Call Number Title Count
QE999 Aberdeen The Radiolaria of the Santiago chert of the Caballos formation.
Radiolarian fauna of the Caballos formation, Marathon basin, Texas ...
QE999 Ablordeppey Ultrasonic velocities in molten bismuth, tin, and a 50 at. o/o alloy under pressures up to 8.5 kilobars. 1
QE999 Adams Some experiments with the diffusion of cations through geologically significant solids. 1
QE999 Adler Geologic and petrographic relations of the Coal Creek quartizite and contiguous crystalline formations in Jefferson, Boulder, and Gilpin Counties, Colorado. 1
QE999 Afshar Quartzites of Florence county, Wisconsin and adjacent areas. 1
QE999 Allen New perspectives on a classic macroevolutionary trend : complexity, extinction selectivity, and the evolution of Paleozoic ammonoid suture morphology / 1
QE999 Alvir An outline of the geology of Luzon, Philippine Islands.
A geological study of the Angat-Novaliches region : a dissertation submitted to the graduate faculty in candidacy for the degree of doctor of philosophy, Department of Geology and Paleontology,
QE999 Alvir Abstract A geological study of the Angat-Novaliches region : abstract of a dissertation submitted to the Graduate Faculty in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Geology and Paleontology / 1
QE999 Anderson An experimental study of the mechanical wear of sand grains.
Biomechanics and functional diversity in the feeding system of late Devonian arthrodire placoderms /
Pebble and sand lithology of the major Wisconsin glacial lobes of the Central Lowland.
QE999 Appleqate The vertebrate fauna of the Selma formation of Alabama, part VIII : the fishes. 1
QE999 Artioli Structural studies of the water molecules and hydrogen bonding in zeolites / 1
QE999 Atherton An investigation of thrust faulting ...
An investigation of thrust faulting.
QE999 Athy Geology and mineral resources of the Herscher quadrangle ... / 1
QE999 Atlas Solid state equilibria in the system MgSiO3-CaMgSi2O6; the polymorphism of MgSiO3. 1
QE999 Bacon The geologic history of the Spokane region, Washington. 1
QE999 Bader A quantitative study of some physical, chemical and biological variants of modern marine sediments.
Variation and rates of evolution in the oreodonts.
QE999 Bailey A contribution to the geology of the Bear River Range, Utah. 1
QE999 Ball The faunas of the Brassfield and BAinbridge limestones of southeastern Missouri. 1
QE999 Barrett Paleoecology and stratigraphy of Devonian sediments in the northern Andes, Columbia : paleogeographic implications / 1
QE999 Barton The thermodynamic properties of topaz and some minerals in the BeO-Al₂O₃-SiO₂-H₂O system, with petrologic applications / 1
QE999 Baskin A study of authigenic feldspars. 1
QE999 Beck The locomotor evolution of the non-mammalian synapsids /
Lower Mississippian formations of North America.
QE999 Beckelhymer The stratigraphy and paleontology of the Murucucu district, Colombia, South America. 1
QE999 Beckett The origin of calcium-, aluminum-rich inclusions from carbonaceous chondrites : an experimental study / 1
QE999 Beerbower The functional and comparative anatomy of the heteromyid rodents. 1
QE999 Bell The geology of Whitehorse district, Yukon territory. 1
QE999 Bennett The stratigraphic and structural studies in the Colvill Quadrangle, Washington. 1
QE999 Bennington Role of shearing stress and pressure in differentiation as illustrated by some mineral reactions in the system MgO-SiO2H2O. 1
QE999 Benzing Experimental stress wave propagation in media containing liquid inclusions. 1
QE999 Bertholf Graded uniformity, Washeibemaga Lake area, Ontario. 1
QE999 Best Fates of skeletal carbonate in tropical marine siliciclastic and carbonate sediments, Panama / 1
QE999 Bevan Summary of the geology of the Beartooth Mountains. 1
QE999 Bhattacharya Theoretical and experimental investigations on crossfolding. 1
QE999 Bindeman Trace element partitioning between plagioclase feldspar and melt : a study of experiments and applications to magmatic evolution / 1
QE999 Bloss Relationship between light absorption and composition in the solid solutional series between Ni (NH4)2.6H2O and Mg(NH4)2(SO4)2.6H2O. 1
QE999 Bokman Petrology and genesis of the Stanley and Jackfork formations, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma. 1
QE999 Bolt The osteology and relationships of Doleserpeton annectens, a new rhachitomous amphibian from the lower permian of Oklahoma. 1
QE999 Bolyard Pleistocene features of the Palos Park region. 1
QE999 Bonham Structural geology of the Hoosick Falls area, New York-Vermont, in relation to the theory of Taconic overthrust. 1
QE999 Boos Geology of the Dongola quadrangle. 1
QE999 Botero-Restrepo The coal-bearing Cali series, Cauca system, tertiary of Colombia, South America. 1
QE999 Boyer Production and preservation of surface traces in the intertidal zone / 1
QE999 Bradley Fauna and stratigraphy of the Kimmswick limetone of Missouri and Illinois ... / 1
QE999 Branson Paleontology and stratigraphy of the Phosphoria formation. 1
QE999 Bristol New ostracodes from the Menard formation. 1
QE999 Brown The origin of caliche on the northeastern Llano Estacado, Texas.
Limestone sinks in the Bloomington, Indiana quadrangle.
The folds of the Osage type.
QE999 Burr Assimilation of amphibolite by andesite magma : physical-chemical effects and petrologic implications / 1
QE999 Byers The petrology of Umnak and Bogoblof Islands, Alaska. 1
QE999 Byrne Moschoides romeri, a new dinocephalian from the Karroo of South Africa ...
Some effects of particle-bed geometry in selective sediment sorting.
Moschoides romeri, a new dinocephalian from the Karroo of South Africa.
QE999 Caldwell A study of the stratigraphy and the pre-glacial topography of the De Kalb and Sycamore quadrangles. 1
QE999 Calkins Report of the geology and geography of the prairie du sac Wisconsin Region. 1
QE999 Campbell Elasticity of materials at mantle pressures / 1
QE999 Carlson The skull morphology and estivation burrows of the Permian lungfish Gnathorhiza serrata. 1
QE999 Carlton The geology of the Bartelso oil field, Clinton county, Illinois. 1
QE999 Cavender On the scale histology of Palaeoniscoid fishes 1
QE999 Chang Subsolidus phase relations in the systems BaCo3-SrCO3, SrCO3-CaCO3, and BaCO3-CaCO3. 1
QE999 Chao Granitization and related geochemical changes due to cation diffusion.
The crystal structure of orthorhombic KA1Ge3O8.
QE999 Chave Some aspects of the biogeochemistry of magnesium. 1
QE999 Chidester Steatitization of serpentinite bodies in north-central Vermont. 1
QE999 Chu A boundary layer theory of coastal desert formation and seabreeze circulation / 1