Chemical assay of vitamin E. 1
QP999 Barton Selective alterations of RNA synthesis resulting from the administration of certain steroid hormones. 1
QP999 Bash An investigation into a possible organic basis for the hunger drive. 1