Call Number Title Count
QC1099 Abanov Interference effects in strongly correlated electronic systems 1
QC1099 Abbitt Some observations on dielectric constants by a high frequency method. 1
QC1099 Abello Absorption of ultra-sonic waves by some gases. 1
QC1099 Abkemeier Statistics and origins of conductance fluctuations in hydrogenated amorphous silicon / 1
QC1099 Abney Fluctuations and bubble dynamics in first-order phase transitions / 1
QC1099 Abouzaid A measurement of the branching ratio of the [pi]⁰ Dalitz decay using K[subscript]L [arrow] 3[pi]⁰ decays from KTeV / 1
QC1099 Abramson Construction of affine p-adic buildings / 1
QC1099 Acioli Negative pion-deuteron reactions near the 3-3 resonance. 1
QC1099 Ackerman A study of the fluctuations of some meteorological parameters in clouds.
Buoyancy acceleration and precipitation formation in tropical cumuli.
QC1099 Adelman Measurement of the top quark mass at CDF using the template method in the Lepton+Jets channel / 1
QC1099 Adolphsen A study of J/[psi] production in 260 GEV [pi] negative - nucleus collisions. 1
QC1099 Agarwal Analysis of the thermally stimulated capacitor discharge method for characterizing localized states in amorphous semiconductors / 1
QC1099 Agnew The beta spectra of Cs137, Y91, Chlorine147, Ru106, Sm151, P32, Tm170. 1
QC1099 Aguirre Properties of astrophysical submillimeter emission near the South Celestial Pole from the TopHat telescope / 1
QC1099 Ahn Early stages of ultra high energy cosmic ray air showers as a diagnostic of exotic primaries / 1
QC1099 Akeley The problem of the rotating incompressible fluid in the relativity theory. 1
QC1099 Aker Charge transfer from adsorbates to the bulk in a-Si:H / 1
QC1099 Alaka A case study of an easterly jet stream in the tropics.
A statistical investigation of the relation between the isotherms and contours on the 500 millibar surface.
QC1099 Albright The crystal structure of lithium sulphate ... 1
QC1099 Alexakis On the generation of gravity waves in astrophysical environments / 1
QC1099 Alexander A study of massive muon pair production at high X[subscript F] / 1
QC1099 Allen The disintegration of beryllium by protons, 1
QC1099 Allison Atomic stability III: the effects of electrical discharges and high temperatures. 1
QC1099 Alvarez A study of the diffraction grating at grazing incidence,
The interior magnetic field in iron.
A study of the diffraction grating at grazing incidence.
QC1099 Amann Regge cuts and the Veneziano model in backward [pi] N scattering. 2
QC1099 Amaral Semileptonic B decays to narrow orbitally-excited charm mesons using the OPAL detector at LEP / 1
QC1099 Ambrosius Deformable templates and image compression / 1
QC1099 Ammar Hyperfragments produced by K ̄capture in nuclear emulsion: [pi] ̊decay modes. 2
QC1099 Amundson Subleading heavy quark effects in a nonrelativistic quark model / 1
QC1099 Anantaraman Systematic study of the 88Sr(16O, 15N) reaction. 1
QC1099 Ancona Torres Relaxation in quantum glasses / 1
QC1099 Anders Flow and creep in disordered vortex systems / 1
QC1099 Anderson Lifetimes of the (5p56s)1P1 and 3P1 states of xenon.
Growth and equilibration in the two-dimensional random-field Ising model /
QC1099 Andre Radiative corrections in K0[ell]3 decays / 1
QC1099 Andrew The relative intensities of the La1, B1, B2, and Y1 [i.e. Lambda alpha-sub 1, Beta sub-1, Beta sub-2, and Gamma sub-1] lines in tantalum, tungsten, iridium, and platinum, 1
QC1099 Anglin The relative abundances and energy spectra of solar-flare-accelerated deuterium, tritium and helium-3 / 1
QC1099 Antoniou Competition between charge and spin-density waves in transition-metal dichalcogenides / 1
QC1099 Antonyan Intersecting D-branes and chiral symmetry breaking / 1
QC1099 Antreasyan Production of muon pairs and their scaling properties in proton-nucleus interactions / 1
QC1099 Anway Field ionization of water. 1
QC1099 Aoki Photon echo quantum beats on the 7P₃/₂ - 6S₁/₂ transition in cesium / 1
QC1099 Appelbaum Exchange model of zero-bias tunneling anomalies. 1
QC1099 Appleman Weather trends in rainfall and temperature since 1900 and their relationship to circulation index. 1
QC1099 Aquino Measurements of [superscript] 212PB and [superscript] 214PB in surface air around Lake Michigan and their implications for atmospheric boundary layer mixing / 1
QC1099 Arcuni Autoionization of the (2s2p)¹p, (2p²)¹D, and the (2s²)¹s states of helium after excitation by fast, multiply charged ions / 1
QC1099 Arendt Vorticity in stratified fluids II : finite cross-section filaments and rings / 1
QC1099 Argo A direct determination of the energy of the He3 nucleus from the D-D reaction. 1
QC1099 Arnold Pion-nucleon interactions in the intermediate energy range. 1
QC1099 Aronson Spin-1 electrodynamics with an electric quadrupole moment. 1
QC1099 Auerbach High resolution differential cross sections and intermolecular potentials I: Li-Kr and Li-Xe / 1
QC1099 Avrami Direct determination of crystal structure from X-ray data ...
Interactions of electric, magnetic, and optical fields.
A method for the direct determination of crystal structure from X-ray data.
QC1099 Backus The axisymmetric self-excited fluid dynamo. 1
QC1099 Baer Relaxation of photon echoes in weakly ionized noble-gas plasmas /
Some properties of the spectral vorticity equation.
QC1099 Bagus Self-consistent-field wave functions for hole states of some Ne-like and Ar-like ions. 1
QC1099 Baiquni An optical model for high-energy scattering. 1
QC1099 Baker Spontaneous pattern formation and pinning in the visual cortex / 1
QC1099 Baldwin The curvature of the lines in the spectrum formed by the concave grating. 1
QC1099 Ball Topographies and dynamics on multidimensional potential energy surfaces / 1
QC1099 Balogun A study of satellite-observed cloud patterns of tropical cyclones. 1
QC1099 Bambah Thermodynamics of quark jets / 1