Call Number Title Count
QC1099 Abanov Interference effects in strongly correlated electronic systems 1
QC1099 Abbitt Some observations on dielectric constants by a high frequency method. 1
QC1099 Abello Absorption of ultra-sonic waves by some gases. 1
QC1099 Abkemeier Statistics and origins of conductance fluctuations in hydrogenated amorphous silicon / 1
QC1099 Abney Fluctuations and bubble dynamics in first-order phase transitions / 1
QC1099 Abouzaid A measurement of the branching ratio of the [pi]⁰ Dalitz decay using K[subscript]L [arrow] 3[pi]⁰ decays from KTeV / 1
QC1099 Abramson Construction of affine p-adic buildings / 1
QC1099 Acioli Negative pion-deuteron reactions near the 3-3 resonance. 1
QC1099 Ackerman Buoyancy acceleration and precipitation formation in tropical cumuli.
A study of the fluctuations of some meteorological parameters in clouds.
QC1099 Adelman Measurement of the top quark mass at CDF using the template method in the Lepton+Jets channel / 1
QC1099 Adolphsen A study of J/[psi] production in 260 GEV [pi] negative - nucleus collisions. 1
QC1099 Agarwal Analysis of the thermally stimulated capacitor discharge method for characterizing localized states in amorphous semiconductors / 1
QC1099 Agnew The beta spectra of Cs137, Y91, Chlorine147, Ru106, Sm151, P32, Tm170. 1
QC1099 Aguirre Properties of astrophysical submillimeter emission near the South Celestial Pole from the TopHat telescope / 1
QC1099 Ahn Early stages of ultra high energy cosmic ray air showers as a diagnostic of exotic primaries / 1
QC1099 Akeley The problem of the rotating incompressible fluid in the relativity theory. 1
QC1099 Aker Charge transfer from adsorbates to the bulk in a-Si:H / 1
QC1099 Alaka A statistical investigation of the relation between the isotherms and contours on the 500 millibar surface.
A case study of an easterly jet stream in the tropics.
QC1099 Albright The crystal structure of lithium sulphate ... 1
QC1099 Alexakis On the generation of gravity waves in astrophysical environments / 1
QC1099 Alexander A study of massive muon pair production at high X[subscript F] / 1
QC1099 Allen The disintegration of beryllium by protons, 1
QC1099 Allison Atomic stability III: the effects of electrical discharges and high temperatures. 1
QC1099 Alvarez A study of the diffraction grating at grazing incidence.
The interior magnetic field in iron.
A study of the diffraction grating at grazing incidence,
QC1099 Amann Regge cuts and the Veneziano model in backward [pi] N scattering. 2
QC1099 Amaral Semileptonic B decays to narrow orbitally-excited charm mesons using the OPAL detector at LEP / 1
QC1099 Ambrosius Deformable templates and image compression / 1
QC1099 Ammar Hyperfragments produced by K ̄capture in nuclear emulsion: [pi] ̊decay modes. 2
QC1099 Amundson Subleading heavy quark effects in a nonrelativistic quark model / 1
QC1099 Anantaraman Systematic study of the 88Sr(16O, 15N) reaction. 1
QC1099 Ancona Torres Relaxation in quantum glasses / 1
QC1099 Anders Flow and creep in disordered vortex systems / 1
QC1099 Anderson Lifetimes of the (5p56s)1P1 and 3P1 states of xenon.
Growth and equilibration in the two-dimensional random-field Ising model /
QC1099 Andre Radiative corrections in K0[ell]3 decays / 1
QC1099 Andrew The relative intensities of the La1, B1, B2, and Y1 [i.e. Lambda alpha-sub 1, Beta sub-1, Beta sub-2, and Gamma sub-1] lines in tantalum, tungsten, iridium, and platinum, 1
QC1099 Anglin The relative abundances and energy spectra of solar-flare-accelerated deuterium, tritium and helium-3 / 1
QC1099 Antoniou Competition between charge and spin-density waves in transition-metal dichalcogenides / 1
QC1099 Antonyan Intersecting D-branes and chiral symmetry breaking / 1
QC1099 Antreasyan Production of muon pairs and their scaling properties in proton-nucleus interactions / 1
QC1099 Anway Field ionization of water. 1
QC1099 Aoki Photon echo quantum beats on the 7P₃/₂ - 6S₁/₂ transition in cesium / 1
QC1099 Appelbaum Exchange model of zero-bias tunneling anomalies. 1
QC1099 Appleman Weather trends in rainfall and temperature since 1900 and their relationship to circulation index. 1
QC1099 Aquino Measurements of [superscript] 212PB and [superscript] 214PB in surface air around Lake Michigan and their implications for atmospheric boundary layer mixing / 1
QC1099 Arcuni Autoionization of the (2s2p)¹p, (2p²)¹D, and the (2s²)¹s states of helium after excitation by fast, multiply charged ions / 1
QC1099 Arendt Vorticity in stratified fluids II : finite cross-section filaments and rings / 1
QC1099 Argo A direct determination of the energy of the He3 nucleus from the D-D reaction. 1
QC1099 Arnold Pion-nucleon interactions in the intermediate energy range. 1
QC1099 Aronson Spin-1 electrodynamics with an electric quadrupole moment. 1
QC1099 Auerbach High resolution differential cross sections and intermolecular potentials I: Li-Kr and Li-Xe / 1
QC1099 Avrami A method for the direct determination of crystal structure from X-ray data.
Interactions of electric, magnetic, and optical fields.
Direct determination of crystal structure from X-ray data ...
QC1099 Backus The axisymmetric self-excited fluid dynamo. 1
QC1099 Baer Relaxation of photon echoes in weakly ionized noble-gas plasmas /
Some properties of the spectral vorticity equation.
QC1099 Bagus Self-consistent-field wave functions for hole states of some Ne-like and Ar-like ions. 1
QC1099 Baiquni An optical model for high-energy scattering. 1
QC1099 Baker Spontaneous pattern formation and pinning in the visual cortex / 1
QC1099 Baldwin The curvature of the lines in the spectrum formed by the concave grating. 1
QC1099 Ball Topographies and dynamics on multidimensional potential energy surfaces / 1
QC1099 Balogun A study of satellite-observed cloud patterns of tropical cyclones. 1
QC1099 Bambah Thermodynamics of quark jets / 1