Call Number Title Count
QB1099 Accetta Phase transitions in bosonic superconducting strings / 1
QB1099 Adams The rotation of a body of variable form. 1
QB1099 Ahmad Photometric studies of asteroids : The light-curves of Ceres, Hebe, Flora, and Kalliope. 1
QB1099 Aizenman The equilibrium and the stability of the Roche-Riemann ellipsoids. 1
QB1099 Albert Neutral interstellar gas in the lower galactic halo / 1
QB1099 Alden Laboratory tests of photographic plates and filters for astronomical work / 1
QB1099 Alladin The dynamics of colliding galaxies. 1
QB1099 Bartky A method for computing an ephemeris directly from three observations. 1
QB1099 Barzyk Multielement isotopic analysis of presolar silicon carbide / 1
QB1099 Bauer A report on new spectrographic material of 13 Ceti. 1
QB1099 Beal Equations of variation for the orbit of hyperion. 1
QB1099 Beardsley The spectrum of Rho Cassiopeiae. I. 1
QB1099 Ben-Dov Outer trapped surfaces in Vaidya spacetimes / 1
QB1099 Benensohn Wind accretion onto compact objects : hydrodynamic modelling / 1
QB1099 Berry Nonaxisymmetric kinematics in galaxies with axisymmetric mass distributions. 1
QB1099 Bershady The optical and near-infrared colors of galaxies : spectral classification / 1
QB1099 Bidelman A spectroscopic study of the region of the double cluster in Perseus. 1
QB1099 Biello Layer formation in semiconvection / 1
QB1099 Blondin Optically thick spherical accretion / 1
QB1099 Bobrovnikoff Investigations on the nature and physical properties of comets. 1
QB1099 Bohn On the equilibrium configurations of prolate, axisymmetric stellar systems / 1
QB1099 Brandner The motion of a planet under Einstein's law of gravitation. 1
QB1099 Brandt Effects of solar radiation upon the upper atmosphere and the interplanetary gas. 1
QB1099 Buchanan Isosceles-triangle solutions of the problem of three bodies / 1
QB1099 Buck Periodic orbits; oscillating satellites near the Lagrangian equilateral-triangle points ... 1
QB1099 Burcham The Euler-Lambert theorem. 1
QB1099 Burks A study of the galactic halo using RR Lyrae stars, globular clusters, and 3C273 with the International Ultraviolet Explorer / 1
QB1099 Butterworth On the structure and stability of rapidly rotating fluid bodies in general relativity : II. The structure of uniformly rotating pseudopolytropes / 1
QB1099 Campbell Periodic solutions of the problem of three bodies in three dimensions / 1
QB1099 Carr A solution of the problem of two bodies one of which is a rotating oblate spheroid. 1
QB1099 Carter Galaxy spectral type and star formation as a function of density / 1
QB1099 Casey Emmision from dust in visual reflection nebulae at infrared and submillimeter wavelengths / 1
QB1099 Chang A study of the Orientation of the orbit-planes of sixteen visual binary systems having determinate inclinations.
The determination of latitude by the Talcott's method.
QB1099 Charlton Cosmic string wakes and large-scale structure / 1
QB1099 Chen The galaxy cross-correlation function as a probe of the spatial distribution of galactic satellites / 1
QB1099 Chenette The propagation of Jovian electrons to earth / 1
QB1099 Clement Non-radial oscillations of rotating gaseous masses. 1
QB1099 Coble Data reduction and analysis of the Python V cosmic microwave background anisotropy experiment / 1
QB1099 Code Radiative equilibrium in an atmosphere in which pure scattering and pure absorption both play a role.
Some features of spectral variation of Cepheids.
QB1099 Cole High-resolution far-infrared observations of star-forming regions / 1
QB1099 Cooray Applications of halo approach to non-linear large scale structure clustering / 1
QB1099 Copi A stochastic approach to chemical evolution / 1
QB1099 Crawford Two-dimensional spectral classification in narrow-band photometry for B stars in clusters and associations.
Mapping the southern polar cap with a balloon-borne millimeter-wave telescope /
QB1099 Cunha Cross-calibration of cluster mass-observables and dark energy / 1
QB1099 Delabrouille Simulation and analysis of cosmic microwave background anisotropy measurements / 1
QB1099 Deutsch A study of the spectrum variables of type A. 1
QB1099 Dietrich The differential energy spectra of solar flare ¹H, ³He, and ⁴He / 1
QB1099 Dilday Type IA supernova rate studies from the SDSS-II supernova survey / 1
QB1099 Donaghy The importance of off-jet relativistic kinematics in gamma-ray burst jet models / 1
QB1099 Dotson Polarization of the far-infrared emission from M17 / 1
QB1099 Dowell Far-infrared polarization by absorption in the molecular cloud sagittarius B2 / 1
QB1099 Duke Intensities of the interstellar band at [lambda]4430. 1
QB1099 Duncan The second law of thermodynamics and the source of irreversibility in classical statistical mechanics / 1
QB1099 Dursi The instabilities of astrophysical flames / 1
QB1099 Duvvuri Modified gravity as an alternative to dark energy / 1
QB1099 Ebbighausen Proper motions in four galactic clusters ... 1
QB1099 Edmonds Two problems in radiative transfer theory. 1
QB1099 Elvey A study of the relations between the observed contours of spectral lines and the physical properties of the stars / 1
QB1099 Erickson The third and fourth moments of the local stellar velocity distribution / 1
QB1099 Everett Two-phase models of disk driven outflows in active galactic nuclei with combined hydromagnetic and radiative driving / 1