Call Number Title Count
QK999 Abad Characterization of a stromal protease that processes the chlorophyll a/b protein precursor / 1
QK999 Abrol Changes in water content and chemical constituents of tomato seeds associated with fruit development. 1
QK999 Ahloowalia Interspecific hybrids involving species with pedicelled flowers in the genus Collinsia. 1
QK999 Alder On floral induction in smooth brome grass in relation to tiller age and development. 1
QK999 Alexander Anatomical and physiological responses of squash to various levels of boron supply.
Carbohydrate study of bean plants after treatment with indole-3-acetic acid.
QK999 Allen Some aspects of air pollution : an examination of some unresolved questions. 1
QK999 Alves The gibberellin and the gibberellin-like substances of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni / 1
QK999 Ambrose Electrodialysis of seedlings. 1
QK999 Anastasio The role of local adaptation in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana / 1
QK999 Andersen Development of the female gametophyte and caryopsis of Poa pratensis and Poa compressa.
Morphology of the sporophyte of Marchantia domingensis...
QK999 Anderson Pyridine nucleotide coenzymes in higher plants. 1
QK999 Anliot The ecology and flora of Glen Helen, Antioch College, Yellow Spring, Ohio. 1
QK999 Aparicio Telomeric position effect in S. cerevisiae : a model for the establishement of alternative transcriptional states under epigenetic control / 1
QK999 Applegate A Morphological study of the young sporophyte of polytrichum. 1
QK 999 Armstrong Cryptogam communities on quartzite of Devils Lake, Wisconsin 1
QK999 Arthur Cytological effects of slow neutrons and X-rays on tulip root tips.
Physiological relations of plant colors in maize...
QK999 Ashby Effects of certain acid growth-regulating substances and their corresponding aldehydes on the growth of roots. 1
QK999 Ashland Comparative studies of variants of Aplanobacter michiganense. 1
QK999 Atcheson Meiosis-specific regulation of the SPO11 gene of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / 1
QK999 Baas Photoperiodic studies on dill, aster, and turnip. 1
QK999 Bachoffer Histological responses of bean plants to alphanaphthyl methyl acetate. 1
QK999 Bailey Some structural and metabolic effects of physiological pre-determination.
Effects of ultraviolet radiation upon representative species of fusarium.
The vascular anatomy of Bowenia.
The origin and development of the ovules of Cupressus macrocarpa.
Structural and metabolic after-effects of soaking seeds of Phaseolus ...
Effects of ultraviolet radiation upon representative species of Fusarium ...
QK999 Baird A model system to investigate enzyme polymorphism : urease in Ustilago violacea /
The flora of the limestone cliffs and terraces of Door County, Wisconsin ...
QK999 Baker The development and vascular anatomy of the flower of Vaccinius macrocarpon. 1
QK999 Bandurski Synthesis of carotenoid pigments in detached bean leaves.
Spectrophotometric method for determination of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.
QK999 Barclay The origin and development of tissues in the stem of Selaginella Wildenowii Bak. 1
QK999 Barkley The secondary stellar structures of Yucca.
The influence of environmental factors on the growth, development, and structure of the gametophyte of funaria hygrometrica.
Plant life-forms of the Arizona and Indiana Leguminosae and Rosaceae.
QK999 Barkley. The differentiation of the vascular bundle of Trichosanthes anguina. 1
QK999 Bartlett Notes on the biochemistry of the tomato seedling ...
Notes on the biochemistry of a seed tomato seed-seedling system.
QK999 Bartoo Origin and development of tissues in root of Schizaea Rupestris. 1
QK999 Becking A review of sexual reproduction of uniflagellate aquatic Phycomycetes. 1
QK999 Beeskow Some effects of ultraviolet irradiations upon soybean plants grown under various light conditions. 1
QK999 Bell The ontogeny of the primary axis of Soja max.
Response of the yellow stripe maize mutant (ys1) to ferrous and ferric iron.
The ontogeny of the primary axis of the soybean.
Ontogeny of the primary axis of soja max /
Interspecific hybrids involving species with sessile flowers in the genus Collinsia.
QK 999 Bell Studies on the uptake and transloction of iron by the yellow-stripe maize mutant (ys1) 1
QK999 Belyea Variations in root and shoot development as related to variations in the water supply. 1
QK999 Benedict Effect of ultra violet radiation on growth and on the calcium and phosphorus content of plants.
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on growth and on the calcium and phosphorus contents of plants ...
QK999 Bennett A genetic study of Aspergillus heterothalli cus. 1
QK999 Bensen The mobilization of storage protein in the aleurone layer of wheat / 1
QK999 Berg A genetic analysis of color mutants in Aspergillus fumigatus. 1
QK999 Berkman Seedling anatomy of Cannabis sativa L. ...
Seedling anatomy of Cannabis sativa L.
QK999 Besser Genetic and molecular analysis of reproductive interactions in Arabidopsis / 1
QK999 Biddulph Histological variations in cosmos in relation to photo-periodism.
Histological variations in Cosmos in relation to photoperiodism ...
QK999 Biebel Some effects of radient energy in relation to etiolation.
Some effects of radiant energy in relation to etiolation ...
QK999 Birch The role of siderophore production in the phytopathogenesis of Microbotryum violaceum / 1
QK999 Bloom Responses of Regnellidium diphyllum to nutrient supply and photoperiod.
The pteridophytes of the Valparaiso moraine of Porter County, Indiana.
QK999 Bobroff Exotic plants in Carl Linnaeus' Species plantarum (1753). 1
QK999 Bogart An ecological study of the sand dunes of Prince Edward County, Ontario. 1
QK999 Bogorad Factors associated with the synthesis of chlorophyll in the dark in seedlings of Pinus jeffreyi. 1
QK999 Bolles Prairie successions in Nebraska. 1
QK999 Bonde Auxins and auxin precursors in acid and neutral fractions of plant extracts. 1
QK999 Borg Wind as an ecological factor. 1
QK999 Bottum Histological studies on the root of Melilotus alba. 1
QK999 Bouchard DNA amount and organization in some lower vascular plants / 1
QK999 Bourquin The chromatophore of zygnema. 1
QK999 Boyd The specific energies of immersion of some crystalline powders in various liquids. 1
QK999 Brace Characterization of the survival factor, SVF1, from Saccharomyces cerevisiae / 1
QK999 Brady Patterns of morphogenesis in angiosper flowers / 1
QK999 Breen The development of gemmae on Metzgeria myriopoda. 1
QK999 Britton-Simmons Establishment, spread, and impact of the introduced Japanese seaweed, Sargassum muticum, in the San Juan Islands, Washington / 1
QK999 Brock The development of the free central placenta of Lychnis alba. 1