Call Number Title Count
QM999 Aptowicz Homeostatic plasticity in the hippocampal network in vitro / 1
QM999 Bloomfield Histological effects of long-continued whole-body gamma-irradiation of mice. 1
QM999 Bondareff Morphology of particulate glycogen in the guinea pig liver; an electron microscope study of frozen-dried liver tissue selectively stained. 1
QM999 Brewer A normal human ovum in a stage preceding the primitive streak (the Edwards-Jones-Brewer ovum) ... 1
QM999 Burwasser The dental pulp as a special connective tissue, with particular reference to the histiocytes. 1
QM999 Buxhoeveden Lateralization and development in TPT cortex of human and nonhuman cortex / 1
QM999 Cameron Defects of the parietal pericardium. 1
QM999 Chailert Borisuth Aqueous humor growth factors and their receptors on trabecular cells / 1
QM999 Clark A study of a human central nervous system after twenty-six years of complete spinal transection 1
QM999 Easton Mitochondria and basal striations in the convoluted tubules of the kidney. 1
QM999 Finck Submicroscopic disposition of basophile substances in frozen-dried rat liver : an electron microscope study. 1
QM999 Gersh The Altmann technique for fixation by drying while freezing ...
The Altmann Technique.
QM999 Heller Ground substance, bone salts, and cellular activity in bone formation and destruction. 1
QM999 Klestinec Theatrical dissections and dancing cadavers : Andreas Vesalius and sixteenth century popular culture / 1
QM999 Lazarow Particulate glycogen: a submicroscopic component of the guinea pig liver cell : its significance in glycogen storage and the regulation of blood sugar. 1
QM999 Lehky Temporal properties of human vision / 1
QM999 Lyuksyutova The role of WNT-Frizzled signaling in commissural axon guidance along the anterior-posterior axis of the murine spinal cord / 1
QM999 Makowski Effects of pulsatile mechanical stress on connective tissue composition and organization / 1
QM999 Merlos The effects of gonadal steroids upon adipose tissue cell size and number in Rattus rattus. 1
QM999 Nichols Histological effects of long-continued whole-body gamma-irradiation of mice. 1
QM999 O'Leary The form changes in the human uterine gland during the menstrual cycle and in early deciduae. 1
QM999 Omoto Quantitative studies on the Gomori alkaline Phosphatase staining in the rabbit kidney. 1
QM999 Poffenberger Analyses of the herpes simplex virus genome structure : studies with a non-inverting recombinant virus / 1
QM999 Reaven Morphology of the amorphous intercellular substance of the hematopoietic tissues. 1
QM999 Robertson Observations of the effects of acriflavine hydrochloride in experimental animals. 1
QM999 Simpson An experimental analysis of the Altmann technic of freezing-drying. 1
QM999 Spargo Histological effects of long-continued whole-body gamma-irradiation of mice. 1
QM999 Wen The anatomy of human embryos with 17 to 23 pairs of somites... 1
QM999 Zugibe The composition of extracellular substanes in human arteries and changes with aging. 1
QP New antibody microarray tube for cellular localization and signaling pathways /
The dentate gyrus : a comprehensive guide to structure, function and clinical implications /
Elements of physiological psychology a treatise of the activities and nature of the mind from the physical and experimental point of view
QP 1 Actinides in man and animals : proceedings of the Snowbird Actinide Workshop, October 15-17, 1979 /
Quatuor Parisii : extraits discographiques.
QP1 Elektrophysiologie.
Physiological research
European journal of applied physiology
Journal of physiology and biochemistry
BMC physiology.
QP1.A22 Acta brevia neerlandica de physiologia, pharmacologia, microbiologia e.a. ... 1
QP1.A23 Acta physiologica.
Acta physiologica Hungarica.
QP1.A231 Acta physiologica. Supplementum. 1
QP1.A24 Acta physiologica et pharmacologica Neerlandica. 1
QP1.A243 Acta physiologica, pharmacologica et therapeutica latinoamericana : órgano de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Ciencias Fisiológicas y [de] la Asociación Latinoamericana de Farmacología.
Acta physiológica latinoamericana.
Acta physiologica et pharmacologica latinoamericana : órgano de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Ciencias Fisiológicas y de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Farmacología.
QP1.A25 Acta physiologica Scandinavica.
Acta physiologica.
Acta physiologica
QP1.A251 Acta physiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum. 1
QP1.A251 no.1 Contributions to the neurophysiology of the optic pathway. 1
QP1.A251 no.2 On the citric acid metabolism in mammals. 1
QP1.A251 no.3 Tierexperimentelle Untersuchungen über die Ausscheidung der Brenztraubensäure, α-Ketoglutarsäure und Citronensäure sowie einiger anderer mit deren Umsatz nahe verknüpfter Verbindungen im Harn ... 1
QP1.A251 no.4 Untersuchungen über die Bildung und den Abbau der Citronensäure im tierischer. Gewebe, 1
QP1.A251 no.5 Studien über Umsatz und Wirkungen der Bernsteinsäure in vivo, nebst einer Mikromethode zur Bestimmung von Bernsteinsäure. 1
QP1.A251 no.6 Component potentials of the submaxillary gland electrogram and their relation to innervation and secretion. 1
QP1.A251 no.7 Studien über den nahrungsphysiologischen Wert der Weizenkleie, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Bedeutung der Erhitzung. 1
QP1.A251 no.8 Verdoperoxidase; a ferment isolated from leucocytes. 1
QP1.A251 no.9 Über die Primärvorgänge bei Chemozeptorenbeeinflussung, eine physikalisch-chemische Übersicht. Einige experimentelle Beiträge. Versuch einer Theorie. 1
QP1.A251 no.10 Studien über die Atropingruppe; Untersuchungen über einige Wirkungen anticholinergischer Substanzen beim Menschen. 1
QP1.A251 no.11 The oxygen deficit of arterial blood cause by non-ventilating parts of the lung. 1
QP1.A251 no.12 The response to linearly increasing currents in mammalian motor and sensory nerves. 1
QP1.A251 no.13 The part played by the pyloric region in the cephalic phase of gastric secretion. 1
QP1.A251 no.14 On the histo- and cytochemical determination of phosphorus. 1
QP1.A251 no.15 Studies on the antithrombin content of the blood and its relation to heparin. 1
QP1.A251 no.16 Quantitative studies on alcohol tolerance in man; the influence of ethyl alcohol on sensory, motor, and psychological functions referred to blood alcohol in normal and habituated individuals. 1
QP1.A251 no.17 Protein metabolism in the nerve cell during growth and function. 1
QP1.A251 no.18 Gaswechsel und Gewebsatmung beim experimentellen Asthma des Meerschweinchens; ein Beitrag zur Pathophysiologie der Stenoseatmung. 1
QP1.A251 no.19 Über den B1-Vitamingehalt der Vermahlungsprodukte des Weizens und über Möglichkeiten, die B1-vitaminreichsten Mehlfraktionen als Menschennahrung auszunutzen, 1
QP1.A251 no.20 Mechanical properties of cardiac muscle. 1
QP1.A251 no.21 Biochemistry of blood coagulation. 1