Call Number Title Count
QL999.C509 Chen The early development of the duck's egg with special reference to axial relations and the origin of the primitive streak / 1
QL999 Abell The evolution of male display traits in the striped plateau lizard : selection and proximate mechanisms / 1
QL999 Adamson Recovery of the contralateral and ipsilateral retinotectal projections and of visually elicited prey orienting behavior after optic nerve crush in the frog, Rana pipiens / 1
QL999 Ahmad The phylogeny of termite genera based upon imago-worker mandibles. 1
QL999 Airame Population structure and viability of stream-dwelling frogs on Borneo / 1
QL999 Alberts Maturation and dispersal in male baboons : (papio cynocephalus) / 1
QL999 Albrecht A multivariate analysis of the craniofacial morphology of the Sulawesi macaques (primates: cercopithecidae) 1
QL999 Alfaro Systematics and the evolution of prey capture in thamnophiine snakes / 1
QL999 Allee A study on the behavior of Asellus communis (Say) with notes on their life history ... 1
QL999 Allen Rheotaxis of Planaria dorotocephala.
Responses of the rat prostate gland to methylcholanthrene.
QL999 Allman The representation of the visual field in the cerebral cortex of the owl monkey (Aotus trivirgatus). 1
QL999 Allyn Nuclear history in parthenogenetic eggs of Chaetopterus. 1
QL999 Alroy Quantitative mammalian biochronology and biogeography of North America / 1
QL999 Altmann The growth requirements of protozoa.
The ecology of motherhood and early infancy /
QL999 Andronis "Symbolic aggression" by pigeons : contingency coadduction / 1
QL999 Angell The process of chamber formation in the foraminifer Rosalina floridana (Cushman) 1
QL999 Angress Origin and descent of domestic mammals; ethnozoological records. 1
QL999 Anido The survival value and evolutionary significance of intraspecies aggression in animals. 1
QL999 Anthoney Evolution of social structure in baboons (Papio spp.) : detailed analysis of social structure in a captive group of Guinea baboons (P. papio) and a comparative review and analysis of social structure in all species of the genus / 1
QL999 Anthony Seasonal reproductive cycle in the normal and experimentally treated male prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus). 1
QL 999 Arch Avian photoperiodism: interaction between light and circadian rhythm in the regulation of gonadal growth. 1
QL999 Art Comparative physiology of primary afferents innervating semicircular canals in two species of plethodontid salamanders / 1
QL999 Atwill Principles of speciation illustrated by the Vespidae. 1
QL999 Babbitt Developmental systematics : synthesizing ontogeny and phylogeny in the malacostraca (crustacea) / 1
QL999 Bacon Local and latitudinal variations in reptile and amphibian community structure in East Asia. 1
QL999 Baer A study concerning the appearance and growth of the centers of ossification in the fetal pelvis. 1
QL999 Baker ...The early development of the ventral part of the neural plate of Amblystoma... 1
QL999 Balaban Organization of thalamic projections to anterior dorsal ventricular ridge in two species of turtles : (Pseudemys scripta elegans and Chrysemys picta belli) / 1
QL999 Ball Some quantitative aspects of the aggregation of dissociated embryonic chick cells; the effects of embryonic age and culture conditions. 1
QL999 Banks Recognition in mixed-breed flocks of the domestic hen.
Species distinction in Reticulitermes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae).
QL999 Bankston The morphology, permeability, and phagocytic activity of the vascular lining of fetal rat liver and their relationship to hematopoietic activity. 1
QL999 Barghusen Functional-anatomical changes in the chelonian temporal region. 1
QL999 Barker The evolution of cooperative breeding in Campylorhynchus wrens : a comparative approach / 1
QL999 Barnard Experimental changes in end-feet of Held-Auerbach in the spinal cord of the cat ...
On the reactions, lability, and relations of the end-foot of Held-Auerbach in the spinal cord of the cat.
QL999 Bascom The ecological distribution of birds in the sand dunes of northern Indiana. 1
QL999 Bast The Maxillary sinus of the dog with special reference to certain new structures, probably sensory in nature ... / 1
QL999 Baumiller Crinoid functional morphology and the energetics of passive suspension feeding : implications to the evolutionary history of Paleozoic Crinoidea / 1
QL999 Beauchamp Abnormal early rearing and sexual responsivness in male Guinea pigs. 1
QL999 Beaver The ontogeny of some behaviors in the Greater Rhea / 1
QL999 Becker The ultrastructural basis of microvascular permeability in rat urinary bladder. 1
QL999 Beecher A phylogeny of the Oscines. 1
QL 999 Beecher. Nesting birds and the vegetation substrate. 1
QL999 Beeman The Effect of male hormone on aggressive behavior in mice,
The effect of male hormone on aggressive behavior in mice.
QL999 Bennett The social hierarchy in ring doves ...
The social hierarchy in ring doves.
QL999 Bennighof The effect of differences in physiological conditions upon the response to certain stimuli in planaria. 1
QL999 Bergen A quantitative model of human spatiotemporal vision at threshold / 1
QL999 Bergman Evolutionary analyses of transcriptional control sequences in Drosophila / 1
QL999 Bergstrom Ecology of incubation in Wilson's plover (Charadrius wilsonius) / 1
QL999 Berman The effects of various groupings of normal and forebrainless goldfish on their learning ability. 1
QL999 Bertram The biomechanics of bending and its implications for terrestrial support / 1
QL999 Best A comparative study on the tendencies of land isopods to form homotypic and heterotypic groups. 1
QL999 Bettencourt Molecular and phenotypic adaptation of HSP70 and thermotolerance in drosophila / 1
QL999 Beyer The reconstitution of lateral margins in Planaria dorotocephala and Planaria maculata. 1
QL999 Bissonnette The development of the reproductive ducts and canals in the freemartin, with a comparison of the normal. 1
QL999 Blivaiss The interrelations of thyroid and gonad in the development of secondary sexual characters, with particular reference to plumage in brown leghorn roosters. 1
QL999 Blob Mechanics of non-parasagittal locomotion in Alligator and Iguana : functional implications for the evolution of non-sprawling posture in the Therapsida / 1
QL999 Block An experimental analysis of hematopoiesis in the rat yolk sac.
Experiments on embryonic hematopoiesis in rats.
QL999 Blue Functional morphology of the forelimb in Victoriapithecus and its implications for phylogeny within the Catarrhini / 1
QL999 Blumberg The interactions between sexual behavior and thermoregulation in the male rat / 1
QL999 Bodian The projection of the lateral geniculate body on the cerebral cortex of the opossum, Didelphis virginiana ...
The projection of the lateral geniculate body on the cerebral cortex of the opossum, Didelphis virginiana.