Call Number Title Count
QD1099 Abell Development of tethered bis(8-quinolinato) aluminum complexes and applications to catalytic asymmetric reactions / 1
QD1099 Abraham The kinetics of the removal of arsine from air by charcoal. 1
QD1099 Abrams Cytochrome C peroxidase ... 1
QD1099 Abramson Lifetimes and quantum yields of individual vibronic states of some substituted benzenes. 1
QD1099 Acero The structure of fluorinated Langmuir films / 1
QD1099 Achter X-ray scattering from liquid helium. 1
QD1099 Acree Ansodium phenyl and the action of sodium on ketones. 1
QD1099 Adams The pinacol-pinacolone molecular rearrangement. I. The rearrangement of pinacol and of tetramethylethylene cholorohydrin. II. The rearrangement of β-aminotetramethyl ethanol ...
On some hydroxylamine compounds ... /
On the solution of the Hartree-Fock equation in terms of localized orbitals.
Studies in stereochemistry: steric strains as a factor in the relative stabiliyt of some etherates of boron fluoride.
The estimation of hydrogen sulfid in gaseous mixtures by the methylene blue reaction.
The Pinacol-Pinacolone molecular rearrangement. I. The rearrangement of pinacol and of tetramethylethylene cholorohydrin. II. The rearrangement of β-aminotetramethyl ethanol ...
Overvoltage as a logarithmic function of current density and the effect.
QD1099 Adelman The attempted resolution of a tertiary amine / 1
QD1099 Adinoff I. Free and total surface and interfacial energy, energy of immersion and adhesion in hydrocarbon water systems. II. Time effects in films. 1
QD1099 Agruss The technical extraction of element 91 -- protoactinium ... /
The isolation of element 91-Protactinium.
QD1099 Ainbinder The photolysis of arylcycloalkyl ketones. 1
QD1099 Albright X-ray diffration studies of aqueous alkaline earth chloride solutions and aqueous potassium carbonate solutions. 1
QD1099 Alderman The molecular rearrangement of 2-dimethylaminotetramethylethanol hydrochloride ...
The molecular rearrangement of 2-dimethylamino-tetramethylethanol hydrochloride.
QD1099 Aldrich Some reactions of sodium phenylacetonitrile and sodium [alpha]-phenylbutyronitrile ...
Some reactions of sodium phenylacetonitrile and sodium-a-phenylbutyronitrile.
QD1099 Alemany Investigations on the reactivity and organic structure of Illinois no. 6 coal / 1
QD1099 Alfano The electronic spectroscopy, photophysics and dissociation dynamics of small Van der Waals clusters in a molecular beam / 1
QD1099 Allen On the existence of a nonmonotone ion density at the surface of liquid metals /
An investigation of the methods for the quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide and of ozone.
Metallic free radicals
QD1099 Allison Stability of atoms, III. The effects of electrical discharges and high temperatures 1
QD1099 Alsop The preparation and hydrolysis of carbon tetraiodide (1935)
The hydrolysis of carbon tetraiodide ...
QD1099 Altenberger-Siczek Quantum dynamics of molecular collisions. 1
QD1099 Altschul I. Asymmetric adsorption on dextro quartz. II. The Tswett column, an experimental study. III. Photoelectric polarimetry, a theoretical study.
I. Asymetric adsorption on dextro quartz. II. The Tswett column, an experimental study. III. Photo-electric polarimetry, a theoretical study ...
QD1099 Amar Correlation diagrams for rigid and nonrigid models and applications to thermodynamics of microclusters / 1
QD1099 Amir A study of the reactions of t-butyl peroxide in solution. 1
QD1099 Anderson Synthetic applications of Fischer-type aminocarbene complexes /
On the action of Fehling's solution on galactose ... / by Ernest Anderson.
The electromotive force of the cell Pt, H₂, HCl, AgCl, Ag, with extremely dilute electrolyte ...
The reactions of cyclic diacyl diimides.
¹⁹F substituent chemical shifts of bicyclic and aromatic molecules.
The preparation of potassium manganate from potassium permanganate and potassium amide in liquid ammonia.
The reactions of lithium borohydride with the methylammonium chlorides in diethylether solution.
Natural radiocarbon.
Paramagnetic resonance adsorption in praseodymium trichloride.
QD1099 Andrade Oxygen isotope studies on coordinated oxalate: ammine cobalt (III) complexes and methyl esters. 1
QD1099 Anibal An attempt to dehydrate dichloro-aquo-triammine chromic chloride. 1
QD1099 Antilla Catalytic asymmetric aziridination / 1
QD1099 Appell Synthesis and chemistry of 9-phenylhomocub-1(9)-ene / 1
QD1099 Arendt The magnetic susceptibility of sodium-sodium chloride solutions.
Investigating predissociative excited state dynamics using Resonance Raman spectroscopy /
QD1099 Arimoto The chemistry of hydroperoxides. The formation of free alkoxy radicals in solution. 1
QD1099 Arner Atomic disintegration as observed in the Wilson chamber.
Atomic disintegration as observed in the Wilson chamber ...
QD1099 Aronberg Note on the spectrum of the isotopes of lead. The structure of the bismuth line [lambda] 4722 ... / 1
QD1099 Asher Studies on thiolatopentaaquochromium (III) ions. 1
QD1099 Ashford Triplet state paramagnetic resonance absorption and energy transfer in the single crystal system [beta]-methylnaphthalene in naphthalene.
I. Co-ordination compounds of platinum halides with unsaturated (Ethylene) substances. II. Co-ordination compounds of platinum halides with nitriles.
Coördination compounds of platinous halides with unsaturated (ethylene) substances ...
QD1099 Ashman The argon group of elements.
A new method of isolation of the alkaloids of ergot.
Studies in radio-activity ... /
QD1099 Askounes The direct introduction of platinum into aromatic compounds 1
QD1099 Austin Tunable cavity microwave spectroscopy of HCO and vibrationally excited OH. 1
QD1099 Axelrood The complex cyanides of the transition elements . 1
QD1099 Ayers The pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement: the rearrangement of the tetramethylethylene halohydrins ... 1
QD1099 Ayres Iron carbonyls. 1
QD1099 Babcock Heterocumulene metathesis mediated by Tin(II) silyl amides / 1
QD1099 Bacon On the reactions of sodium benzhydrol ... / 1
QD1099 Bahner 1-Menthylhydrazine. 1
QD1099 Bailey An experimental determination of the electron affinity of fluorine. 1
QD1099 Baird Structural insights into RNA folding and stability / 1
QD1099 Baker The preparation of gamma-butyro-lactone. 1
QD1099 Balas Inhibition of free radical chain reactions by aromatic nitro compounds. 1
QD1099 Baldursson The lambda-transition in liquid helium. 1
QD1099 Baldwin A study to determine the extent of hydration of some cations in solution. 1
QD1099 Ballou Radiochemistry of several of the uranium fission products. 1
QD1099 Banes Isomers of citral. 1
QD1099 Bang Proteins made by improved chemical methods unveil the molecular basis of protein structure / 1
QD1099 Bao Synthetic application of Fischer carbene complexes and catalytic asymmetric reactions /
Exploration of palladium-catalyzed reactions for the syntheses of functional conjugated polymers /
QD1099 Barbaras Acid-base studies in gaseous systems: the dissociation of the addition compounds of trimethylboron with branched aliphatic amines and pyridine bases.
The preparation of sodium aluminum hydride; properties of sodium aluminum hydride and lithium aluminum hydride.
QD1099 Barber The electrical conductivity of non-metal chlorides in sulphuryl chloride solution. 1
QD1099 Bard I. The conductivity of m-dinitrobenzene in liquid ammonia. II. The dipole moment of some fulvenes in the vapor phase. 1
QD1099 Barker Nucleophilic reactions of 2, 3-dihaloacrylic acids and their derivatives.
Accretion rate of cosmic matter from iridium and osmium contents in deep-sea sediments.
QD1099 Barlan Development of bis-hydroxamic acids for molybdenum catalyzed asymmetric oxidation / 1
QD1099 Barnard Catalysis of imodesters as affected by the ...
Oxonium bases /